Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"The Unnameable Truth"

All humans aspire to all sorts of physical and non-physical things too numerous to mention here, and besides you only have to look to yourself for a comprehensive list... and in this regard, one list is as good as another. But - and I must emphatically repeat, But - none of them will include the ONE THING that can not be named, though it is in fact the ONE THING to which all humans everywhere aspire without really knowing it... and that is... "The Unnameable Truth".

Short of that, what does anyone actually HAVE? Not much, except for a fairly well-functioning body/brain system (at least until it slips over that ever-approaching edge of doom into a highly predictable - and when it starts occurring - accelerating decrepitude in all areas of their existence), a few scattered memories of the past and very recent present, and a lot of talk, talk, talk about nothing at all.
Really Mr. or Ms. Human Example of the highest potential this planet (apparently) has spawned in the last several millennia, is THAT all there is?
That is the Question to which there is no Known Answer - and thus is called, "The Unnameable Truth". So what is human life, that lasts but a few eyeblinks, with a little pain and pleasure thrown in for good measure, and the same ignorance at the end,  as there was at the beginning?

Human life is Potential; unfulfilled, unrealized, only dreamt about and aspired to, without one ever being fully able to give adequate voice to any of it. So, realizing this, a few humans have moved whole bodily, whole heartedly and whole mindfully into the Arts - the fine arts, and the practical arts. If lucky, and persistent, some reach a level of satisfaction and success that could be called "An Answer" of sorts, or "The Truth" of a kind. But, unfortunately for most humans today - being fully embedded in the electronic/digital/information age - they can never attain these results due to the primary reason, that they are now completely distracted, confused and confounded all day long, and for most of the night for their entire lives, and the secondary reason, that they actually prefer distraction, confusion and confoundedness, so they pursue drugs, intoxicants, and addictions of all kinds so as to avoid these ideas entirely. They simply can not get a "leg up", because Life - operating through everyone - keeps dragging them down, into mindless entertainment, and pointless information, none of which leads them to where they WANT to go... to the heights of their ASPIRATIONS.

It is thus, NOT the point of this thing - a kind of art - to reveal precisely WHAT IS "The Unnameable Truth", as that would be ridiculous, but to start focusing on the reasons we can not know it, can not even begin to approach it... but NOT because our fairly well-functioning body/brain system is incapable - because it certainly IS capable - BUT because it has not been prepared for the SHOCK WAVES that would ensue were we to eventually GET "leg up" and start the Walk of a Lifetime.
("I just remove everything that doesn't look like David.")

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sharing Secrets, and more secrets

That is what the "teachers" do; the extremely FEW good ones, who can actually DO THAT (share real secrets), and the unfortunately MANY bad ones, who have nothing but allurements and enticements (non-secrets) to attract followers and their money and possessions.

There are secrets, of course, and all humans know that at a deep level, probably first awakened in early childhood when their parents lured them with food, toys, baby talk, cutesy-pie mobiles, and other kinds of shiny baubles, and enticed them verbally with the baby concept of secrecy in many clever ways, not the least, but certainly the bulk of which is often contained in family religions - of one sort or another - including their gods, heavens, hells and other fantastical fantasy stories.

They didn't know WHY they did any of that to their children of course, except that "it was fun" to see their always quite bewildered gestural expressions, and maybe they "thought" they were teaching their young tykes in some way, shape or form. But in fact, the parents were made to do that for a reason which can only become clear to one who has, let us say, received Real Secrets.

These secrets are directly connected to the thoughts that healthy human brains create and manifest (quite mysteriously) every second of every day for their entire lives. In the first place, although there are other ways, language is still the most efficient and direct way to communicate secrets - Real Secrets, that have the potential to benefit the giver AND the receiver, as well as the phony, go-nowhere, dead-on-arrival ones that benefit nobody BUT the phony "teacher".
It is always up to the receiver
 to determine what's what.

That is what the WORKTM is all about. Distinguishing truth from falsehood and lies, fact from fiction and imagination, and THEREIN lies the Real Secret all Teachers (without quotation marks) seek to reveal to their Friends - so unlike the phony "teachers" who have no Friends, but a lot of fawning followers who are current with their payments.

Consider this crazy - many call it rigged, most see it as bizarre - U.S. Presidential Election cycle, consisting of TWO of the WORST candidates in our short history - "so say we all". But...
Do you wanna know a Secret? 
While you are watching, listening, considering the candidates, their hyperbolically overblown and highly questionable speeches, their bizarro-world mannerisms, their gaffs, their screw-ups, their long and well-documented records, their personal histories, ALONG WITH all the humans on the sidelines (TV, radio, Internet, books, magazines, friends, family, people on the street, your own HEAD... and elsewhere) commenting, criticizing, complaining, spinning left and right like some kind of drunk dervish, and outright LYING through their teeth with a smile on... do note all the THOUGHTS and FEELINGS which are arising between your ears in real time. They are (read: Life Is) actually communicating SECRETS to you... and unless you already know how to RECEIVE them, believe me, you WILL MISS them, one and all!

This, you see, is what ordinary humans - those who are part of the Masses Classes - generally can not discover ON THEIR OWN. There are simply no examples out there in the world - meaning, other living humans - who can communicate these Secrets, without literally Destroying them in the process. Real Secrets can not be communicated effectively without extreme care, so as to not be, merely commenting, criticizing, complaining, spinning left and right like some kind of drunk dervish, and outright LYING through their teeth with a smile on.

This is about HEARING above simply listening, SEEING above simply looking, and most importantly UNDERSTANDING above  simply comprehending. Why? Listening, Looking and Comprehending, always leads to a troubled, distracted, and confused mind. Whereas HEARING, SEEING, UNDERSTANDING leads to a calmed, clarified, and conscious mind.

Human life is secret-free and oh-so-serious, with very little laughter afoot. Whereas searching for and discovering secrets, however that may be accomplished - by hook or by crook - always comes with some form of laughter, a smile, a giggle, a knee slapping guffaw.
The kinds of things that make you want to go, 

Monday, June 20, 2016

No Way, Jose!

There is absolutely NO WAY to comprehend the external world of man - and all his shenanigans - by looking out there and taking notes, or reading books and scribbling in the margins, or listening to other people and arguing with them. NONE! All that leads to is exactly what you see out there in the world of man - the political "leaders" (that's a stretch), the news media "pundits" (that's simply a bad JOKE!), the so-called spiritual "gurus" (really? come on!), what the hell do they know? NOTHING. And the reason is in the next paragraph, if you manage to read that far into this bit... (knowing the extremely short attention span of most humans - it's... legendary!)

The only possibility to know anything about anything having to do with mankind, is by looking within, deep within and for a long time, with an AIM. For example, how could some "clown" read Internet websites and become "radicalized" to the point that he (usually, but not always as it is beginning to appear in some cases) would go out and buy semiautomatic handguns and rifles (no, they are NOT true "assault rifles" - as the left is claiming - because to be so, it must be capable of selective fire, which means it has the capacity to switch between semiautomatic and FULLY automatic fire and these have been BANNED in the U.S. for a long time), and loads of ammo, make deliberate plans, and then to actually enact the plan... hit some "soft target" and MURDER in cold blood, tens, or hundreds, or thousands (if possible) of innocent human beings, in the name of some OTHER "clown" with a funny-sounding name? HOW?

Make up any response you want and you will be WRONG, unless you can see how YOU, personally, could fill that role yourself. That is, "How could I do such a thing?" This is not as simple a task as some might think, especially those many "teachers" (some of note, and most No Way, Jose!) who claim their "Way" is all about "Knowing Thyself", and "Enlightenment", and "Cosmic Consciousness", and other similar ideas.

"No Man is an island", which in this case suggests, you can't know yourself as separate from the rest of the world. Each human with a healthy brain IS the rest of the world - even though he can not comprehend any part of that sentence (what's a human? what's a brain? what's a world?). Therefore, it could be concluded that one must FIND the world within, as one FINDS oneself in the world, and that includes ALL the various species and individuals that can be found there. Angels, Devils, Demons, Saviors, Terrorists, Thieves, Slaves, Masters, Monkeys, Horses, Pigs, Dogs, Lizards, Snakes, Birds, Insects... and the list is nearly endless.

Each human contains All and Everything, and the "WORKTM" is about removing the blinders, and stripping away all the lies, cover-ups and personalities that leave each human "believing" (with no real evidence to point to) that he is something OTHER than what he truly is. What he IS, is a high-functioning, extremely complex machine containing, infused by, a Living Process that has been unfolding for millions of years all over this planet. To pick "your self" out of this soup, would be like finding a needle with a blunt point in a mountain of sharpened needles.
Good Luck with that.
Finally, do note, this is all about Energy, and the movement of Energy throughout a system that is, at its core and out to its expanding edges, Energy, and "you" are in there somewhere - you know not where, nor how you came "into Being". These are just Two of the Big Questions human brains actually CAN consider for an entire life time, and make a) some small success - 2 steps forward, 1 step back, then 1 step forward, 2 steps back, for a life time... or b) Real Success.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Tail of the Long Neuron

Neuronal lineage goes way, way back, millions of years or more, but has become perfected - up to a point - in our time, in our heads, in your head, and we should all be thankful. It allows us to think, talk, write, grow food, make tools, invent technology, build shopping malls, join social media groups, buy expensive computers, and run our options & futures trading desks out of our home... even profitably!

Just as the Big Bang is still banging (in the primary, more sublimely cosmic sense), the Human Species is still banging (in the secondary, more climactically orgasmic sense), and in both cases, all of that which went before is still contained in the "universe of right now", both the Big One, and the small one - you - that really started with mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam.

That is, all of human history is contained in you, and you have potential "access" to all of it, but not the way you are now - somnambulistically thought-centric, mentally unfocussed, spiritually conflicted, and utterly confused about Humanity, yourself and everything else - but, it is still possible before you leave this planet the hard way, as a wisp of dust in the wind.

The 1400's are in you. The 400's are in you. The -1500's are in you. And all of Humanity has contributed to your life, in large and small ways that you can discover for yourself once your deep connection to your own DNA becomes Known. In fact, the long and winding Neuron propagated by Eve 'n Adam into the DNA intrinsic to your very existence today contains all human possibilities - so far - and you can tap into that, and find out How to Live profitably, if not even actually extend your life, instead of the ordinary wasteful manner that is expected in Humanity all throughout history, and generally leads to a shortened life.

Humanity is not expected to SUCCEED, because that would be counterproductive for Life, just as your liver cells are not expected to succeed in becoming fully-functional Neurons in your life time, and if that ever started happening - and a few of them escaped the liver (or any other "home organ"), and started becoming neuronal - you would instantly start dying rapidly.
(That would be a form of "transmutation" resulting in your becoming "godlike", and what would be the need of a body then? LIFE ON EARTH requires, and utilizes BODIES.)
When a Human is born onto this planet, the Neuronal Tail is lengthened just a little bit (and "Your Tale" is begun), and in that Neuronal cell body is all that went before. That Human is, in effect, a nano-version of all Humanity-the-species, contained in a tiny crib - awaiting environmental, and societal imprinting - and that Neuron, and its entire family - the Web of neurons - is all that matters, really, for Life, and for you. The entire body is designed to keep the TAIL (of many Tales) of Neuronal Lineage moving ever forward, so as to not suffer the double death (of the body, and your higher potential) that is built-into the machinery, so as to not pollute the entire genome in case one "little version" goes "horribly wrong".

Life is evolving on this planet through humans - through you, and me, and everyone else - but everyone is in their own local "school of life", wherein only a few of the "students" get to move up to the front of the class, and a few of them get to move onto the higher levels - to the 8th, 10th, 20th, 60th levels - and then they "graduate" (die? transmute? transcend? ascend?) up to the "Set of Successfully Evolved Human Neurons" in Life's Global Brain that IT apparently quite enjoys activating every day, in a Living Hangout with the Gang.

"Old man, how is it that you know these things?"
"Young man, how is it that you do not?"

Monday, June 13, 2016

Life has a sense of humor, part2

You can't tell me Life doesn't have a sense of humor!
I know I'm laughing my ass off!

First of all, remember humans are a very disorganized, and dishevelled bunch (mentally speaking, and in other ways too), quite unable to Focus their minds on anything, unless Forced. This can be seen in many areas of human life, starting with children who can't keep their rooms clean, their clothes clean, their potty mouths clean, not to mention their hands OFF their younger, smaller siblings and peers, unless their parents put their Feet down and demand they change their Minds - couched as "change their Ways, or else". This is the natural beginning that Life employs to "educate these humans" so that they can be utilized for purposes they will never discover on their own or even understand, because they don't have a "need to know", and furthermore, it would only clutter their disorganized minds further.

So, Life begins the "Focusing Training" at a young age, and this continues for several decades, including grade school, high school, and employment... and every once in a while, it unleashes certain kinds of large and usually tragic events - mass murders, terrorist attacks, wall street crashes, economic depressions, etc. - so as to FORCE the Focus of human minds. ("Either you humans learn how to do it yourself, or I (Life) will force you to do it.")

Just a couple days ago, all over the planet, billions of people were simply going about their daily lives and having absolutely NO thoughts at all about acquiring an AR-15, purchasing hundreds of rounds and enough cartridges to keep it fed for hours if necessary, then dropping into a packed bar in Orlando, FL after midnight, blocking the door and spraying the place from side to side, up and down, being careful to kill as many as possible before either successfully escaping or becoming a suicide-by-cop (a favorite of these cowards). But today, just a couple days later, thanks to the many cable news shows blaring detailed how-to instructions NON-STOP and likely to continue for DAYS, as well as the hundreds of websites and social media pipelines spewing further details, thousands of people or more - probably male, and probably no older than 30'ish, who feel oppressed, or down on their luck, or their once grand view of life in the 21st century, or angry and pissed off about something or other, or for whatever bizarro-world reason they have concocted - are sitting in their basement bedrooms, or rooms over the garage, scribbling notes-to-self, and plans-of-attack down to the finest possible detail (and they can always go to the Internet for more juicy bits to fill in the gaps as needed), and capping it all off with some kind of 2-page or 100-page manifesto to explain to the world their necessary actions (as IF the world gives a damn... NOT!)

Yippee!! You've done it again, Life. In just a few short months or so, if that, we WILL SURELY HEAR about another event just like this one, or much worse, just so LIFE - the Grand Master - can FORCE these still disorganized and dishevelled humans to "Focus! Damn it! Focus!"

Consider: Certain things on planet earth NEED TO GET DONE, and even if humans don't realize it... guess what... LIFE DOES. And since LIFE is a force operating through all of organic life, it can not DO much more than tweak operations in the highest organs available, which in our case means the human BRAIN. Since humans STILL have not learned how to FOCUS - which would allow Life to directly communicate with large numbers of them - it must push, pull, punch, poke and prod humans in other ways, like big, gross, seemingly unseemly ways (mass murders, terrorist attacks, etc.); ACTIONS that force these humans to "Think Different!"

Life needs to FORCE humans to act appropriately (just like their parents did, or should have done) by showing them the results of their inappropriate actions. Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, etc., etc., etc. are just a few in a long, long list of things that NEED TO CHANGE, and change fast! And mark these words... it's coming folks, Klaatu Barada Nikto-like or worse.

Go Life!
For another clarifying take, see:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Micro, versus Macro View of Life

Humans, with their small, quite underdeveloped brains (even at 1,350g and 1,350cc - curious?) are only capable of dealing with a very small "Time Bubble"*** - an expanding/collapsing sphere of spacetime which, for most adults, is a few minutes into the future, and a few minutes into the past, give or take. As such, they can deal with the Micro view of life, and particularly only their OWN life, but have practically NO ability to See, or Perceive, not to mention Apperceive (preferred) the Macro view of life.

From this larger, Macro view of life on earth as generally experienced by the humans living there, it is interesting to consider that there are only a few hundred PLAYERS on the stage of life, who, by their actions and statements, energize many billions of other humans all over the planet - including a very large percentage of Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter users - who, daily, hourly, sometimes minute-by-minute Talk about those actions and statements, as if  (here's the jokey part of the upcoming punchline) their commentaries, of various forms of transmitted media, amount to more than a flea's fart in a hurricane... which they don't.
("Are you talking to ME?!?")

The only statements a small-brained human, watching this ongoing PLAY on the stage of life, can make about the world in which they individually LIVE  (being so pitifully time-bubble-challenged), are those which directly impact their own personal INTERNAL LIFE. That is, how they comprehend, understand and integrate the massive amount of unprocessed (partially-true and mostly-false) "information/noise" streaming into their wholly submissive, thus totally receptive nervous systems - that they, therefore, either intentionally receive (which is extremely rare), or only accidentally receive (the norm) - is the only USABLE/VIABLE DATA they have to Change their Own Being, from a small-brained, time-bubble-challenged HUMAN...
...to a fully formed, mature, conscious and aware
PERSON of a higher order.
Such PERSONS are called PEOPLE 
in this part of the Solar System.
This is precisely what the Mystics spoke about until they were blue in the face, and STILL nobody understood it. The proof of this inability to GET IT, is within each and every human - in their own nervous system, and wired into the operations of their five primary senses! JUST LOOK AROUND AND LISTEN UP. What do you see going on out there in the jungle where the Sheeple and their Sheepherders dwell? Do you see any objective evidence of Higher Intelligence operating? Do you see any evidence that young people are on a higher level of being than YOU WERE in your earlier years? There IS evidence, but it is "hidden in plain sight", and thus can only be perceived, or Apperceived by PEOPLE.

It is a good idea to try to "get emotional" about your observations, and not to just take them all for granted, and get depressed as most of the human species is right now. Just look at the massive overuse of legal and illegal drugs, and other substances, which have no other purpose than to DULL the senses (to contract the time-bubble), not AWAKEN them (to expand it, Big Time!)
***"Time Bubble:"Real I" or "the Self" could be thought of as a "point" inside the expanding and contracting time bubble which begins at birth, of about a second or so at most, but over the course of one's life time, MAY expand (though this is NOT assured by any means) to a few minutes, or even some years, decades, centuries, or more. The bubble is simply that which is in the foreground of one's conscious local memory. One knows clearly what one has been doing in the last few minutes, and can in detail plan out and remain conscious of a few minutes into the future. However, this "knowledge" is only about the physical body as it operates in the world... and (usually) NEVER about the hundreds/thousands of thoughts/feelings that "came and went" without awareness. Some suggest that "point" is localized in the pineal gland, but your exploratory methods and experiments may suggest otherwise. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Taking Offense (and other idiocies)

If you have not been living obliviously under a rock, or buried deeply in the dirt, or snoring soundly in a cave, then you have been assaulted with hundreds of "reasons" to Take Personal Offense, and that's just in the last few days or perhaps weeks. Fortunately for those who have been paying ATTENTION to the Race for the American Presidency (from the mainstream talking bubble-heads "reporting on it", TO both major party leaders, followers, AND a huge percentage of this country amounting to many millions of humans) have taken it upon themselves to continuously assail all of us with example, after glaring example, after blaring example, several times per day if not all day long. You might think they would get tired of this low-class mental activity... but nooOOOooo! However, for the ATTENTIVE, it has all been another clue to the workings of Sleeping Human Brains (in the esoteric - non-Awakened - sense).

Please realize, it is NOT A SIGN OF INTELLIGENCE to take personal offense, no matter how coherent the statement reporting one's response to it. Taking Personal Offense is just one of the lesser idiocies that human brains are subject to, since childhood, and long after reaching adulthood, being, as they are, firmly LEASHED, like a dog, to their spinal cord that controls them (though that's a hint you can unravel in your spare time). In fact, it seems that the OLDER these sorry humans get, the WORSE they get, taking more offense to more things than even the younger humans who don't know as much about the world, and don't care much about it anyway. You see, the more the human brain finds out about the world, and the humans who live there, the more they become aware of actions and statements by them, on a regular basis, that Tick Them Off Bigtime. And, if there are no such actions or statements that rise to the "ordinary" level of outrage and offensiveness, then the humans will Make Something Up. You see, as far as the human brain is concerned... it is ALL made-up for the purpose of activating the neural landscape, to generate energy throughout the system, and to dutifully distribute it "elsewhere". That is the Life Plan humans are simply not getting, not understanding, or they would be able to Take Charge of their puny brains once and for all.

It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to Think Clearly when the mind is twisted and tangled up, all mired in the muckiness of personal sensitivities that are NOT REAL! When the leash is tugged, hard and fast with no let-up, the brain responds in a highly predictable way, but the ATTENTIVE will be able to "pre-see" the master about to YANK HARD, and "dial it back" just-in-time to escape the (usually) inevitable pain. YES... Pain, though for all these billions of hapless humans everywhere, it is felt as a kind of pleasure - perverted, but pleasurable nevertheless... like biting your lip hard, and then biting it again and again because the let-up feels "pleasurable".

Taking Personal Offense benefits NO ONE, least of all the ones who get angry, and loudly scream "Stop It!" The ONLY thing that needs to stop, is Taking Personal Offense to everything going on around one, and redirecting desire and intention toward that which can actually CHANGE (the way the brain operates: i.e., the way the spinal cord controls emotions, and emotions control thinking, and thinking controls the mouth, lips, tongue and limbs - though not necessarily in that order).

Humans are machines within which operates Living Processes that control everything. This is the hardest concept for humans without Full Attention to understand, but with Full Conscious Attention directed at that which should, most definitely, be Taken Personally (being born a Time Machine, but forced to live a life confined to a Prison Cell) it is possible...
to Escape the surly bonds of earth
while still YOUNG ENOUGH to enjoy it.

So sayeth the Mystics in their own inimitable, sometimes poetic, metaphorical, and even mythological ways, which is why we "Love 'Em!"

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Parade

There is the Parade - the Primary Action that creates the world - and there is the ongoing, never ending, bystanding, eavesdropping, reporting, commenting, complaining, and criticizing - the Secondary Talking-about-that-action that destroys the world. This is simply a Fact that can not be seen, nor comprehended by the humans who are without a clue, being so embedded in the Secondary.
Awakening is simply having a clue,
inching ever closer to the Primary.

Humans would prefer to "take a side", and then "support and vigorously defend their position" which results in falling back to that state of Sleep the mystics railed against for so many centuries and more. They knew there was a built-in problem of being a human with a brain they couldn't control. They knew that taking a side is falling from the center path, where SEEING occurs - the Primary World - as distinct from the edges and near edges - i.e., the sides of the main road, the noisy and oblivious secondary world of blurriness, to extreme fuzziness, to near darkness, to completely asleep.
Stand up right now and get "centered". Focus on an object directly across the room. Close your eyes and slowly turn around three times, first clockwise, and then counterclockwise. Do the same with your feelings about the world around you: political beliefs, religious beliefs, scientific beliefs, metaphysical beliefs, conspiratorial beliefs, your beliefs about your personal sphere of "friends and family", your beliefs about your neighborhood, city, state, country and all of its supposed flaws, failings and shenanigans. Okay... all "centered now"? Open your eyes... are you facing the exact same direction and object that you started?
Now, notice how long in actual clock time it takes for you to FALL OVER and bang your head on the side of the world you can't get unstuck from. Feel the pain? Humans are ASLEEP in the direction(s) of their self-preferential behaviors, from thinking to feeling to sensation. And, believe it or not, there are thousands of ways to FALL, and only one way to get centered. This is so obvious it is surprising 99% of humans alive today don't understand it, and keep missing it. Every time some human gets into an argument with themselves or others about ANYTHING AT ALL, it's just another case of "Oooops, I missed it again." And, every time they pull a photo w/text (usually), or video w/speech (usually), that somebody ELSE originated to push their, usually quite identified position or point of view - and REPOSTS it onto some social media dumpsite - it is a full-on, in-your-face, REMINDER that "Oooops, I missed it again." Doesn't this sound like "Mankind is asleep", and then there is the addendum, "but CAN awaken"... but that too is another case of "Oooops, I missed it again."

Missed What? They've Fallen Over and can't get up, having strayed out the extreme edges somewhere, and are taking a side with which the SHEEPLE have become, yet again, totally identified. This can't be avoided, so long as you have a brain you can't "control", in the sense of "staying, at all times, perfectly centered", in the sense of "having no personal preference or bias". Of course Sheeple have no interest in any of that, which is what being sheep amounts to... following the herd, thinking and talking about that which the rest of the herd is thinking and talking about, and reposting it for some goddamn, quite unknown to them, reason. (Yes, whatever these humans actually do, the real motivations are totally unknown to them!)

There are Laws in force in this part of our solar system that dictate most of the movements of energy on this planet, both within and without living organisms, and NONE of those same living organisms realize what the HELL is going on (thus, as is often reported, "It's HELL on Earth!") And, rightfully so, because if they actually did - Understand it, Comprehend it, Profit by it - they would be AWAKE, and that would not work into the Greater Plan in which Life on Earth is preparing ITSELF for the future by UTILIZING the dimly lit and partially aware masses to do ITS bidding.

Those who are awake - compared to the rest who are both NOT interested, and NOT capable of awakening right now - have gained "some real control" over their functions, such that their higher neural functions, where conscious thought is "created" and "used" (though both words must be in quotation marks, at least for awhile) are nearly fully MATURE, unlike the masses whose higher neural functions might as WELL BE asleep, for all the good they are to them, in the sense that 1) they are not even partially activated, and 2) they are more like fetuses, than mature adults. WE ALL KNOW that a fetus is totally INCAPABLE IN EVERY WAY of understanding humans, the world, the universe, or anything else.... whereas Mature Adults not only invented quantum mechanics, but figured out how to split (fission) and fuse (fusion) atoms to cause a controllable chain reaction, not to mention comprehending the Big Bang, the Size/Age of the known Universe, AND that the entire Universe is Expanding!
This is HUGE beyond belief, and greater than most humans even have the ability to understand, YET it is not as HUGE as awakening in the midst of any generation. There are, however definite and REAL similarities in these processes that they can't discern for themselves (read: Fission, Fusion, Controllable chain reactions, Comprehending size, age, and movement), and therein lies their problem until death splits them into their constituent parts and gives it all back to the DIRT.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Fantasy World-views" the long version

Human beings are doomed from the start of life. They are deposited into a foreign womb (trapped for what must seem like an eternity, or an instant, in fetal time), then born onto this planet and immediately placed in another state of total confinement (or crib, or mangy old manger) for the next 2 to 3 earth years. These hapless humans - having been wrapped for the remainder of their entrapment here in a straight-jacket/human-suit - are forever crippled by their five ordinary senses that enable only the thinnest sliver of perception of their surrounding "realities" (yes, there are many). They are, thus, totally constrained from that point forward. For DECADES. With no real hope of things improving... except... in their "minds".
Because all "minds" are weak minds, 
and therein lies the Aim and Direction:
"Strengthen and Escape".
The Land of a Thousand World-views
These weak minds have a clever capacity for creating fantasy world-views - represented above as pages and those world-views are self-maintaining. That is, they repair the "roads", "bridges", "buildings", "objects" that fill those buildings, and all the surrounding environments. But, as in DNA, these repairs are far from being perfect, and errors do creep into them over time. With regard to genetic activity, it usually takes years or more to produce any significant alterations, but with regard to neural activity, seconds, minutes perhaps, are all that are necessary to cause alterations and modifications. These fantasy world-views are merely parts of each human brain, that are never "perfect constructions". They are slightly fragmented neural nets or webs, of thoughts and images and sensations, that interact by themselves, and every human has several thousand or more of these partial world-views. They are always in competition with each other, but the conflicts rarely if ever occur in consciousness, but usually subconsciously, often in day- and night-dreams and reveries of imagination. That is, even as you are reading this, your own fantasy world-views are being sparked, tweaked, tickled - first this one, then another, then one over there, then the one just below that other one, etc., etc. - and you are not even aware of any of it. Every word - noun, verb, pronoun, etc. - is capable of this, and with practice you can become somewhat aware of it when it's happening.
IF you are looking in the right place, that is.

So what could possibly be going on with our human brains (the source of mind? the container of mind? the transceiver of global Mind transmissions?) that they can NOT discern Fact from Fiction, Real from Fake, Truth from Lie? Might there not be some evolutionary purpose to a life lived in virtually absolute confusion and mental/emotional/spiritual chaos?

The "weird" thing about these fantasy world-views - these fairly coherent structures all competing one with the other behind the scenes (i.e., your conscious awareness) - is that there is a "you" in each and every one (called "me", and "I" by the host humans, with a fairly small handful of favorite "personal pronouns") and if there was NOT such a "you" in there, the entire fantasy world would... you know... collapse, dissolve into nothingness! Put another way, the "you" is the center of each and every one of your fantasy world-views. And, in another way, if there is no "you" in a world-view then it also doesn't exist beyond just sensory impressions. Like reading about Marxism, Fascism, Objectivism, Trumpism, Gurdjieffism, JanCoxism, Globalism, LRonHubbardism, Islamism or Nondualism (just to mention a few of the millions available these days)... but not yet having become understanding, personally, experientially, physically, but only theoretically or philosophically, or mystically. But, and this is a big one... once that has occurred to some necessary, though variable degree, it too can become one of your many, nearly uncountable fantasy world-views!  
We all know "certain humans" who are identified (perhaps overly, even to their ultimate detriment) with their religious thought-system, or their political thought-system, or their pseudo-scientific thought-system, etc. So, who ARE they... really? Just a nullity? A ghostly mouth-piece of another's mind?
One must be vigilant, and always beware 
of being sucked into a fantasy world-view.

Okay so far? Or has one or another or your own fantasy world-views gotten so tweaked that you've already bolted - mentally, even emotionally if not actually physically? Anyway, get this. Reading (and viewing and listening of couse) activates in everyone a particular fantasy world-view of that moment, whether or not they stay for the duration or simply drift off into another daydream. The other fantasy world-views lay dormant, usually, but are always more than ready, able and willing to spring instantly into action the moment an impression - be it a word, a sound, an image, a movement, or any one or more of many other things caught by our extremely LIMITED sensory apparatus - causes the initial fantasy world-view to recede into the background, while a new fantasy world-view springs into the foreground of consciousness.  

However - and this is the weirder part - sometimes this "springing into and out of action" creates a collision, a merging of the pre-existing fantasy world-view and a NEW "YOU" from the outside. That is, Gurdjieff, or Siddhartha, or L.R. Hubbard gets in there too, or maybe it's Bubba Smith, or Silly Sally, because it could be anyone! Thus, some of these thousands of fantasy world-views are populated by multiple "entities" who are themselves fighting for control of the fantasy world-view! This is how CULTS operate on the willing and unwilling masses who get caught up into them (and do know, there are millions of small and larger cults on this prison planet). All that little Johnny, or Joanie believed about, say, "salvation" - their peculiar fantasy world-view that, at that point in time, had a dominant "you" (their "me") in there - is immediately confronted by L.R.H., or Buddha, or G.I.G., who takes over their once fairly well-established fantasy world-view so now there's two in there. This conflict-of-two leads some weaker humans into willingly giving-in to the more powerful dialog going on, thereby losing their Independence entirely.

This is, just to name one small example, how you can meet someone for the first time, and really like them for a while (due to the temporary arising of a fantasy world-view: "they're blond, slim, sporty, short, white, and cute") and then suddenly you can't stand them anymore (oops, another arising - "they're bigoted, racist, homophobic"), which can sometimes move quickly into repulsion and even hatred (oops, there it is... "run away, clobber them, express some extreme negativity"), and just as quickly a few minutes or hours or days later, due to some other set of impressions, be pulled back into enjoying their company again (again? "What was I thinking?") Goofy enough for ya?  
Fantasy world-views are fighting in there 
for their own survival, at any cost.

Each human of the moment (and right this moment, "I AM" that one being referenced) can evoke, or activate, separate and distinct fantasy world-views in each and every other human within sensory proximity, including, but not limited to reading. It may sound bizarre, but it's easily observable under a large variety of circumstances, INCLUDING reading this piece. (Did YOU notice?) "I like that..., no wait... I don't like that... no wait, I can agree there... no wait, that sentence is just bullshit!" (Remember, "Based upon WHAT are you making these sweeping statements? Be precise!") And so it goes for an entire lifetime. This oscillating dynamic of separate and distinct fantasy world-views - conflicting beliefs and opinions that formed over long periods of time, and congealed into fairly coherent structures - swing without any conscious control, from a zero state of inactivity, to a maxi-sum state of excitation, contributing in large part to ordinary humans becoming, not SMARTER over time, but in fact DUMBER by multiple IQ points. Look at your OWN nation-state without particular personal bias, and be honest with yourself... if that is possible.

The Key to unlocking any "fantasy world-view
is the following Question, rightly answered: 
"How many OTHER human-like entities 
live in that fantasy world-view?"
And then, properly Deal With It.

The key to dissolving any "fantasy world-view
is to get out of there, now.

The preferred condition of Man, state of Mind, 
is having NO fantasy world-views, period. 
Only Reality, through and through. One Real I. 
Alive, Conscious, and operating at Peak Efficiency.