Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fences, Walls, and Craziness

~~~~~~~part 1~~~~~~~
Here is a kick-start, or jump-start to this entire piece: Neighborhoods all around America and elsewhere have houses and apartments separated by fences and/or walls, which is quite appropriate for reasons most understand quite well. Neighbors need to be separated from each other, because arguments, fights and bad feelings will sometimes break out between them, having to do with their Fences, and/or their Walls, or lack thereof as the case may be.  
"No kidding!"

Another kick: the two major halves of the brain - left and right cerebral hemispheres - are separated by what is called, though hardly even known about by most, or understood at all, the corpus callosum which serves a similar function.  
"Huh, say what?"

So... in light of the above.... what the heck is going on in humanity at this time and in our space? America is split right down the middle, and so are most "civilized" countries... whereas the so-called "less-civilized" (not yet Americanized, Europeanized, Asianized, Australianized, etc.) are not split at all!  
"One people, of one mind, or close to that." 

But THAT is NOT a good thing for Evolution, apparently, because Evolution - at least over the last 5000 years - has forced all people everywhere to come together (for mutual benefit in a variety of ways) and eventually to put up fences, and build walls, and tend to them fairly closely - at all cost, really - so that they don't fall down, or become penetrated. All of this, so far, simply leads up to The Greater Issue... but it can not be "scaled" ("penetrated") without..... NAMING IT!
Now, where have we heard that before?

~~~~~~~part 2~~~~~~~
It is so humorous to see and hear the mainstream media trying to make "sense and significance" of the recent Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks in NY/NJ over the weekend. They seem like chickens with their heads cut off. You've seen 'em - check it out, watch some videos - it's funny stuff. They run around as if they're trying to figure out what has happened, but they have no brain anymore, and can't, but without their chicken brain, they don't even know that much. This goes on for awhile until their bodies get too tired, and they just fall down for the last time.
"Funny stuff."

That's CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABCnews, CBSnews and NBCnews in a nuthouse. All day long and into the night, every single day, only the TOPICS change from day to day.... meaning their heads get chopped off sometime early each morning and they spend all the rest of that day, at least, running around like headless chickens. That is all bad enough - having an entire "fourth estate" acting like chickens with their heads cut off, without a clue about what's really going on - but the OBJECTS of their confusion, the two presidential candidates, are as clueless as the media! It's a case of flocks of headless chickens trying to make sense of all the other headless chickens running into them every 15 seconds.
"Very Funny stuff."

Absolutely NOBODY - got that? NOBODY - has a clue about any of this. I don't, you don't, he don't, she don't, they don't, and that is the current state of the "human race" (here, put in quotes because these naked apes with big brains are really not quite HUMAN as of yet, they just APPEAR to be.)

Bottom Line: individually, one has to have a real sense of responsibility for all of this. One can no longer look down their noses at the world, and continue to think they are somehow ABOVE it all - i.e.,
"But, I am not just another DEPLORABLE, 
because I am SPECIAL."

In America, the Depressing Lefties believe they are SPECIAL, and call the Excitable Righties DEPLORABLE - but it's a lie, top to bottom, and everyone knows it. Everyone is both Special and Deplorable, and circumstances reveal what is currently at the surface. And like oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and streams, the surface is always changing. What is required is a vastly different MINDSET in all and everyone.

~~~~~~~part 3~~~~~~~
Again (and again, and again I must repeat), this is a LARGER STORY than seven billion headless chickens can possibly realize... although there are a FEW here and there who apparently have their HEADS ON STRAIGHT, and can not only SEE what's happening on planet earth, but FEEL it too.
You may know one, or even Be one.

It is painful, down to the marrow in the bone, and the only way to ameliorate that pain is to eliminate the electrical charges building up on the surface....and that means activating the brain-mouth/hand circuit, and EXPRESSING noise. From shrieks, to yells, to screams, to cries, to whines, to whimpers, to twitter tweets, to facebook messages, to blogposts, to wherever someone is there to receive it... but even the receiver is not all that important.... but the EXPRESSION always is.

What is being continually demanded - hour by hour, every day of our lives, - is neural activity... which is the production of electricity, low wattage of course (about that of a 10-watt lightbulb), but it is enough to be felt in the quantum sphere that is Life Itself. This global transfer of energy among humans, is LIFE THINKING, which of course is not the same "thing" as what we call thinking, but on a much higher level, at a much higher frequency, that only the "sensitives" can perceive. Some of the animals that can perceive this are dogs, cats, rodents, bats, and whales (incl. dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions)...such that they can form complex packs, clowders, mischiefs, colonies and schools, though they can't MAKE SENSE of it.  
But we can.

Life is telling a tale - a Global Tale - about the direction mankind (and most likely all other species) is proceeding, and since the individual nodes on the neural network are not interconnected to all the others (not yet, anyway), no individual has an inside track, or "inside knowledge", about this Direction. Just as some like to suggest, "God has a plan, but we can't know that plan", just substitute LIFE for God, and the message is the same.

We really don't have to know that plan, but we do have to FEEL IT FIRST. Feeling that there is something going on here, and that the external nonsense exhibited by the headless chickens running around without a clue, writing and reporting on all the HEADLINES, is not a BAD THING. The GOOD THING, that can't be readily perceived by the headless headline-writing and -reporting chickens - remember, they lack the capacity for real THINKING - is first to get your HEAD ON STRAIGHT. Right now, it's missing, and all the running around is simply YOU (apparently) "looking around" for it.
So, Step 1: get your head on straight.
Step 2: activate your higher functions including the capacity to THINK sans EMOTION - i.e., left brain for thinking, right brain for emotion.
Step 3: (remember the FENCES from above... time for a quick review.)
~~~~~~~part 4~~~~~~~
Obviously, I am not being perfectly clear (who could?), but the reason LIFE keeps human brains in a constant, never-ending state of flux, chaos, confusion, with seemingly bipolar periods of great elation/excitation and great confusion/depression... is to specifically BREAK DOWN the walls, the fences, existing between the Left and Right brain. To make bicameral humans whole, unicameral, one brain. The innate DRIVE for this is wired into the DNA, and is why there is the notion of such concepts as, "One World Government", "New World Order." The only problem is that mankind is NOT YET EVOLVED to the point that such is possible, without extremely negative results as we have all seen in America and Europe and the Middle East... maybe in some centuries down the road, maybe much later, but certainly NOT TODAY.

This same situation can explain (if you can do it) the current Americal Political Environment. America is split into two halves with a great wall, or FENCE, separating those residing on each side. Each side believes the OTHER side is deranged, idiotic, retarded, racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, DEPLORABLE (each, in their own unique ways of course) and IRREDEEMABLE (this is a hard and fixed idea for most.)

The FENCE is there in reality, and nobody sees or feels it directly, only INDIRECTLY - that is, within, but they can't "touch it", because if they could TOUCH IT, they could NAME IT...
Now, where have we heard that before?

By keeping all human brains in a mental/emotional chaotic flux, our brains must produce copious quantities of biochemically-based, neuro-electrical energy circulating throughout the brain - i.e., more and more talk, hence the recent popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other sites, including the proliferation of cable news shows, to contain all of it. LIFE benefits, and humans are depleted, expended, just like batteries are depleted and expended, and then finally tossed into the trash.

~~~~~~~part 5~~~~~~~
I am not the first, and I won't be the last to say it is obvious what is needed in America and perhaps other places, is to replace these bifurcated political systems (born of bicameral brains), that naturally gravitate farther and farther out to the EDGES, rather than nearer and nearer to the CENTER. Call it centrifugal force, and it's real and it's happening to each and every human with every passing year.

Americans are at the extreme edges, and from that "distance" (it's a mental distance of course, thought-based, and "imaginary") what you think you "SEE and HEAR" is not what is actually THERE. Democratic viewpoints are not really that far away from Republican viewpoints, but human brains SAY there is an almost insurmountable world of difference.

Language is the great DIVIDE, and the great Divider. It is the WALL. It is the FENCE that divides the personal properties of each and every human. What the "more enlightened" in BOTH camps should be doing - and should have BEEN doing for the last several months, if not years or decades - is working toward a new kind of Cooperative Party. That's sort of what the Libertarians think they are doing, but they are not. Pick their issues and plans apart, and you get a left-wing social liberalism, and a right-wing fiscal conservatism. But that will never work. Look at G.Johnson. He doesn't have a chance in HELL.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Time Wasters Extraordinaire"

Mankind's full-time job for Life (everyone's Master), is engaging the brain with thought energy, that comes from somewhere, hangs around for some period of time, and then goes to somewhere, at which point there is a "GAP" of unknown duration (since there is no one HOME). That's about it, really... "Wasting Time"

As a result of all this intermittently interrupted "thinking" (which is not that at all, but a kind of "echoing", or "reverberating" at a frequency that can sometimes be heard by the internal teletype operator who reads and rips and hands off to the more conscious parts), there may be some physical activity of some sort, 99% of which is useless expenditure of nervous energy - itching, scratching, changing channels, mumbling, walking into the bathroom, etc., etc. - and 1% of which operates on physical objects of one kind or another in order to DO or PERFORM something really useful - like making a sandwich without dropping the Mayo jar onto the floor, or composing a multi-paragraph "essay" or "article" for publication, or whatEVER. That's about it, with exceptions - sometimes the human in question is actually FULLY CONSCIOUSLY ENGAGED with some activity or task that produces glorious, wonderful results in the Arts, Sciences, Crafts, or something notable like that. But, really, it's very, very rare.
Look at your own day, say the last 12 hours (for me, that's 6am to 6pm), and what do you remember so clearly that it instantly appears in your fore brain when you recall each time segment (say, 6am-7am, etc.) Thinking (well, "echoing", or "reverberating") and some moving around, is generally all you can remember, but you do NOT REMEMBER precisely the words and sentences that were thought, and quite likely you can't even remember the topics very clearly! Oh, you might remember a few of the movements that occurred during that segment (took a piss, ate a banana, fed the cat, took a shower, etc., etc.) but that's about it!
Really, it was just wasting time, from morning till night; then you hit the rack, disappear for a few hours, and get up next day at 6am for a repeat performance.
"So WHAT?" some were heard to mumble under their breath, or loudly at the author! Well, generally, the only response that is worth providing would be, "Check into it. See with careful observation and collecting of evidence, dutifully recorded for a few days running - without FAIL - how your days go." There is LOTS AND LOTS of  "thinking" (echoing, reverberating, mumbling), some speaking, some moving around, all performed for what purpose: to what END? Are you not just an "Extraordinary Time Waster", like everyone else on this planet?

So, who's running your show? Who's running THIS PLANETARY SHOW, including all the "primary", "secondary" and "tertiary" figure-heads who dominate the NEWS SHOWS 24-7, in which you are so mentally invested, unless you live in a cave, deep in the forest, up in a mountain shack, or in an undersea grotto somewhere - i.e., you've DROPPED out, TUNED in to nature, and are TURNED on to the cosmos?

Here's a FACT OF LIFE whether or not you "care to admit it"...
To the question asked here recently in "The Boxcar" (convince your CLOSE FRIEND - who is for the other guy/gal - why s/he should absolutely vote YOUR CHOICE INSTEAD in 25words or less)...
Precisely what was going on in you, (thought, feeling, sensation, 
gut rumblings, heart murmurings, brain-washing, etc.)  
that produced your DECISION to CHOOSE YOUR CHOICE?
Or, did it somehow just happen, and THEN, you found out!?!

Monday, September 12, 2016

"Boxcar of Regrettables"

This election season has "corrupted" my mind - hopefully the brain has not suffered any permanent damage, but the mind, well, that's another thing. I also am pretty certain the same thing has happened to millions and millions of others following this bizarre election season, judging by the wealth (he said facetiously) of evidence I've acquired, and analyzed, on Facebook, Twitter , and the MSM.
(FB and TW: whose only purpose is to suck time and talent -neural energy- from hundreds of millions of unsuspecting sheeple, hummers and wannabe People... and mainstream media: whose ONLY purpose is to sell adspace, period, end of story.)
That is bad enough, but the reasons that minds get "corrupted" (from that degree, to VERY CORRUPTED!) are worth delving into, if one has the time and energy after a long day's journey into the evening hour, at a day job toiling for their piddly paycheck out in real life, or in front of a computer screen doing who knows what (Facebooking and/or Tweeting perhaps?)

It would be possible for anyone to do this (i.e., look into "how it is that..."), but not only will they NOT do this, they usually can't even admit to themselves - and certainly NOT to anyone else - that their mind has become "corrupted" (to VERY MUCH SO...) simply by "engaging" with Life, and all of its chaotic and confusing perturbations.

But in fact, the above paragraph - specifically - is the CORRUPTION. Can you grok that? Something that is quite possible - to look into the workings of MIND itself.... you know, from the INSIDE - has become literally IMPOSSIBLE, simply by being alive long enough to acquire a language, and some ordinary skill at utilizing that language, and then engaging in conversations with other similar language-using brains, and experiencing the huge variety of after-effects of that engagement.

For example: to be "grossly generalistic" you could put HALF (or, in truth, MOST) of our entire species into what could be called a "Boxcar of Regrettables" - though I would choose quite a different term here, which I may reveal at a later time - for the very reason that, when born, each baby is PURE as the driven snow (that has blown into drifts and is untrodded and clean); an image of "GOD Almighty" wherever He might reside (if "he" indeed does, after all); yet, after just a few short decades, if that, each one of the "regrettables" has compiled a rather long list of same, that, under close inspection (which they CAN'T perform themselves.... see above) are mostly imaginary, having NOTHING to do with reality!

The Weight and complexity of this material - i.e., knots of broken, tangled, twisted neural synaptic fibers of partially-started and prematurely-aborted Threads of Entanglement (with Life ITself) - clogs the MIND to the point that just asking MOST EVERYONE a simple question, a YES-NO question, reveals they are incapable of producing a straight answer. And why is that? Because THEY have no idea about what a straight answer would be, primarily because their only "teachers", "instructors", "role models", were just as confused as they now have become. Can you grok THAT?

Sheeple can be forgiven, of course - and they can never be called "IRREDEEMABLE" - because all that is ever necessary is UNCLOGGING THE MIND, Straightening it out, and anyone can do that. But, it requires two things: 1) a desire for the higher states of consciousness that WILL result when successful, and 2) empty the damn BOXCAR! Some here might read that and go, "Yeah! Right! I've done that!" But, don't be so sure about anything, so long as the Threads of Entanglement have not been dissolved.

Here's a question for the non-faint of heart and mind: 
America is about to elect a new President of our great country - some say it's the Greatest on Earth, but that is one of those "entangled threads" - and there are TWO candidates that are roundly hated and despised by over 50% of the electorate - some say the Left one is MUCH WORSE, and some say the Right one is MUCH WORSE, but that is another one of those "entangled threads" - so.... here it is... in 25 words or less, composed from your own brain/mind complex, convince your CLOSE FRIEND (who is for the "other side") why s/he should absolutely vote YOUR CHOICE.