Monday, June 30, 2014

Alien Visitations

Only the top notes will be presented here, because the full symphony would require several afternoon conversations to even scratch the surface, and since no one here even knows about them (they've been going on for over two years now,) it would be pointless to even attempt to flesh out - on this slow and extremely cumbersome and time-delayed medium - the essential harmonies, resonances, over- and under-tones, and various sub- and super-vocal/musical chord progressions of this particular example of "chanting the world." So, therefore, the full context of this presentation will only be known by those who have been in attendance, week after week after week for, lo, these many months.

There have been several Alien Visitations in this solar system - and particularly on this small blue planet - for many thousands of years... and believe it or not, it is still happening today. The complexity of the organization and implementation of this expansion, and deep penetration of the effects worldwide from the nervous systems out, are producing results that even the most slow-witted and sleepy humans out there (the "masses," as they are usually called) have begun to experience them first-hand, though they certainly have no idea about any of this micro-chant. Perhaps some here will upon first reading - and perhaps some already know about this.

Rather than attempt to draw anyone's attention to any of the previous visitations that occurred long before any reader was even born, only the latest and most coordinated visitation will be pointed to today. In the first place, the visitations have always been virtually invisible to all the, at that time, living humans. That is, none realized what was happening, and thus could not possibly interfere, or side-step, or fight-the-fact, or complain, or cry about it. That is, it was happening then, it is happening now, and it will continue to happen in the future, but the ONLY ones who ever even begin to realize it are those whose "higher circuits" have already become fully, or at least partially activated. That is, they could THINK without undue emotional and intellectual pollution that is so typical in the "masses." For the "masses," the kind of information presented herein will instantly evoke wrong/disjointed/disconnected sensations, incorrect/immature feelings and emotions, and faulty/broken/childish ideas, beliefs, and thoughts, leaving the person fully incapable of hearing any more, let alone beginning to THINK further about it on their own.

The latest visitation occurred over a several decade period of time in the middle of the 20th century, and it literally swept the globe in just a few years. That is, since the stage was already set for the Alien Advention into human culture, due to the ordinary evolutionary path of our species - set on that course thousands of years before by previous visitations - many hundreds of thousands of unwitting humans were conscripted to "do the deeds necessary" to implement the sub- and super-structures necessary for the orderly growth and expansion of its Earthly Effects which are still, even today, expanding and evolving exponentially. The ground floor of this development - humanity itself, the entire human species - is not only being changed, modified, altered, enhanced internally, but externally, and it is precisely this EXTERNALITY that interests us now...  well, only those who have been "paying attention to the symphony/world-chant unfolding in real time."

Can you hear it yet?
Can you see it yet?
Can you think it yet?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

So there we lay, at the bottom of the stairs, straining to get up on two strong legs, only to realize we have broken one of them severely and don't know what happened. Bad day/month/year/decade/lifetime, all rolled into the moment we finally realize - after all this time - where we are, and our sorry condition. Clueless and crippled.

So now what? Just lie there and moan? Can't reach the phone - it's at the top of the stairs! Can't call for help - there is no one who can hear us anyway. Got to think!

Such is the case for modern man, and that includes ALL "modern men and women," no matter the century they were born (at the top of the stairs - conscious and full-bodied.) As said before, Humanity in general and in specific, is clueless and crippled.

People still believe - after all these many centuries - they are walking around normally, but they are severely limited where it counts: in their sensory apparati, of which there are only five known and they are, apparently, incapable of THINKING to the degree necessary to discover the real TRUTH about what happened up there at the top of the stairs leading to their current state of affairs. "Oh... if only I could remember all the stories, and then, somehow, 'get to the bottom of it', perhaps I would then know how to heal my leg (increase my sensory capacities), and 'Walk like a MAN.'"

So, what do you believe happened up there at the top? Did aliens make you with fragile legs, so you immediately fell down the stairs to live the remainder of your days as a cripple? Or was it some unknown God or Devil? Or was it the apes and chimps that gave rise to you? Or was it something else (some other 'creation of mankind' story)? It is necessary to realize, very clearly and with conviction, that you don't know, and can't know, especially lying there at the bottom of the stairs (that is, limited by only five ordinary, hopefully normally functioning senses.) To KNOW more, you must be fully equipped (all your higher senses activated), and every indication since modern man has been "walking" around on this planet (albeit, crippled), is that there are higher senses available to a man but there is no one around who can advise you how to attain them. If there WERE people around who could tell you, then how is it you were passed up?!? In any case, right now, today, it's ALL up to you!

Reasonably intelligent people understand that the present moment contains ALL that is necessary to soon - if not very soon - "get healed up" (conscious and full-bodied, with all the senses activated,) and 'Walk like a MAN.' Real MEN and WOMEN are not bound by wrong beliefs and faulty thinking, because their higher senses are fully activated, unlike the rest of humanity who are ordinary in every way, and still writhing around on the floor moaning and groaning about their sorry plight.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Climate change, and Being

Someone (something?) thought it would be a good idea to stir the pot a little - just to see what might happen - and then, a hundred thousand years, or so, later the "grand global experiment" seems to be failing. Well, that's what a larger and larger number of people think... well, when they actually DO think about it, because most people can't even do that! So, they consume greater and greater amounts of "stuff and nonsense" so as to dull their minds into a state that could only be described as "deeper (than usual) sleep." Of course, there are a few people who use these "troubling" times as a stimulant - not unlike certain street drugs of choice - to activate parts of their brain that may have been almost dormant for DECADES!

One thing to consider (for the moment, should one care to do that...): On this planet, it may be that technology is both a curse and a blessing, particularly since it is technology that has gotten us into the "climate change crisis" we are now facing, AND, it will be necessary for technology to get us out of this crisis. Perhaps, that is the way intelligent species everywhere in this part of the galaxy have to evolve over time. Quite late in the ordinary evolution of the higher ends of the brain, technology is invented; then it grows and expands to a wonderful extent - providing almost everyone with suitable access several decades or more of increased leisure time, better health, and more prosperity - and then, it is pushed over some critical level where it actually becomes dangerous for almost everyone, and then comes the tipping point. Either that intelligent species invents real and permanent solutions to the problems at hand, or they don't, and the human species goes the way of the beautiful Dodo bird - gradually, or worse, all at once. There is even a possibility many other species are destroyed as well (except for the cockroaches of course, they always endure!) Those intelligent species that make it through the interval period - whether it be decades or centuries or longer - can make it to the future. Those intelligent species that were not intelligent enough, don't make it, and the slate is wiped clean enough to allow Life another chance to try it again, though that will take many more tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of years. Unless it picks another "lower species" to experiment upon.

Discord and Disruption are the name of the game here, because without it, the genome stagnates, and the people start descending mentally, emotionally and even physically. During those times of great Discord and Disruption, there is extreme dissatisfaction in the masses because they are always the least able to profit/benefit/endure during those times. Technology, in general, is the most disruptive thing our species has yet invented, since it benefits the few of the few first, and only much later does it begin to benefit the masses to some small degree, and then later after only a few short decades or so, maybe a century or more, it begins to disrupt them greatly. Later still, even the few begin to feel it where it hurts, until SOMETHING is done to move beyond it. Of course, it will always be the few who can actually DO what needs to be done, because the masses are simply unable/incapable. Today, we are at a tipping point in this century, if not this decade. Things had better change soon, and or it will be too late! Those who are the youngest are always in the greatest peril - feeling the negative effects sooner than the rest - while the rich and privileged are always in the least peril, but even they will feel the pinch soon enough. Such is simply the way our species has become layered over time. The rich, powerful, privileged (one or two percent of the species), seem to "run the show," and below them, several layers of the "much less fortunate," all the way down to the totally "down and out" who are being run down day by day, week by week, with no end in sight,

So, what does this all have to do with Being? People are at a certain level of being in relation to those above them and below them (there is ALWAYS someone above you, and below you - no matter your present situation.) Species evolve and carry individual men, women and children, along with the flow. People evolve and carry thoughts, feelings, and capacities for action, along with the flow. Circumstances DO affect one's growth, but it is also possible to rise above them, though it always seems difficult. Our species must change or else it will perish, perhaps in this century! Our person-ness (me, myself, the one in the mirror) must change or else it will perish. Perhaps, people individually, and all over the globe, need to change THEIR OWN level of being first, so that the species as a whole will be positively affected by those changes. So, kids, what have you done today, this week, this month, to increase your own level of being? You might want to start asking the one you see in the mirror looking back at you, the next time you notice it.