Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Enlightening Information"

The reason "enlightening information" IS that, after all, is because a) the speaker never read it before, never heard it before, and b) it was created, discovered, and/or invented out of one's own experiences, perceptions, observations, realizations and not just compilations of previous thoughts read in a book or website... so therefore, it was Personally Enlightening. That is - re-stated in a way that should say everything - it was NEW to YOU.

The fact is, most people on Earth fall into the "reporter's trap" (saying nothing new at all but only reporting what someone else said or wrote before them... who did the same... all the way back!) and when (some of) those people are supposedly on a "Path to Awaken" ("Hey, that's what I tell myself, and others, so it must be true, right?") they are only putting themselves deeper to sleep, while believing otherwise. (Even their "friends" can't alert them to this, because they are, ALSO!)

The common/routine "reporters" out there in Life (in the media) can certainly be forgiven for that intellectual "fault", because they have been PAID handsomely to fulfill that role in life, whether or not they realize that, or more deeply realize precisely WHAT the payment has been and will continue to be. (PAYMENT is not only in dollars, or francs, or euros, or donuts, but also in other things... but you already know that, right? If you do, write down the top 3... go on, make an effort.)

The few, however, who think they are, or say they are walking the "Path to Awaken" can not be forgiven if they STILL - after all these years! - have not realized the role they are playing in the general mass of Humanity charged with pushing neural energy around the globe. "Reporters" are simply those who create nothing intellectually - certainly nothing "enlightening" - but only report what others have reported before them, who were doing the same in their time. I.E., passing on boring information to as many already bored people as possible. Sure, energy is moved around the system - and that is good and necessary to the life of Life (just as blood moving around your system is necessary to the life of You) - but it has very little to do with the kind of outrageously "enlightening information" necessary to the "Desire for the Higher," whatever in the hell/heaven that might mean.

Monday, July 27, 2015

"Out RAGE us," and so... he did!

(Top note: This bit - totally impromptu and ad hoc for the time and place in which WE live - is meant to be understood along two tracks, two ways of thinking: the ordinary mundane way that is common in the here and now, and the extraordinary, or at least NON-ordinary way that is not common at all... and so... he did!)

Information about "Awakeningand "Enlightenment" is supposed to be, designed to be, expected to be OUT-bloody-RAGEOUS, and extremely DIS-freakin'-RUPTIVE to your internal, ordinary "state of mind" - which is usually so bored and oblivious to 99% of everything experienced through the five senses (including eyes and ears) - that when REAL Info about these high-level concepts hits the higher ends of your neural net, they can (in some, not all of course) be processed, transformed and most importantly MOVED to more, let us say, protected areas. Generally, all the really good stuff is almost immediately trampled into the dirt (that "you" are, as in, what you EAT becomes "you") by the nay-sayers, negative-nellies, and know-nothings who rule most people's internal world (where "you" live.) This is why 99% of everything ever said or written, that at one time was taken as "enlightening ideas," are now taken as "Ho-hum, heard it all before, go tell someone who gives a crap!"

Real Information about these kinds of high-level concepts MUST BE new, fresh, and never heard or read before (i.e., not pre-digested), particularly by the individual receiving it, but generally by the larger group(s) of which they "are a part" (hang with.) Another way to say this is, if you sleep with dogs, you get everything dogs must deal with, like leftovers, non-government approved horse-meat and scraps from the servants tables. I.E., hang with people you respect, HIGHLY, by virtue of past experience with their thoughts and writings and sayings, and you run the "risk" of being able to correctly perceive the VALUE in things before the downer-dummies in you tear it all apart, again.

(Side note: this is why "Mr. Wild Hair" has become so very popular among the masses on "that end" of the political spectrum... NOT that he is talking about these "higher concepts" of course, but that he is saying things many have been thinking and talking about themselves, but it sounds almost NEW and OUTRAGEOUS. See? New and Outrageous WORKS!)

People everywhere know all of this, honestly, but they can't make the mental/emotional leap from the absolutely, totally irrelevant ideas (about the higher pursuits) and the Actually Pertinent to the higher pursuits, if not even CRUCIAL.

People, who say they are "Doing some 'work' for their higher being" must realize that New Information about these higher concepts means, NEW for this current generation, and thus "Awakeningand "Enlightenment" pertain to results achieved in the here and now, that the masses (who live mostly in the past and daydream about the future) can not achieve. It means awakening to a level which is HIGHER than those who went before, even as little as a century or half-century ago. Sure, they "may have been" sort of awake for their time and place, but their words and statements about it was for people of THEIR time and place, NOT suitable for people of OUR time, because this kind of New Information has a very short life-span, and the sooner people figure out precisely WHAT that means, the better. An "in your face" example of this is, "Jesus Saves", which for those people, THEN, was enlightening to say the very least, and life-changing at best - moving them off their dead-end, into a new life of higher possibilities. Today, for 21st century sorta schizoids and other similarly aberrational examples (as Humanity has become in this and the last century) "Jesus Saves" is a damn JOKE, and NOBODY cares or believes in it anymore.

(Bottom note: once upon a time I saw a flyer nailed to a telephone pole in several neighborhoods bordering and surrounding the "cool part of town" so, not having a camera, or the heart to rip it down... I made a fair facsimile of this clearly OUT-bloody-RAGEOUS attempt to find a few people who would actually find it, well, "interesting"..., and here it is.
(Below it is a way to find the Big Blue Door
should some of you care to visit.)

(DO note: haha... There is a fine distinction between TOO outrageous and JUST outrageous enough, and that is where so-called consciousness and wakefulness come into it, because TOO will not even be heard by anyone, but JUST very likely will (if they already suspected it before themselves.)

Monday, July 20, 2015

War Heroes... really?

Again, the "News from around the world" strikes again.  

"Wild Hairs" everywhere have their "definition" of the words they use, so they use them - internally and externally, whenever and wherever - and the listening/viewing public has a field day, climbing onto their (presumably self-selected, but actually)  assigned bandwagon, cheering or booing as loudly as possible, and each one of them feels just a little, or a whole helluva lot better for having jumped onto that Wagon-of-righteous-indignation already quite full "up-to-here-and-then-some" of muck-and-mire they so love to wallow in... (do you?)

As has been said here before, and will be said again, Life (which here means "the world you live in" - including you, who lives in "YOU, the micro-cosmos", if you can catch the distinction) is the Greatest Teacher available to all who learn to "tap into it," once they discover how to do that. This skill/talent is NOT a natural feature, or property of human beings. Certainly not in this century, or any other before us. Maybe a few hundred years down the road - if we haven't blown ourselves to smithereens! This skill/talent must be developed, intentionally, over a period of time... which actually expands one's "time-bubble" in which they live, breathe and have their micro-being (uh, you do know how large that is... right?)

Unfortunately for all humans, they can never discover how to do that, because they are, moment-by-moment, consumed by it, never able to get out in front of the moment, and OBSERVE what is going on, at least until they achieve permanent self-consciousness bordering on cosmic-consciousness... two more quite un-natural states of being that must be developed from the raw material that is, man the micro-cosmos.

Then, when the "News from around the world, of men, and otherwise" impinges upon their nerve-endings of five primary variants (seeing, hearing, etc.) they can STAND ASIDE just enough so as to observe and participate at the same time - or, said another way, "Brer rabbit" pulls himself out of the TAR PIT, just in time to save himself from being fully engulfed therein. (This little brother rabbit knows how to linger on the ledge of the "event horizon" - where future/now becomes now/then - forever... watching, dancing, swaying, giggling... without becoming all "spaghettified.)"

This, is SCIENCE when you can do it, and 
MAGIC to all who might see it occur, but a 
higher order NeuroElectric-ALChemistry 
when you discover the method.

Here is the physics of the situation - or neurophysics/electrochemical bases for what is being referred to, rather obliquely herein - NEVER think or talk about what the masses in your neural neighborhood (when in America hooked to TV/Radio/Internet, as well as at home and at work and at play... i.e., everywhere!) are apparently thinking and obviously talking about - THAT IS, don't pick a side, ANY side! And even more necessary than that bit: NEVER let the chemical (in you) become neural (in you.) Or, to put it another way, all human problems of a mental nature (not broken arms and cancer and such), are due to inner self-talk about it; stop the talk (don't let the chemical become electrical in you), and the problem disappears. Period. "Me" is slow, really slow, and it is quite possible to move faster than "me" could ever move, to get out in front and stay there...  To linger on the ledge without falling in! Don't let chemical, hormonal "me" become electrical, neural, thought-based... keeping it in the chemical/hormonal bath where it lives, and keep an eye on the door, by keeping "I" on the door.

we don't need to... 
keep telling YOU that... 
do we?

Friday, July 17, 2015

"Pick a side, any side..."

Sounds a lot like, "Pick a card, any card..." and for a very good reason. LIFE is a "magic trick," (or more precisely an "alche-magical trick") - a term/idea we all think we know and understand, but in reality, hardly at all! More Later... - and from humanity's point of view, "Pick a side/card..." was whispered in our ears at a very young age, and for the rest of one's life, The Trickster has been setting up events and circumstances that DEMAND your attention, and Picking a Side. Now the "trick" is, to find out, to discover with certainty, what the trick IS... "A-HA!" and of course, nobody ever does and for a very good reason.

A wild card with wild hair suddenly joins a bunch of aspirants to the American Presidency, and for the next several weeks (believe or not) Mr. WildHair is all the rage and news filler between supposedly "more serious matters." And if you ask anybody with a brain and access to a television, radio or website, "Well, sir or madam, which side have you picked, and please - by all means - tell us all the reasons why, and what that means to you," they will very likely INSTANTLY if not sooner, have loads and loads of language to dump on your head in hopes they can convince you of the sanity of their choice.

Really!?! And if that one was way too easy, do know this list of examples could go on for thousands of pages covering just the last WEEK of media reports from the world, but that job will be left to those who have been conscripted (against their will... but they don't realize that!) into that line of work who gladly justify and rationalize their incarceration in that part of the maximum security prison they now inhabit... imagine having to be a reporter of news from the world of humans. Egads!

That is the human mind for you, doing its thing - the only thing it CAN do... pick a side and then justify it, rationalize it, and try very hard to feel "good enough, if not much better" for having told you all about it. What 99% of humanity can NOT see, and can NOT even realize when this is pointed out to them, is that this built-in tendency to always "Pick a side, and then report it" (which has a place in human life, of course) is the chief cause of all man's problems on Earth - top to bottom, left to right - and makes the problem of their inherited/inherent (actual) Stupidity and (esoterical) Sleep all humans share with others of their kind, only worse for them.

Here is something the "more conscious and awake" know that the "somnambulistic zombies" do not: There are two worlds - the (higher ) World of Conscious Beings born from Above (grok it! - understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed), and the other world (the lower world) of ordinary humanity where babies are born from Earth (mothers, always - not from fathers who merely contribute the seed - Mothers, of the Earthly Female Kind), and are brought up from toddler to teenager and beyond, to perform one duty only... Learn the mother's tongue, and how to use it, at least well enough to say and sign your name to whatever "choice" you apparently "chose" in response to Life's Continual Question before you: "Hey little one, PICK A SIDE, and tell us all about the whys and wherefores... (or else!)"

So, summarizing to some nano-small degree until next time: 
What is this "alche-magical trick?"
It has to do with turning a 
three pound, gray, "brer rabbit" 
into a "top hat" (no, not another Tar Baby!)

of special configuration
and then pulling another three pound, gray out of it, again... 
kind of a perpetual form of Creation, 
where humans born of (unconscious) inert earth dirt, 
alche-magically become (conscious) Electric Photons of Light.
"Ho, we gonna rocket(sic) down to Electric Avenue 
and then we'll take it higher."

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Upstairs, Downstairs

The upside, or downside (depending on something crucial, most don't "GET/GROK" even when it's pointed out to them) of all these Yahoo and Facebook delayed-reaction email/messaging groups supposedly dedicated to One Main Thing - "The Work" in whatever form it happens to take at the time and place of its arising... like Christian thought, Buddhist thought, Advaitist thought, Taoist thought, Muslim thought, Gurdjieffian thought, Tollean thought (oh hell, all of 'em) - is that they will very likely go on FOREVER (within certain limits, like neural implantation of hyperfast wireless Internet or something strange like that, which nobody HERE will live long enough to see), fooling and confusing and obfuscating the Essence of "The Work," keeping trapped all those who couldn't escape in time the Lure of the Loony Tunes being pushed there. (The LureGet fully engaged herein, and you TOO, will achieve great "results" just like a few of us here who have - particularly ME.)

Get it?
Re-read & re-apply as necessary.

Okay, to continue: What if the unknown by most - and totally unstated, or even suggested - purpose of all such "groups" (which really are pseudo-groups at best, and "Give me a BREAK!" at worst) wherever they may be found, is NOT to attract people to a newer, higher, more expansive level of consciousness, being and understanding, but to DISTRACT as many people as possible, so that the very, very few who might have become so distracted - forever spouting their admiration, support, commentary, analyses, criticisms and promotion of their own particular HERO (Christ, Buddha, Gurdjieff, etc., and all the wonderful things S/HE said/wrote/distributed) - DON'T.

Here's another way to say it: It's bad enough to get sucked into a scam, a phony deal, a fake school of awakening (thereby missing, for the duration, ANY possibility of finding something REAL), BUT what is much worse is to get sucked into a seemingly Real Deal, like many Yahoo and Facebook pseudo-groups ostensibly about some favorite "teacher/guru," and there are HUNDREDS of 'em, with many TENS, if not HUNDREDS of thousands of hapless subscribers - bystanders and eavesdroppers, mostly, who once thought and/or still think there was something actually Real going on there.)

There is a belief in MANY people that you simply MUST find a Teacher without quotation marks to tell you what to think, and how to be, and etc. But this is simply a holdover from childhood, and the sooner one sheds that belief the greater is their chance to acquire a MIND (a conscious and discerning mind) that can THINK for itself, without constantly inner considering what others will think of them, or what their "Teacher" will do to them. Forget THEM!
Wake up and become an Independent
unaffiliated with past religions, philosophies, religions etc. 
Put another way: Invent your OWN Teaching
and establish yourself as Teacher!
If there is ANYBODY who actually believes this post was about Yahoo/Facebook "pseudo groups", it wasn't. NOT EVEN CLOSE. It is about the ordinary mind of man, full of language since a very young age, but totally lacking ANY understanding about what makes it tick, and tock, and only be "right twice a day!"
1. waking up from sleeptime in the morning 
2. entering sleeptime in the evening.

Someone once said, many times in fact: "This thing is simple, but not easy. If it was more complex, it would be easier. This is why you have such complex systems (4thway, Kabbalah, Urantia, etc.) The thing you're trying to work on, is the only thing you've got to work on it. The brain working on the brain. You're attempting to examine the brain, but only with the brain to do it. The eye attempting to see the eye. Using the mind to awaken the mind. Using stupidity to instruct stupidity, ignorance to raise the awareness of your ignorance."

That is, it is NOT that Yahoo and Facebook pseudo-groups are the problem, the ordinary mind of man is the problem, insofar as it continually forgets what is The Aim (Clarity) and it gets replaced by Irrelevant Ideas (Confusion).

This bit is connected to the previous bit, 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Man is "blessed" from above...

...and "damned" from below.
(No, not some religious/spiritual reference; NO WAY!)
Naked apes, no matter how apparently evolved they have "risen" from the trees and savannahs to build, populate and maintain thatched, wooden, concrete and steel buildings, are simply (that is, in their ordinary state) not capable of comprehending, fully grasping, understanding in full measure, profoundly grokking, or achieving "Enlightenment" thereby, that which has come down to them from the, let us suggest "More Enlightened Beings From Above," usually in the form of written pages and books (using stone tablets, plant papyri, and most other kinds of wood pulp and close substitutes.) This is because most "Teachings" (from whatever source) very quickly become quite corrupted by natural law-conformable human mentation. It could even be suggested that such elevated UNDERSTANDING is a law-conformable process above the level of Earth, but a non-law-conformable process on Earth, so never (hardly ever) occurs.

Yes, their human-based "thinking" seems like it produces something or other - at least they convince themselves of that fairly quickly after acquiring the capability to utilize a formal, or even semi-formal language, and string multiple words together at one time - but in fact, most humans who attempt Thinking (without quotation marks) are worse off for having "followed" some "teaching" (no matter where it actually came from) that has as its most obvious feature, that these followers neither conceived, created, discovered or even invented it. (By the way, finding a book in a book store, is NOT "discovering" anything. Discovering is meant to suggest, Discovering Enlightening Concepts That Work, on your own, by your own efforts.)

Now, reading this, hearing this, WHO is going to argue, especially in their typically, most vehement, or righteously indignant terms, even to the point of BANNING or EXILING the messenger (as if that might cancel the validity of the message?) You guessed it! (Hopefully.) Those who have bought the story, suffering, as all humans naturally do with "hook in mouth disease:" fishing line from the apparent ABOVE, (though most often, from the actual BELOWand sinking into the deeper depths of their mental and emotional confusion where tongues wag but say damn near NOTHING AT ALL! But, they apparently have a "good story to tell" and don't they tell it everywhere?
Well? Don't they?

You see, Enlightenment, Awakening, Nirvana, and all the other funny-sounding, usually made-up terms (at least to the great unwashed and unaware, although much like "food of the gods" to the supposedly Washed, and Aware) has MUCH MORE to do with experience in the moment - moment by moment by moment and then some, hundreds of times per day by actual count - than talking/posting about one's "Teacher/Guru/Master" and the many books, audios, videos and commentaries produced by and about them, and later disseminated to the public far and wide.

Again, nobody can truly comprehend what S/He wrote at the time - and truth be told, even they can scarcely do that - because the ordinary human mind (brain matter) is effectively, operationally incapable of doing so. Generally, most people are bewildered by all of it, rather than becoming "enlightened."

"Man is 'blessed' with clarity from above,
...and 'damned' with confusion from below."

Now, try to pull your above (head) from out of your below (ass), and try to THINK (without quotes) what that simple, yet extremely complex phrase might mean, once you remove all past beliefs, views, theories, commentaries and criticisms from your "Thinking" Process. Go on... Do it now! 
No time exists LIKE THE PRESENT!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Travelers meet at a bridge

Several "guys" (or gals or people or humans, or whatever suits your particular protocol) simultaneously arrive at a fairly long, and fairly rickety, one-lane foot bridge spanning a deep gorge, and notice there is a similar number waiting on the other side.

All realize at the same time, the only safe method in which to cross this thing is one at a time, but it is clearly obvious to all, that everyone is in a big hurry and wants to go first - which will necessarily slow down all the rest. So they attempt to devise a "fair method" to select the first one, and then the second one, and so on, while realizing additional people are falling in behind the others on both sides all the time. This seems like an almost impossible problem, given their "need" for "fairness." Naturally, it becomes immediately apparent they all must shout their "arguments" across the gorge for all to be heard, and then they must await decisions BEFORE even the first person can begin traveling safely.

While the two groups are arguing, and shouting back and forth about the protocols and standards of ethics, and procedures that must be set in place in order to "fairly" select the crossing list, the Alert One - who just happens to be the Conscious One - quietly and without fanfare, crosses to the other side completely unnoticed and continues on his or her way. Nobody misses him/her, so nobody cares as they all continue long into the night hammering out the crossing list.
"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
(And, "He chortled in his joy.")
Being awake and conscious of being awake wins the day/hour/minute and so on for Eternity. And don't he/she know it!

So, how did he/she DO IT? Well, this is simple for those who ARE, while difficult-to-impossible for those who are NOT. It can be explained in just **four little words** that sear the minds that first conceive them - and those who follow, even finding their way into ALL teachings, whether known or unknown - becoming their new background silence, capable of directing the flow of energy throughout their entire organism, in that expanding/contracting time-bubble in which they now exist.

 **Yeah, those aren't the words**
But a few got it, now Practice It!
(But most never will, and certainly not the LAST one.)