Thursday, August 16, 2012

One's "world view"

If you want to KNOW where the stupidity in the world lives - and I mean TRULY KNOW - then you only have to look in one place!

(I should stop right here, because those who already KNOW need no further explanations. But since some may need a little nudge - I will say a little more.)

I understand that the WORD "stupid" causes great internal stress for most, especially when writ large on their own bathroom mirror, like this: >> S T U P I D << but if you can focus consciousness upon the POINT in your own head where "stupid" falls, each time you hear/read the word and it disturbs your imaginary "peace of mind" - particularly when applied to >> YOU PERSONALLY << - you might be able to SEE SOMETHING about where the "stupidity" lives in the world. It lives in only one place! Not in the trees, in the caves, in the oceans, in the mountains, in the animals, in the birds, in the clouds, NO WHERE ELSE on Earth or off-world can "stupidity" be found! (That's the good news.)

The "other bit of news" some of you, surely, should be realizing, is that I am not just RIGHT, I am CORRECT. What none of you here can yet DISCUSS with any clarity is what that means? That is, what does it mean that STUPIDITY exists in only one place... between YOUR EARS, and no where else, like it or not.

The WORLD is not stupid.
LIFE is not stupid.
YOU are stupid, because you are alive, and still talking - after all these years - about the three-dimensional world in which you have been imprisoned without your prior permission, where the inmates run free and piss all over the place without regard for anyone else! And, what is more revealing about that is... you are not even PISSED ABOUT IT! How do I know you are not pissed? Because you continue TALKING, instead of becoming Way Smarter than you ever were. (Talking about the ills of the world, about things you personally have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER - except in your deluded imagination, also called stupidity - is NOT "being PISSED". What that is, is pissing away your birth-right without even realizing it!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Walking and Falling

People who already know something, or just a little bit about the concept of (take your pick) [Awakening, becoming Conscious, achieving Enlightenment], as either Walking or Falling. That is, most people are Falling, in the sense that their forward motion has already ceased, and they are now in a slow-motion tumble into that big hole in front of them. A few are not only not Falling, they are not even Walking, they are Jogging if not Running, because, just like the Red Queen told Alice "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place". Or put another way, stop running and you're just one step from FALLING behind or worse below.

It is extremely EASY to determine the walkers from the fallers, in that the walkers continually surprise you, while the fallers have already, long ago in some cases, ceased surprising anyone. That is, they have become worse than predictable, which in the world of MIND is early onset terminal stupidity with morbid rigidity.

That is, rigid thinking, same-old thinking, predictable thinking, is that which can not let go of the past, in any sense, but must continue to repeat old ideas, from old sources, and the oldest source everyone has almost compulsively immediate access to is their own genetically-configured neural memory ("my story"). "My Story" has absolutely NO CLUE whatsoever regarding the New, the Original, the Creative, and in that sense they are FALLING.

It absolutely requires constant vigilance to keep one step ahead of the falling which is always pulling one back, like gravity, so... you see...

It takes all the running you can do
just to stay in the same place
and even moreso, FASTER - like Usain Bolt! - to get anywhere 
Wunnerful, Wunnerful.

Anyone having considerable experience on Yahoo Groups (and now Facebook and Twitter) knows quite well, when the Original (and hopefully Creative) AIM is misplaced - when people "take their I off the Goal", even for a day or two, or weekend or two - everything will start descending into commonality, sameness, chit-chat, links to you-tubes, and then the mindless anecdotes (one after another for no particular reason anyway), take complete control of the place.