Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do you actually know the way to San Anselmo?

Well, you should. After all, it's on a map. Google it. And if you're still not sure, find a friend with good spatial sense of such things and go with them; they can help you find the way and possibly even arrive there in one piece to enjoy the place. Easy peasy.

But - and you knew there was a "but" coming, right? - for all those places you can't find on maps, that can't be written out, printed out, or displayed on a computer screen, well, THAT is another matter entirely. AND, what's worse, for all those "harder to find places" - the ones that really are worth your time and energy to locate and travel to, and even one day ARRIVE in one piece - your friends will be of no help to you. None. Not even a little bit, even though the so-called "common wisdom" suggests otherwise.

Those hidden places that don't fill space and time, but mind, and heart - all those secret places where lies the only Treasure worth Hunting in this Life - those places must be located alone, by yourself, and your friends are just going to have to sit this trip out.

People who know this, don't join up with other people to "go where they think/believe they are going", but to learn how to actually go where "I want and need to go." It's a completely different motivation, and it keeps one centered on what is important, and less distracted by the activities happening around them.

People who know this, may know where they are, but will never know where anybody else is, not really. They could be on Mars for all you know, or inside a dark cave somewhere, you just don't know and they can't even tell you. They can, perhaps, give suggestions, offer clues, but try as you will you will never find them, and they will never find you.

People who know this, are strangers in the night, 
and that is never a "bad thing." 
It is the ONLY thing.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Admittance and Indulgence

So, WHO SAYS increasing "personal consciousness" is NOT about admitting to and indulging in all one's carnal desires? Everybody has carnal desires - of the flesh, blood, bone, and gonads especially - yet throughout most of modern history admitting to them and indulging in them has been the ultimate taboo, possibly next to murder but not necessarily and not always.

So, WHO SAYS increasing "personal consciousness" is NOT about such admittance and indulgence taken to higher and higher levels? Listen up and you can hear all the pseudo-gurdieffians, pseudo-buddhists, pseudo-christians, pseudo-muslims - the Pseudo People - rising up in their heart-of-hearts, their mind-of-minds, and elsewhere-of-elsewheres, with many logical- and rational-sounding arguments against even the possibility that such admissions and indulgences serve a higher purpose in the Grand Scheme of Human Life on this here little Blue Planet - Third Rock of Sol, the Life-Giver.

Most have attended rap-sessions with other people who claim to have some small access to (what is called) "higher knowledge" - presumably gained from years and decades of experience in these matters - who would blanch at such an idea as this, but as soon as one realizes there is almost no chance whatsoever gaining anything like "higher knowledge" from such people it is probably best to set sail on a course which can actually lead to the path that cleanses the Doors of Perception -
"If the doors of perception were cleansed 
every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.
For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things
thro' narrow chinks of his cavern." Blake

"Understanding" and "Wisdom" are not so easy to define utilizing the ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill, standard-issue, routine (to say the least) "mind" that is still caught up in the pseudo-world... of things and objects and beliefs and theories and suggestions and definitions provided by all those psilly pseudo-people, who apparently first said them and possibly even wrote them down so that the rest of the human species who came afterwards could read all about it once they reached the age of "pseudo-reason" - around the age of 14-17 or whenever it finally (if ever) occurs -
The attainment of 
"Understanding" and "Wisdom" 
IS The Work in actuality; 
and it only exists in the few who have
sailed the course to the path which cleanses
the Doors of Perception. Praybob

You can easily spot the pseudos because they always come representing somebody else - some other smart guy/friend/teacher/guru who suddenly appeared in their short personal history and then, usually, disappeared - but NEVER themselves, ALONE.
Alone, Here, Right Now, and Fully Responsible... 
for they are not Real... not yet anyway.

For example (and just one of thousands): the pseudos believe that understanding and wisdom "comes from" something, like thinking about the issues surrounding ID and ToE (Intelligent Design and Theory of Evolution), picking a side, and sticking to it even in the face of all possible presented evidence to the contrary. They believe that if they can "do that," they will necessarily Understand the topic and can even claim some degree of Wisdom on the matter.

This is simply incorrect. They don't actually DO anything. In fact, it all just HAPPENS to them, and they don't realize HOW and WHY it happens to them (being the first big clue as to what is actually going on!) One can not see the incorrectness for themselves, until they discover that Understanding and Wisdom does not "come from" anything at all, unless it can be wisely understood to be an intricate part of their natural being which can not be expressed until the Path taken cleanses the Doors of Perception clouding access to Higher Mind.

To clarify this a bit further, the previous division of ideas (ID vs ToE) does not even break along those simplistic lines - that is, there is certainly something going on here, on Earth, but it did not happen "because of" ID, or ToE, but something... certainly... and it is always and everywhere up to the Work of the Individual to figure it out for themselves. These kinds of large dualistic ideas (including the first one presented here - admission and indulgence versus denial and restraint, or whatever the other side is perceived to be) break down in the ordinary human mind in highly predictable ways, and most (99%) never realize that what is really "at issue" is how the ordinary mind operates, NOT what the mind says the two sides actually are at any given time in history. It is never the contents that are important (well, contents have their place, but that "place" is not being discussed here), but the PROCESS that produces those contents, and that process is virtually NEVER seen, perceived, realized, activated, accelerated, or otherwise, because of the instantaneous identification with the obvious contents.

So, run along all you facegrabbers (with your daily output of mindless youtubes, and links to stuff and nonsense you consider, ahem, "important" and "highly useful"), WE - on the Path - have little need for you now. B'bye

ps - this will be updated as it is just a draft

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fighting with inanimate objects

Do you (still) find yourself fighting - struggling, tangling, tussling - with nonliving/inanimate objects? Like, but certainly NOT limited to... Toasters that don't toast right? Gaspumps that don't pump right. Traffic lights that don't change fast or slow enough? Automated telephone menu systems that never produce a living/animate object no matter how many buttons you push or words you speak? (Note: "living/animate object": a person, with at least a high school education, who speaks and understands your language without continued prompting and repeating.) And, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

Well, do you? And... after all those years of meditating, chanting, chilling, long walks on the beach, strolls in the park, reading copious inspirational texts from tens, hundreds or thousands of writers, years and years of "work weekends with Teacher," and all the rest of the "Work on Myself" you have attempted so as to become a balanced human of higher being and consciousness.

Well, you're not alone. Sometimes - sooner than later (which is a lesson hard-learned for many) - you just have to cut that inanimate objects out of your life, one way or the other. Either FIX IT, or buy a new one, or avoid interacting with the old one, or... or... or, the other more difficult thing sometimes referred to as, Achieving REAL SUCCESS in the Work, being now able to use all those "trying experiences" as stepping stones to Higher Levels of Being you always knew were before you, but year after painful year, seemed to elude you.

And that - sometimes, sad to say - may include other kinds of even semi-animate objects (okay, okay; certain people) whom you don't hate, per se, or even dislike, but you have finally learned to respect yourself MORE.

This opens the door to another line of inquiry - a mystery really - having to do with the connectedness of all living things, and the attraction/repulsion characteristics that are always operating behind the scenes which are more powerful than even the strongest and most powerful among us. One could believe - with reason - that the World is ONE Living Thing, and all the apparent bits and pieces, the players, are notes in a Grand Conscious Symphony composed by and performed for the enjoyment of the Symphony Itself. The "Work" then, is to simply experience the Enjoyment.