Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Old age is a bitch"

Everybody nowadays has heard that one, and those who have reached even "middle-aged" (a sliding scale with each generation - you know, "25 is the new 20, and 45 is the new 35") know exactly what is meant. The young, of course, don't have a clue - lucky them! But, since everything operates in right-order - for the Primary Benefit of Great Nature, not necessarily for the individual life-forms - the main reason the young are the "leading edge of life's evolving", is precisely because they actually believe they are immortal, even as they might "know with their mind" (because somebody told them) that they are not - "Hell, I don't believe it! I'm indestructible! Hey, I don't even need healthcare!" The middle-aged and the older-aged KNOW with the senses, the emotions and the mind not only that they are quite mortal, but even that feature of their existence is draining away day by day.

"Old age IS a bitch!" and she is a harsh master. Almost everything about one's life begins to alter month by month from about the age of 35, and accelerates to week after week by age 55 and day by day after age 65, but unfortunately, these numbers are not fixed; they are personal to you and your experience. This descent into decrepitude in discernible stages can be easily observed and noted by ordinary people, whether or not they may have already discovered the idea of "Waking up", or "Enlightenment" before those notions lost all possible juice for them. The juice mysteriously enables the increasingly continuing ACT - no longer just theory - of jumping PAST all of the undue concerns over the inevitable decrepitude of the body, the feelings, and the intellect, into a state of being that is less and less identified with the impending dissolution that takes all human bodies, which some have referred to as a "state of bliss."

There is very little one can do about the body's descent - besides staying as healthy as possible. There is something one can do about the intellect's descent, and that's where an inquiring mind comes into the picture. Think more than you have to about everything. Question all beliefs - of others, and of yourself. Look into all your beliefs and try to see clearly how they are acquired - not only by you, but in others as well as the mechanics are the same. The hard realization to come to as quickly as possible in this strange journey to separate from the body - in time, before it's too late - is how beliefs of all kinds contribute to the descent being pointed to herein. Beliefs don't help - they hinder.

  • For example, does a firm "belief in the existence of an external God" contribute to this descent, and if you don't think so, how do you KNOW.... or do you just believe it? 
  • For example, does a relatively inactive, disinterested intellect contribute to its descent, or is it actually otherwise, and that the more active and interested is the intellect, the longer one may be able to practice this effort to separate from the body in time. 
  • For example, do you know why, precisely, you showed up here this time - or anywhere else that time - to read some random and hastily written words from somebody you don't even know (not really) who doesn't know you (not really), and does this NOT KNOWING WHY contribute to your rapid descent into the death-spiral encircling you even now? 
  • For example, now that you have been alive all the way to late-middle-age or even middle-old-age or older (eeek!), what have you got to SHOW for your time on this "search for the miraculous" you started so long ago? WHAT?

These are personal questions that can only be thought about, and scarcely dealt with at all. They are just too impertinent for most people to think about HONESTLY without lying and fabricating and just giving lip-service to them, without even realizing it! But, they are the kinds of questions that once you hear/read them, they become part of you. They live in you, in that certain place you rarely - if ever - visit, and even more rarely stay long enough to experience the absence of environment which is only possible there. Try it, you might actually like it. There is JUICE there.

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