Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things, versus no-things

People EVERYWHERE, I repeat - in case you didn't hear it, or perhaps your tv/radio was playing too loudly inside your brain cavity - EVERYWHERE talk about the elements of their apparent "make-up" as though they are Things, but nothing could be further from the truth-of-the-matter, and thus are bigger stumbling-blocks for anyone trying to get-to-the-bottom-of-the-matter.

Personality, ego, subconscious, consciousness, conscience, will, mechanicalness, sleep, enlightenment, features, flaws - the list is too long to present here - are NOT things, they are processes, flows-of-energy, and as such, can NOT BE OBSERVED DIRECTLY. I repeat - in case you didn't hear it, or perhaps your tv/radio was playing too loudly inside your brain cavity - can NOT BE OBSERVED.

Frankly, no "thing" (often contracted into, nothing) can be observed, because, frankly, there are no things, only processes, flows-of-energy in a continual state-of-becoming.

Thus, anyone with a mind to get-to-the-bottom-of-the-matter must discover - and that IS the right choice of word here, because you haven't yet, even if you believe you've read something about that somewhere, you think, maybe, perhaps, hopefully - how to get out in front of this interminable (till death, and that's still quite open to further inquiry) flow-of-energy. What that means, is that nothing you imagine you've observed "about yourself", that comes out in "talk about yourself", can be changed, altered, modified, enhanced. What that means, is that you must leave all that stuff-of-non-sense-and-fantasy behind - MOVE ON, DON.

And, to make matters much worse or better, just because you can't do it, doesn't mean nobody can. The rule - for those that still like them - is: thought precedes observation, thought makes observation possible, you must think something first before it becomes even possible, let alone extant in your world.

Put another way, awakening is impossible, remains impossible, until you understand what sleep and awakening mean.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How long, indeed?

While there can be no accurate measurements, how long does it take for a mistaken impression of some event or experience to literally turn into a myth, that is carried on the wind (the voice, generally) and sometimes enters into the commonality of human experience? Think about it NOT from the point of view of past history of people on this planet creating fairy stories and other similar myths - like turning a girl with a red cloak running from a hungry wolf in the forest, into the story of "Little Red and her Grandmama"; or turning a smart young Jew who with his friends got into some trouble with the Powers-that-were, into the story of "Christ Jesus being crucified and then ascending to Heaven after three days" - but you and your own life.

Consider this little tidbit: How long did it take YOU to become the myth you now are? Yes, that's what you've become to yourself whether or not you realize it. This book of stories you have been telling yourself for decades, "my early years", "my coming of age", "my first love", and all the rest of those make-believe anecdotes and memories all wrapped in language that you take as reality, as "ME", that 1) you didn't actually write (but were written in you by unknown-to-you processes), and 2) you can't alter after-the-fact anyway due to not knowing the "Secret Thought-of-Creation, and Uncreation".

This "myth" that one has become is, of course, composed of many, many side-stories, but they all play their small part in the Great Storyline - the Myth - "What a sweet and wonderful guy am I", or "What a pathetic loser am I", or "What a common and ordinary person am I", or "Etc., etc." but none of this matters. The myth is already firmly in place and presents to the world what THEY see of you, no matter how hard one tries to conceal it. To the, even, relatively awake observer the Truth about other people is readily seen, though very few will tell the other one about it. It's just not "politically correct" you know. Too bad, too, because if people told, at least, their friends what they were seeing about their thoughts and actions, more people might come to the necessary realization that they are simply NOT what they thought they were... but something else entirely... and then might have begun to observe more, think more, feel more, sense more, and consider more about being alive, in a human body, in this generation.

Just as chemicals interacting with neurons - hormones interacting with neuropeptides - create the Myth that is everyone you know, and every one of your own "i's" - some of which taking on a larger or smaller role in the Myth that is one's personality - one must, eventually, learn how to synthesize a new mysticism using these same common homegrown hormones and neuropeptides, to become a New Mythical Being, which of course - if realized - supplants the accidental creation (abomination?) with an Intentional One (spiritualization?)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's time to retrain your brain

Yes, now is the time to take charge of your own evolution and to stop waiting for the forces surrounding you to push you, shove you, and coerce you to make those necessary changes - some very small, some quite large - that would appear to you, after the fact, as becoming "Smarter than you were".

Whether this is realized or not, ALL HUMANS are running the center line of this path to "Smarter-than-I-was-yesterday" Town (a very strange place to be sure!), which no one can see or realize because they're not THERE yet; they have not actually even gotten started! And what could be more obvious than that? Just study the human species throughout all of its history, especially how they treat each other. Does any of that look SMART to you?

Most people, however, believe they are already ON such a path to "Smart Town", which is why nobody will make "extra effort" to even get started. If they already believe they are there - SMARTER than I was yesterday - then what's left for them to do? (note: they can't figure out the answer which is right in front of their little noses, so how "smart" can they actually be?)


While it is not absolutely true, it is very close to being correct, that the so-called controversy surrounding the two large concepts we call, "Science", and "Religion" (which of course are themselves huge ideas containing sub-ideas, each containing sub-sub-ideas, etc., in a similar way that our Universe contains galaxies, containing star-systems, containing planets, containing species {when they actually do}) doesn't even EXIST, but for the present-day inadequacy of language.

Yes, people everywhere think they are at odds, even talking about different things, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is just the left brain "experiencing" phenomena that the right brain can't talk about, and the right brain "experiencing" phenomena that the left brain can't talk about. And, what is "in the middle", is that center line of the path to "Smarter-than-I-was-yesterday" Town, which thus remains totally outside their capacity to Really Experience.

Consider the age-old argument (which is what it has certainly devolved into) that Science refutes the need for (any) God. The more the human mind grows and develops and learns to talk about its experiences, the less the human mind requires (any) God to fill in the gaps in understanding. Today one side is saying to the other: "I can sense and feel (and I call that, 'experience') something (which they suggest most vehemently is God), that you on the other side simply can NOT experience." While at the same time the other side is saying: "I can think and understand and verify through repeated experiments something that you on the other side simply can NOT understand."

Yet, it is also probable that the big QuestionMark in the room - like an invisible 800lb. ape on the sofa - is quite outside the physical senses, while the people standing around chit-chatting about the days of their lives do not possess the Intelligence that is the Awakened Mind capable of perceiving that which can never be physically perceived.

So, again, it's time to retrain your brain...

We are all One

Yeah right! As if.

That would be like saying, each of the currently living humans' conscious-part-of-the-brain are somehow intricately linked, into some kind of neural network (not perhaps unlike the neural network inside one brain of 100 billion neurons and trillions of synaptic connections), that, although any one particular person may not be aware of this interconnection, some thing (or some one?) may be.

Is that "thing" God?
Is that "thing" Life or the Life-force?
Is that "thing" Consciousness?

Hence, the wishy-washy "just-talk-for-the-sake-of-talk": We are all One.

Perhaps, those three (among many more) questions are merely distractions, that the conscious part of the brain - a mere node on that neural network - attempts to entertain itself with, by "producing" (which it does not actually DO - being "another topic entirely"), such diversions as, philosophy, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, religion, and a whole bunch of diverse off-shoots over the course of the last 6000 years or so.

Perhaps, there is an unknown reason why the conscious part of any (and all) brain distracts (MUST distract) itself this way, that only the global neural network can fully comprehend and appreciate. And only by comprehending what the global neural network comprehends, can any possibility of nodal intelligence be granted - at all.

Monday, March 25, 2013

So quoteth man...

People quote their scriptures and work-books and teaching-transcripts and all sorts of other second-hand sources, NOT because they imagine those words and pictures to be special in some way - though that's what they ALL say - BUT because they can't THINK on their own and QUOTE themselves.

Once a person starts Thinking and Quoting ONLY himself, he will never drop into those second-hand sources ever again, because they will now be seen to him as third-rate or worse, which is in fact what they are.

Before you start "thinking" (reacting) all this doesn't apply to you - "because I never do that!" (yeah, right dude!) - consider the last several days, weeks, even months, or YEARS! of talking and writing to yourself and other people, because nobody is immune to this strong mental tendency. Did you grab your little "bit" (the ideas "shared") from some Wikied Page, or some Googled Website, or some other hard-or-soft "source" (which most likely was 2nd, 3rd, or 13th-handed - you'll never know)? If you did, is that typical for you - try to be HONEST! - or is it extremely rare if ever? Think About It. (Someone is looking over your mind, so you can't fool THEM!)

All this quoting of other people is simply a form of "intellectual" (though quite low-level) "pushing", and those who have made a continual, long-term practice of it, are Pushers. Their agenda is to have the other guy - the listener, the reader, the poor sap - buy into it, and even believe it as strongly as the Pusher does, because then they will come back for more. Pushers always want people to come back for more - which simply means, to value their particular persuasions, to agree with their particular messages, and to (this being the "kicker") seriously believe the PUSHER is quite "intelligent" for having located and posted (and presumed by the unwary receivers, FULLY UNDERSTOOD) the other person's "bit".

The "thing" about Pushers - both the chemical variety, and the mental variety - is that the thing being PUSHED is so often - as to be considered ALWAYS - a bad, bad, very bad thing.

As for the chemical variety, anyone reading this has more than enough experience in life to understand this (badness) almost instantly, and if they don't it probably means they have BEEN pushed, and haven't kicked it yet, or worse, don't even want to because they (say they) "enjoy it too much", and more than likely take part in PUSHING to others (friends most often, but in the worst case strangers as well).

But, as for the mental variety being detailed below (and practically NOBODY gets this at all, let alone after reading this "bit" originated and posted by me and nobody else but me, since a: they've never heard such a concept before, anywhere, and so are skeptical of its value, and/or b: they can't deal with the intrinsic truth of the matters being presented... too close to "home"), the reason the mental variety is so bad, is that it takes the reader OFF THE HOOK, yet again, just as, probably, for decades or more by now of having to... here it comes... THINK FOR THEMSELVES and originate/create their OWN viewpoints regarding what is useful to say and think.

Quoters - whether or NOT they attribute their quotations of others, or whether or NOT they are simply re-re-retelling anecdotes they've rehearsed so many times before - are simply plagiarizers (of others as well as themselves), and when their "stuff" (mostly non-sense) is pushed onto others, especially friends but not limited to them, it is especially egregious once you SEE THIS for your self. The primary reason is that it gives the plagiarizer an "ultimate back door" or "fall back position". If the receivers LOVE the stuff, then they love you LOTS MORE for sharing it, and if the receives HATE the stuff, then you can always say.. "Hey, I didn't write it, I don't even buy it all. I just thought YOU SHOULD read it!" Even worse (what could be worse?!?) is that it is one of the best examples of a LAZY MIND (that's what!) and the longer such plagiarizers continue with their shoddy mental behaviors, the less possible it is for them to develop into an "Independent Thinker". A copy/paster maybe, an anecdotalizer maybe. But a THINKER - hardly!

"The Secret - enter at your own risk"

(the Shingle hanging outside this little Establishment)

If there is one thing that keeps ALL PEOPLE asleep to the reality that is all around them, it is the fact (not a theory, but an actual fact you can verify) that they can NOT control their "thought-process", and can just barely control -though only within narrow limits - the actual thoughts of which they sometimes become aware. Got that? Humans hear the end-of-a-process - always, the endings, on and on and on - but have no control over the PROCESS producing them.

As goes the PROCESS, so evaporates in words their tiny possibility for complete awakening in this lifetime. Continual babble, inside and outside, for all the world to hear, and shake their heads at, and wag their fingers at... while waiting, waiting, "Ah, there it is!"... for some verbal response to that babble they just became slightly aware of, and which must NOW be expressed!

This little establishment - in business now for over 15 years - has been about ONE THING ONLY: Stop Thought. If you must enter here, leave your thoughts outside. In here, is only silence, and you take on a Vow of Silence upon entering. It is possible to experience something, in the absence of one's continual internal mumbling, that can Grow and become Permanent - which some have labeled "Enlightenment" - characterized by the absence of thought-based-consciousness, revealing Consciousness-without-Thought.

You DO KNOW - yes? - that one can actually be conscious and aware without words; which would be similar to witnessing a horse race while astride the lead horse that has already left the field and taken flight far above the planet. (Whoa, a Winged Horse you say?)

The enduring effort to be more conscious, every moment, every moment - and aware of that which continues to trip you up, and get in your way, day after day - has absolutely NOTHING to do with thoughts about the world that you can Google, or Wiki, so as to impress your so-called "friends"... but as Groucho said, "I wouldn't join any group that would have me as a member." (however, it likely originated with John Galsworthy in 'The Forsyte Saga'; In Part I, Chapter II, 'Old Jolyon Goes to the Opera', it's said of Old Jolyon that, 'He naturally despised the Club that did take him', after another refused him because he was in a trade.)

See, I can do that shit too!

A Riff on Riffing

Or, "Man made it up!!!"

Why is it so very difficult to understand, that everything you've heard or read regarding the life of man - becoming a better man, an enlightened man, a more conscious, loving, civilized man - including the 3, the 7, the 10, or the 135 commandments, and the larger books of which they were most likely a central part, was, at the very core, made up by man. And, further, it was made up by the mind of man - and that man absolutely had a brain between his ears at the time it was made up.

His other vital organs did not make up these instructions, his mind made them up - not God, not the gods, not the trees, not the rivers, not the mountains, not the birds, not the bears, not angels, not devils, not demons, and not insects -the mind of man made it all up, just like the mind of man (who, remember, had a brain between his ears at the time it was made up) made up children's stories, fantasy stories, myths, legends, religions, philosophies, all attempting to explain, shed some light upon, and make reason of his life on this planet, and to elevate one group of stories above another group, is simply to miss the point - it was all made up.

Now - pretending for the moment that any of that actually "made some sense" -what do you imagine the brain, in direct connection with language (they being partners in the business of Life after all) is talking about - virtually all the time - at the core of all this talking?

Language is forever and continually wiring, rewiring and re-rewiring the brain's neural map with one "goal": to transfer electrical energy into higher parts of the nervous system - the brain itself - especially where conscious thought occurs, in a kind of "self-preservation" activity. After all, if the body dies, language ceases for all time in that container, and extrapolated far enough, if all human bodies were to die - in some cataclysmic war or other environmental calamity - language would have nowhere to live.

Humans are able to get along - at least enough to keep from killing each other and stealing all their neighbors "property" (livestock, food stocks, family members) - necessary for the growth and cohesiveness of the larger group, because ONE GUY had the foresight/insight to make up a law, and state it OUT LOUD in WORDS (giving it the necessary gravitas such that it be taken "seriously"). He didn't just say, "you should love your neighbor as yourself", though he may have and it might have gone over like a lead balloon, so... he revised it and said, "I SAY UNTO YOU: you should love your neighbor as yourself". And, to add even further gravitas to his realization, he might have revised that to, "GOD SAYS UNTO YOU (oh, by the way, I saw him and he told me to tell you this): you should love your neighbor as yourself". And, in case he noted some resistance on their part to do this, he might have added: "And if you fail at this, you will be damned and go to hell, a very bad, bad, superbad place."

ps- remember, this was just a riff, off the cuff, and the story can be told countless ways, but now you've read it, so it's up to you to write the next version, "I say unto you."

Babble On

Human conversation as we know it today - in your own head, with yourself, and with others - is the "dumbing down" of America, and the rest of the world. People only talk about thoughts, never about thinking.

In the case of ordinary physical matters, fixing cars, building houses, programming computers, talking only about thoughts might appear to lead to some progress - faster, more efficient cars; bigger, more energy-efficient houses; larger, more feature-rich operating systems - and people *seem* to acquire more knowledge, more facts, more figures, and they *appear* to be smarter; but regarding internal intangible matters, talking only about thoughts keeps them exactly where they were, or even worse off, in a deeper state of delusion, believing it is the *thoughts* themselves that matter, when it actual fact it is their *thinking* (or extreme lack of it) that does.

Babbling on and on and on, minute by minute, hour after hour, days turning into years, with never so much as a let-up, or even feeling that something just might be amiss.

Talking about thoughts - ideas, concepts - is NOT thinking. It's the absence of thinking.

So, what did you Google today? (Code words for, "He really didn't want to THINK, so he copy/pasted what somebody else wrote.)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pennies on the ground, or Dollars in the trees?

As I look around and listen up to all the noise passing for conversation on this planet, it is perfectly clear that people are settling for old, used, and dirty pennies on the ground, while missing all the clean, crisp and new DOLLARS of high denomination in the trees.

This is not so surprising, because the noise (passing for conversation) is EVERYWHERE! You simply can't escape it, it's all around. And even if you imagine you can escape it - and unplug all your electronics, and move to the mountains - that thought-factory between your ears churns out just as much or more than the little bit you might have imagined you escaped! So, NO ESCAPE FOR YOU!

Thus, it is no wonder people settle for small handfuls of old, dirty pennies because - and here comes the clue for the night - it's CLOSER to their eyeballs (only a couple feet, if that, away - often just inches), and so easier to "see" and identify as "at least some value", so they grasp, clutch and pocket, with a bit of a smile on, as though they actually got something of value. What a joke a) that is, and b) they are for thinking that.

Small handfuls of pennies don't go very far - perhaps a small coffee at McD's, or a candy bar at the drugstore - but leaving all those high denomination dollars for the SMARTER BIRDS out there who actually CAN SEE THEM, CLEARLY, should result in a moment or many of Real Shame, if they ever discover their error.

People don't look UP, they can't SEE where the real value is, and even if someone catches a glimpse of something, "up there", before they gather their senses to the degree necessary to reach out... well, you know... it's already gone.

There is a valuable trick to all this, but you don't know what it is, you can't know what it is because it would be like shedding your human skin and GROWING A PAIR... (of you know what, right? you considered it last time you were here, right?)

So, let me ask you, what would you do THEN, after growing a pair considering that all that GREAT VALUE just outside your sight, your hearing, and your reach, was nevertheless obtainable, but for the fact that you still haven't "taken flight".

The rest is up to you and no one else. Fail at this and you have no one to blame, no one to criticize, no one to condemn, just a sheepish grin on your face, which is turning ever pinker even as I refer to it here yet again.

Observation on three levels

It is literally impossible to understand anything about this world, this planet, this species we identify with, and the energy/matter/light substratum/superstratum that imbues all of it - top to bottom, bottom to top, through and through and through - with the mass, weight, and luminescence that makes Observation even possible.

Observation must occur on three levels, at once - as above, as below, as in the middle, at once - to SEE a thing AS itself. So, rather than concentrating on bad/wrong/incorrect governments, political systems, religious institutions, conspiracy theories, creation myths, etc., as the source of mankind's "problem" here, one (who truly desires to become ONE) must expand their horizons to include the smaller, and the much smaller, as well as the larger, and the much larger, and attempt to SEE ALL, at once. It can be done, and it can be talked about, though few if any are even capable or beginning, let alone continuing.

That is, if you can grasp this, all that we experience of ourselves, of the rest of organic life on Earth, of the solar system and larger, AS WELL AS our insides, the insides of our insides, and the insides of our insides and their insides, is due in large part to a three pound lump of gray matter we euphemistically call, "my brain", or even - to stretch this point - "My Mind".

One can understand nothing at all, and might as well just realize once and for all time that one truly knows NOTHING AT ALL - and then be done with all the wondering, conjecturing and theorizing about stuff that can't be known, as it is only making one's life uneasy and more stressful as the days fly by, faster and faster each day.

Compared to what people "think" they "know" about Humanity, and all of its "human issues", they know almost nothing about the world below them, and even less about the world above them. That is, all they "know" is of themselves: they "know" pain, hunger, stress, confusion, etc., but of all that, they still know almost nothing at all. YET, humans everywhere have opinions and theories and conjectures about everything they "think" exists, and are happy to tell them to anyone even before asked.

Angel in a Man suit, or Human in a Clown suit?

There are two camps, at virtually opposite ends of the thought-spectrum some might call, "The Higher Quest" (which, as you should know just about covers it).

Those, who upon hearing the insulting question above automatically react with something similar to, "Me, a Clown? How dare you!... I, of course, am an Angel of the highest order, here on Earth to spread the Love." (which response, of course, puts them instantly into the second (Clown) camp, though they could never see that);

AND, Those who already realize with a capital "R" the validity and reality of the second camp, so keep their thoughts at bay and their mouths shut, though perhaps with a gleam in their eye, and a barely perceptible to others upturned corner of their smiling mouth.

A turn of the screw - Laziness in all centers

Life, in general has been pushing - through men (out there in the media, including books, magazines, cable TV shows, sports stores and exercise parlors everywhere - the idea that Laziness of the Physical Center (they call it, the body) is not a good thing, in fact, too much of it can - they suggest - lead to obesity, heart problems, and many other life-shortening maladies. And, there is wide acceptance of the idea. Why? Because Life ItSelf wants people to AT LEAST live as long as the short lifespan they've each been awarded (not by grace, or by good deeds in a prior lifetime, but by good genes from their parents - i.e., genes that made it to the spawning womb on time, and then popped out on time). But that is where it ends. "Exercise the Body! Now! Or else!"

But, as for the idea of Laziness in the Emotional Center and Intellectual Center, most humans will have none of it! In fact, exercising the emotions and the intellect is generally given very short-shrift by everyone - "Why bother? My emotions are just fine, thank you very much. And my mind is also just fine, so there!"

Next time you hear a thought in your head fire off something like, "I've gotten nothing to say," or "I don't have time," or whatever lie you like to tell yourself when asked... (here comes the turning of the screw) "What are you going to WRITE to your ONLY public venue where you can literally EXERCISE the highest aspects of your Emotional and Intellectual centers?" (a thought, by the way, that should recur for you at least daily, such that eventually if not much sooner is actually FELT as a strong emotion, or strong DESIRE to do it).

Do note, that the EFFORT to PRODUCE absolutely DOES require that both centers function with the finest, subtlest, cleanest, and most potent fuel you can feed them to even turn them ON, let alone keep them running without sputtering, spitting, choking, and dying at the curb like that old, rusting jalopy you drive (on regular fuel).

Food for thought

There is more "food for thought" to be mined in just the one topic, "human conversation", than in all other so-called "spiritual teachings" combined.

For example, why do you keep reading and posting to these "spiritually-based" email lists, and in some bizarro cases, MULTIPLE times per day to the great consternation of many, day after day after day? It is not for you to determine why others do it, or don't do it, or do or don't "do it" correctly in your view, but only why it is that YOU DO IT.

The primary, and secondary, and tertiary, and so on, reason why everybody engages, willy nilly, in "human conservation", is that it gives them another opportunity to experience between their own ears, the "sensation of agreement" so that they can then "think 'alike'", or the "sensation of disagreement" so that they can then "think 'differently'". Both, are nothing at all - you can't think LIKE or DIFFERENTLY anyone else, or any thought, if you can't, FIRST, THINK without quotation marks.

Ordinary "thinking", is not THINKING, it is reacting from mechanically-recalled and organized - by various built-in language paradigms - previously stored memory tapes.

The first time you EVER heard/read anything about Zen, or Taoism, or Fourthway, or Christianity, whatever, you EITHER agreed with all you read, or disagreed with all you read, or waffled like the general status-quo does who doesn't really know/understand enough already to make a qualified judgment. But you still haven't learned to Think without quotes, until you can get to the bottom of the question, "Why is it, that YOU continually engage in conversations about so-called 'spiritually-based', so-called 'higher' matters?"

Now, don't suggest something like,
--"I know why, and if you press me, I'll TELL you why.", or
--"Human conversation, just 'occurs', because, that's why - it just does.", or
--"Conversation about these matters, is really the ONLY WAY for one person to find out, work out, figure out, what these matters are all about, after all.", etc.

Because you don't know why you continue to do it, except that you suggest to others that you enjoy it. To actually know WHY, would require THINKING without quotation marks.

In this regard, for those who would care to know:
The only 'method' is, get to the bottom of your OWN "thinking" in you.
The only 'practice' is, Think more than you have to, more than you CAN, about everything, especially, what's going on with your OWN "thinking".

And, of course, if you think THIS was a cheap shot at ordinary conversation on email lists - its "life's blood" - or that it doesn't even apply to you because you are not a "regular", then the question never asked but should be - with even more to be discovered when you get to the bottom of it - is "Why do you talk to yourself?"

Which end is up?

You don't **control** your thinking.
You don't make your thoughts happen the same way you make your arm move to your keyboard, pull the keyboard toward you, lay hands upon that keyboard, and then wait for the something-or-other to move your fingers across the keys.

That is, you don't **control** your thinking.
Your thinking controls you.
And your emotions control your thoughts.
And your body controls your emotions.

And you believe all that crap you think about, talk about, write about amounts to anything? Riiiiight.

Until you get to the BOTTOM of your thinking, so that there is an active, conscious, awakened OPERATOR of the machine, it is just a machine running automatically with no operator, kind of like a wind-up toy, and when the fuel runs out, it falls over in a lump of lifeless matter.

When there is an active, conscious, awakened OPERATOR, only then can you AGREE with everyone's point of view, and never even feel the need to argue, contradict, change their mind or otherwise. Then, you can let the world BE, and then you can OBSERVE.

OBSERVATION is the beginning of time travel for those who might not already realize this.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The big fallacy

"I've had all these really big, and might I add, important experiences, enlightening experiences, and I really want to ALERT other people to them, WAKE people up to them, SHAKE them out of their sleep!"

The big fallacy.

That's not what's going on at all, that's just how in their own confusion they describe something they can't express (NOT something that can't BE expressed, but something THEY can't express). Different people have different ways of describing their, to them, "transcendent experiences", and some fall back on the language of religion, or a certain religion, or some mystical or philosophical system they learned a long time ago, but when they are pushed to answer: "Ok, all right, how is that working for you?" they will often readily admit - if they have not lost the ability to be honest with their self - "Well, not so good actually. Why bother at all?"

The big fallacy.

Where did they ever get the idea that it was their need, wish, responsibility to convey their internal world of thoughts to the rest of the world of people? What if this is a distraction, or worse, a waste of time, to attempt such as that? A distraction the ordinary sleeping mind plays on itself, to keep it from ever realizing what it's up to, so that it can continue operating in the same distracted and disjointed way it always operates, while "you" - the "experiencer" - remain quite asleep by design, all those "big enlightening experiences" notwithstanding.

Perhaps it would be more profitable to discover how it is, that one is compelled to tell others about these apparently internal experiences yet continually fail, and further, how it is that the more you talk about them the less people are interested. Maybe something is amiss here, in you (not out there in others), that you continually fail, and perhaps you don't really understand what's going on in you at all.

**There is nothing in the life of man
that can not be expressed - NOTHING -
except by those that can't yet do it.**

"Nah!! Couldn't be!!"

Simply and much more directly put: people do NOT need to hear your stories, anecdotes, personal recollections of past enlightenments and other sundry predicaments... what they ALL NEED is to discover for themselves how to Realize and Actualize the statement wrapped in stars **above**.

Rare Bird

It's the rare bird that would come down from out its tree of leaves, and safety, to drop down to street level, navigating houses, electric wires, smaller trees and bushes and people and automobile traffic, and all sorts of other accidentally occurring obstructions, in order to retrieve some tasty tidbit kindly left by a child intent upon feeding all the birds down there, and NOT GET IT! (Birds are almost always intently focused upon their goal - especially such tasty tidbits - and rarely if ever get distracted away from it, by the dirt, leaves and gravel all around.)

However, it's the rare human that would come down from out his cloud of confusion, and self-love, to drop out of his "yeas", "nays", "agreements" and "disagreements", "arguments" and "self-calming", and all sorts of other accidentally arising thought bubbles, in order to retrieve some tasty tidbit thoughtfully prepared by someone intent upon feeding all the people out there, and GET IT! (Humans are almost never intently focused upon anything - even golden pearls of tasty wisdom - but usually become distracted away from it, by the words, punctuations and grammars all around.)

Birds ALWAYS succeed, whereas Humans RARELY do.

What's all the fascination with facts?

You do know, surely, that facts - so-called information, whether proved or otherwise (since most people call information that at least somebody believes is true, to be facts... but they aren't of course!) - are only "important" to personality, what some call, ego, but in any case it's the lowest level of it. "Facts" are what allow personality to fill out forms, create shopping lists, carry on ordinary conversations with friends, family, work-mates and others.

But, "facts" are in no way necessary to those on, let's just call it, a higher quest. The Higher Quest is not for thought-centric information, but energy-centric illumination, and there is a subtle, though awesome when seen clearly, distinction between information and illumination.

Ordinary information does not - EVER - illuminate, but only confuse. Here, is being used the following distinction: Illuminate can be used not only in the literal (physical) sense, to "make light", but also in the metaphorical (abstract) sense of "make clear" as in, "he attended an illuminating lecture which helped him understand Einstein's theories." So, in this case the opposite would be "confusing".

Facts do not illuminate, they confuse, and so long as someone doesn't readily SEE THAT CLEARLY, they still don't see it at all, or see it as something else, thus remaining confused as ever.

Content is what the ordinary mind deals in, one hundred percent of the time it is active. PROCESS is what consciousness observes, one hundred percent of the time it is active.

THAT is the Higher Quest of the Higher Guest who SEES CLEARLY who he is, and where he is, and why he is, THERE. NOW. ALWAYS.

Hey, I "love" facts as much as the next guy: movie reviews, book reviews, webpage reviews, people reviews, reviews of reviews and all the critiques of all those glowing and not-so-glowing reviews, but REALLY! Doesn't there come a point above which even the next guy discovers all of it only feeds his lower personality with coarse (at best) energies, and NOT EVEN CLOSE his probably as yet unrealized or  even experienced higher energies - notwithstanding all his protestations and claims otherwise - which in this piece is being termed Higher Quest.

Yes, it is a Quest for Higher energies that remains, always and everywhere, just outside one's reach, above the line of sight and sound where the pitifully few (after all these years!) and still wandering, starving neurons of his "better nature" beg for crumbs from you.

ps - there were, in this ad hoc performance, as usual, no "facts" pushed or pulled, supported or denied, claimed or refuted, in the PROCESS of its timely production... can you say (think) the same in your reading of it...? Hmmmm.

Peaks and valleys

Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, there is somebody bragging about their "successes" or complaining about their "failures". Never do they entertain even the possibility, that their bragging/complaining is the prison from which they are trying to escape.

So-called "peak experiences" are nothing more than the reverie of a 14-year old masturbator in the bathroom, jacking off to some imaginary hottie in his head. NO BIG DEAL. ANYONE CAN DO THAT. Jeez!

This phony idea that if you are not screaming about your "successes" from the rooftops, then that indicates you've had no such "successes", is not only short-sighted, and simple-minded, it is just stupidity on the hoof running away with itself. Everywhere you look - if you just open your eyes and wipe the sleep from them - are SCREAMERS, who actually get angry or pissed if you don't value them as highly as THEY value themselves!

Anyone who has truly experienced something real, would never climb into the pit and brag about it to those still apparently in the pit, those who scream "Otherwise!" notwithstanding. Just because they do, way too often, and way too loudly, only proves they've experienced nothing much more than a minor - a MINOR - brain orgasm. NO BIG DEAL. ANYONE CAN DO THAT. Jeez!

Full enlightenment is not a temporary thing.
Full awakening is not a temporary thing.
And, NO, your father can't beat up my father either!

What ARE you?

What is filtering now through the body of Life, is the energy behind man-the-form. It's no longer a question of who you are. You must now see what you are. And what you are, is not a thing but a process. A process that can be seen and understood, a process that can be physically expanded and continued.

What has previously been called the domain of the gods, realizations of one's potential, enlightenment - whatever - lies within your own nervous system. It is, and has always been, the unactivated area above the current level of consciousness. That is the reality behind enlightenment; it's the extension of your own nervous system into previously unused, unactivated areas.

Man is not separate from the gods in the way that religions have always described; he is not separated from sanity or perfection, and has no bad habits other than the habit of being "I". The organism that is man is not a stable mass, it is not a thing but a process. A magnetic field within a living grid.

There's a freight train coming down the line...

The only "problem" with that - for a few; for the rest, NO PROBLEMA - is that you are in the caboose, you were born in that caboose, and in that caboose you will die, but there are no doors and no windows in that caboose, just a lot of noise, a lot of movement and the apparent promise of a destination that never comes, due to the pinhole cracks in the walls that give a sense of passing scenery, passing time.

You may even believe you've SEEN the destination, ARRIVED at the destination, WALKED AROUND at the destination a couple three times, but alas, probably not, really. Probably, you've just seen some of the more interesting, to you, scenery that inevitably passes by you and everyone, as you continually look out your pinholes - especially those two big ones in front of you - trying to figure out what's going on. (Fact is, had you SEEN, ARRIVED, WALKED AROUND, then why are you still on board this clickety-clack freight train!?!)

There is nothing special in any of that - at least you've got seven billion, or so, caboose-mates to talk to. But there is a secret, and it's in that caboose with you, could you but discover it, uncover it, get inside it, go through it, because it is a "secret door" that not only transports you up to the engine car, but onto the cow-catcher in front of the engine car. And once on the cow-catcher - like Leo DiCaprio in Titanic - you're the King of the WORLD!!!

"So... what's so *special* about that?"
Good question.

For one thing, getting out in front of the freight train, you are no longer subject to the noise, the smell, the movement, the irritation, the utter and almost total frustration and confusion that goes along with being born into - with no possible egress - the caboose.

What do you think (with all you "know" about This Thing called Life) that freight train actually is? Here's a hint:
First, you must "get really small", 
then you can pass through anything, 
even "prison train caboose cars".

Way-homers, and (it's a) BINGO!

Any idea - of value, substance, potency (particularly about these "higher ideas" of which we speak) - when conveyed to another who's never heard them before, will Always be, at least for a while, sometimes a very long while, a "way homer". But when someone finally "GETS IT!" and exclaims, "Now, THAT's a BINGO!" they've gotten it - well, at least a finger-hold if not a little more - and won't need to be tripped up on that milestone any longer. Such conscious realizations can then be verbalized. It's mathematical, because such "transference of language" is what neurons DO!

As long as your supposed realizations can't be verbalized, clearly enough to yourself that you are able to say something like, "I've said precisely what I wanted to say, as clearly as I could now say it," you still haven't truly "GOTTEN IT!" - that is, you're still on the way home, roaming around the back roads looking for sign posts, and reference points, which you can't SEE 'cause there aren't any! "Getting" something, is clarifying to one's understanding of things, and such "transference of language" is meant to do just that. CLARIFY.

For example, a "policeman" (a metaphor) stops you (in your thought tracks) and asks: "Who ARE you?" Momentarily, you are quite stunned at the abruptness of the inquiry/statement (and yes, Ginny, it IS a statement too; a recognition that you do NOT already KNOW who you are.) "Who, ME?!?" Now, if you have to "look at your Driver's License" (in your head, silly. IN YOUR HEAD!) then you are still "on the way home." Oh yeah, the answer to the first question herein posed, should be utterly OBVIOUS, as is the nose on your face, at least to the few wandering neurons up there who see clearly without thought.

By the way, there are countless questions (statements) that can be posed to you and everyone, where your understanding simply does not yet penetrate, where the issues for you are still quite unresolved, and they find you - as usual - scratching your head in wonderment. Like an inside joke, that you keep hearing, seeing everywhere, but have absolutely NO CLUE what is being referenced. It goes right over your head! And you know it! THAT, in itself, should (well, sometimes does) stimulate a desire to make more "effort", though, what kind, what intensity, what frequency, may still escape you.

There really is no "solution" to any of this, as there is no "problem to be solved", except to expand your UNDERSTANDING of the simple little word, MEMORY, which as you should know by now, is NOT what ordinary consciousness in ordinary humans think it is... not by a long shot!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Independents

People everywhere are always trying to "get on the same page" with other people - which amounts to the belief that, at least they know what you are talking about... but, as everyone knows - really - NOBODY can get onto the same page with others, because of that built-in feature called, "finding fault". Though it is an extremely useful feature, in its proper setting, for getting onto and staying on the same page with others, not so much!

One perhaps interesting thing to note about all this, is that it is ONLY the Independents who can get onto the same page with EVERYONE. They can just nod their heads ("yeah sure, I get that,") and allow the others to say whatever they want, have any opinion or belief they want ("hey, it's no skin off my nose what others believe - so it's easier to just agree with EVERYONE!")

Try it, next time you are in some "difficult conversational setting". You might even quite like it - LOTS! (I know I do!)

On the same page... as if!

People everywhere are always trying to "get on the same page" with other people - which amounts to the belief that, at least they know what you are talking about, even if they don't necessarily agree fully with you. But, the attempt to get in-sync, mentally, seems to be of great importance, certainly when compared to the opposite position a few people have, that they couldn't care less about that. You know, those who in one way or the other become one of the many "always contrary", who may "seem" (to themselves) to know more, or know better than other people, but in reality they have simply fallen into one side, or the other side, of the big old TRAP OF BELIEF.

Ordinary people, routine, common, standard-issue humans, with their ordinary consciousness running their lives, need to feel they are part of something larger, mentally, than themselves (their own minuscule mind), and when it comes to spiritual pursuits, this inevitably means, JOINING something, some cause, some school, some group, some teaching, and being told in detail - with books to support what they are being told - what to think and do, and then to learn to speak like they have gotten it, to "have the jargon down pat". Open confusion for too long is a death knell, and overcoming this confusion is the most important endeavor for a long time.

Independent people, even with their ordinary consciousness running their lives, don't need to feel they are part of anything at all, but only to know the truth of what they seek for themselves.

This characteristic difference between people, has nothing to do with upbringing, education, race, gender, but everything to do with consciousness. Ordinary, waking/walking consciousness, feels separate from all things, and needs to overcome the feelings of separation that results from that, and so many people look for spiritual solutions to their perceived problem.

Of course, there is nothing wrong here - they (ordinary consciousness, ordinary thought) just think that there is, and it's that same ordinary thinking that tells them what they must do about it. But, there never was anything wrong.

Independent people, having never needed to deal with such simplistic "problems", already understand deeply - perhaps it's genetic, or a mutation in their genetics - that there are no "individuals", there is only Life. There is no separation going on anywhere, and wasting a lifetime trying to become part of something "larger than themselves" is pointless, as is trying to get others to get on the same page with you, or you to get on their page - while it may seem like a worthwhile "aim" (in lowercase), if only to the other people, the Independents know, really, that it will never happen - it's not supposed to happen. The real worthwhile AIM (in uppercase) is to remain Independent.

Better to broaden your already partially broadened horizons - learn to SEE more, HEAR more, THINK more about what's going on - and to absolutely FORGET about other people; they don't exist, really, except as fungible "placeholders" anyway (just like you ;^)

"The malady"

There is a particular form of self-abuse, where a person continually picks at his skin, sometimes with pointy, or sharp-edged objects, resulting in the obvious - scratches, pricks, cuts, and bleeding, aaaah, the bleeding. (Side note: this is a modern-day malady often afflicting the young - often girls, sometimes boys, though boys have a particular version all their own, not discussed here.)

You see, it's not the poking and cutting that is the aim of these particular unfortunates, it's the bleeding that they so get off on.

If you saw a person with scabs all over his arms and legs, and you knew something about this malady, you'd probably want to do something about it - right? Tell them to get help, to see somebody, talk them out of doing that, and if they refused, you might even want to get pushy, but if they don't want your help, you'd probably have to give up - right? It's a free country, and if a person wants to bleed to death, from the "death of a thousand self-inflicted cuts", then it's their right - self-abuse, aaaah, the way of the fakir.

But, if this was the end of it - which it is for most ordinary humans (having never read this post, and wouldn't understand it or agree with it even if they did) - that would be one thing, but there is another area where the exact same malady occurs, but because it's hidden, and no one can see or understand its effects, nearly everybody on the planet - at this point in their "career" as humans - suffers from it.

If you aren't immediately smiling (or smirking?) with recognition, as to where - precisely - this next paragraph is going, then you won't understand it, or agree with it, even after you read it.

Language is a tool, and Life has honed that tool to a million sharp and pointy edges that mankind, from the age of about 3 - when language (words, those sharp and pointy things) became resident inside his cranium - till the present day, driven by Life Itself, wields about quite indiscriminately inside his neural cavity, slashing and sticking and poking and cutting and, like a surgeon in an operating theatre crazed on PCP, bleeds it's victims, in exactly the same way bodily self-abusers, described in the first paragraph, bleed themselves.

The AIM is the "blood", in both cases, and whereas it is red, gooey, and chemical - and even called >>blood<< - when applied to physicality, it's yellow, foggy, and electrical when applied to mentality, where it's called >>thoughts<<.

Humans are being purposely bled - to death - by Life, for purposes unknown to them, through the indiscriminate use of language inside their own craniums, and ONLY when a person learns (some how, some way) to control the flow, to control the knife, can they stop their own demise before their time.

Those who can not, are those billions of blithering idiots, called normal human beings engaged, quite unWILLingly in telling their own "stories" from morning till night for no one, and the Grand Cultivator - Life Itself - is the only victor.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Language, the best and most potent drug

What if it could be personally verified, that language only needs to be employed to Awaken, become Enlightened, Liberate the mind, reach Nirvana? What if certain combinations of words could be thought, even uttered, that carried what has for centuries been termed, the Secret, and when the Secret was Heard, Awakening would result. Hearing The Secret is the best and most potent drug (scarcely) known to man, but all the others (who don't know about it) who only suspect it, still BELIEVE hearing "The Secret" - some imaginary something they can't grasp in any case - is the best and most potent precursor to Awaken.

If this could be verified by someone, he would no longer practice any method that involved other than thinking, thought, using thought, in a way that, perforce, would be extremely personal, and non-communicable, in the same way that you could not actually give to another person, the neuropeptide and serotonin soup that occurs in your own brain when you were thinking in this way - i.e., the drug, or "pill".

Yes, there is a "pill" referred to by such stories as, The Sly Man, but it has a meaning few - if any - actually comprehend. Supposedly, the sly man knows about a "pill" which contains all the substances that are needed for spiritual manifestations. On the first three ways, a great deal of work is employed to create these substances, but the sly man knows how to make the pill, which he swallows, introducing the needed substances directly into his organism without unnecessary struggles.

It is this last sentence above, where the confusion arises in most everyone who even knows about it, and very few even do know about it. No such pill is "swallowed". It is manufactured internally, by a means that could be called, just-in-time production, in a process of off-the-shelf manufacturing. Nothing new can, nor is necessary to be introduced into the system; everything is already there for the production of this "pill", but the Conscious Will to Hear The Secret.

Intelligently Spiritual - or, is that an oxymoron?

It has always seemed rather strange how it is that so many people can CLAIM to know what is actually going on "out there" (gods, devils, ghosts, conspiracies, esp, magic, aliens, heavens, hells, etc.), without having even a clue as to what is going on "in here". Apparently they don't realize - directly - that the only way one can know anything about the world-at-large (the planet, life on this planet, the solar system, the universe, other universes, quantum worlds), is to know quite a bit about the world-in-small (their head-space, which without that what more is there to talk about, really?).

It does seem, as someone once said, that the less intelligence people have, the more spiritual they are; they seem to fill all the vacant, ignorant spaces in their heads with soul. On the other hand, the more intelligence one has, the less they can be taken in by the bombastic silliness and bullshit the rest of Humanity loves to wallow around in, day-in and day-out for their entire, quite shallow lives.

Watch HOW you think - process versus content

People are made to view the reporting of popular current events, in this all-electronic, internet-all-the-time age, as an opportunity to pick a side, become identified with one side or the other. It's like a continual worldwide falling-out-of-bed - BONK! - and then later wondering "Wha' happened?!"

But someone trying to awaken, to expand their own consciousness, can view it as Life continuously reminding you - like an ever-increasing barrage of infotainment over-stimulation - to watch HOW you think.

A few years ago, the city of Boston was hit by a Cartoon Network publicity ad-campaign consisting of light-boxes placed at several locations in the city like physical viral videos to announce an upcoming movie. ( ) Hearing about the story, the government over-reacted out of fear, which they call duty, thereby stifling their potential higher-intelligence actions. The light-boxes were merely toys that light-up, nothing more, and practically any 13-year old could have cleared up the matter in minutes had one actually been asked for his opinion, but within 24 hours later, the Boston governmental agencies were both very embarrassed, and to "save-face", angry to the point of blaming, damning, and prosecuting. It's obvious how the status-quo thinks. Kind of like falling-out-of-bed - BONK! - and then later wondering "Wha' happened?!"

Is it equally obvious how you think?
Some certainly think so, how about you?

One can watch their thoughts in transit, shifting from one side to another - dragging attention along with it - many times a second, perhaps tens of thousands of times a second at the neuronal level, though that would be hard for one to verify without extremely sensitive electronic equipment. All of this, for the purpose of completing an electrical circuit, which is Life ITSELF Alive, circumnavigating the planet billions of times a second, an electromagnetic field of energy into which every human is right now connected at and by the nervous system.

When the connection is terminated, some "believe" their "consciousness of self" continues, while others know otherwise. The two sides can never in a million years SEE eye-to-eye, and are the two ends of the Life-Sized Neural-Circuit, can you but FEEL... SENSE... the MUSIC. Like an organic global musical instrument playing harmonies to the solar systems' rhythm section.


People are much too, let's say, fascinated by all the (so-called) "weird, strange, odd and curious" things going on out there (or said to be going on by other people, most having no direct personal experience of any of it, but only BELIEVE them to be occurring), while at the same time (amazingly, AMAZINGLY) they are much too, let's say, DIS-interested by all the (actually) "weird, strange, odd and curious" things going on INSIDE THEMSELVES - particularly behind&between their eyes&ears - that, even though they have actually, personally "experienced" all of them, every one, every day, don't understand any of it at all, NADA, and are not even curious about that!

Do you get the "setup?" Too unreasoningly fascinated, or interested, or curious by the goings-on "out there", and not even close to being rightfully fascinated, or interested, or curious by the goings-on "in here".

This chasm exists in everyone (you can feel it - and, amazingly perhaps, it can be SEEN and HEARD by those who CAN), and for a very good reason: Life needs sleeping people in order to actualize it's Aims and Goals on this planet, and "sleep", in this context means, being overly focused (usually to the exclusion of all else) upon the external world of stuff, and hardly focused at all (if at all) upon one's own internal world. Let's call that: "Looking but not SEEING; Listening but not HEARING."

Once this balance shifts in the few - and strangely, it is only in "the few", never the many - one can rightfully be considered to be, "on the way". To what, always remains quite unknown, but the closer one comes to SEEING and HEARING, the easier it is to ride the Center path at the Crest of the Wave of Reality (like a Super-Surfer), and not be pulled off or out of the wave, into ordinary "believing" and/or "not-believing" EVERYTHING.

"EVERYTHING", is this context, is simply the (sand, shells, seaweed and other debris on the) shore that doesn't even exist yet (you do "get that", right?). As long as the RIDE is still occurring by the ONE WHO IS RIDING IT, there's simply no need for it... yet... well, until you "make it so", and right then you know exactly what the shore represents in this context: "Wiping Out", sometimes horribly, sometimes not so much, but it is on the shore that Death and Dissolution occurs for everyone eventually, NEVER at the Center (eternal) path at the Crest of the Wave of Reality.

Thought experiment for those perhaps falling behind on this one: "Global Warming: do you believe it is occurring and accelerating due to mankind's presence here, or do you NOT buy it for a second?" Or, "God: do you believe there is an external outside agency, or do you NOT buy it for a second?" Or, "Evolution: do you believe we are descended from apes, or do you NOT buy it for a second?" If you picked any side, or are (still) inclined to pick any side, any one at all, you're falling behind. If you are, however, STILL RIDING THE CREST, then you are letting the rest of humankind struggle with these inane issues (lacking real significance to the higher aims of which the few are interested - being rightfully fascinated, or interested, or curious by the goings-on "in here"), back-and-forth, back-and-forth, till they're all quite "blue in the face" (alluding to the bluish skin color resulting from lack of oxygen, which presumably might result from talking until one was breathless, and taken to the extremes humankind generally takes these kinds of things, means DEATH!)

**The King:

Learn to SURF!
(A corrupted version of the Hawaiian "kupaianaha," which means "fantastic," and any other synonym of "wonderful" you care to choose.)

Talk about "stuff"

Talk comes either from external information already there, or internal new information not yet there. Talk is a bridge between the "out there" and the "in here". Where are you?

Perhaps this requires a little bit of explanation - perhaps not?

When people talk - either to themselves or to others, it makes no difference - they are either talking about "stuff" perceived by their five very limited senses, or they are talking about "stuff" not perceived at all by the senses, but by the mind itself, thoughts about the operations of the brain.

When people talk about religion, politics, science, art, entertainment - particularly about how they perceive the "goings on" out there and their "thoughts and feelings" about that stuff - their talk comes from external information already there. They are in effect reporting Old Information already out there. That is, anyone out there could produce a similar report, and most likely does.

When people talk about everything else - particularly about the processes occurring internally, in the brain, in their thoughts and feelings and senses - their talk comes from internal information that is not already there. They are in effect attempting to discover New Information. That is, nobody out there could produce this New Information about you, but you, period.

Talk about "oneself"

It is not surprising that people can not "talk about themselves" at all, in one particular sense (their own inner functioning, HOW they think and feel and perceive, that is PROCESS the world), while at the same time can "talk about themselves" often and at length with almost anyone, in another particular sense (likes, dislikes, loves, hatreds, interests, disinterests about OBJECTS in the world). But this situation is so very revealing that it is surprising that people miss it. Even when it is pointed out to them, they usually miss it, and if it is pointed out again, they usually become quite negative. That point - becoming negative - is not surprising AT ALL!

The first sense has nothing whatsoever to do with the objects of the second sense, and the second sense has nothing whatsoever to do with the processes of the first sense.

Consider this: It is always quite surprising that a person, who has at least reached the age of majority, can spend a whole day - a WHOLE DAY, you know, from rising up and out of bed, until flopping back down into it, 12-16 or more hours out there in the world of other "walking-around zombies" just like themselves - TRAPPED (with almost no possibility of escape) inside a brain that senses no pain, hears no sound, sees no light, tastes no flavors, feels no objects - yet has NOTHING to say about their most recent "day in hell" (that is, their internal processing of that day) when asked.

Person A: "Hi, how ya doin? How did your day go for ya?"
Person B: "Oh, ok I guess; same old same old... how about you?"
Person A: "No, really, I want to know what's going on in there."
Person B: generally nothing will be reported, but a quick "change of subject" in order to discuss external objects and events.

This exchange occurs thousands or more times for everyone, yet the occasions where Person B actually has some meaningful, substantial, even quite important realizations to report number in the very few if that. But don't despair, same goes for yourself in your attempts to inquire into your own functioning ("Self, how goes it?"... and then, you know how it goes... NOTHING!), so that is precisely why none of this is surprising.

People are not TAUGHT to inquire directly into their own internal operations, and that is true of their parents, and their parents parents, all the way back through the ancestors. As such, the built-in capacity to See and Comprehend internal functioning is, in effect, "educated out of" all descendants, including you. So, though people are not taught to inquire directly into their own internal operations, when someone actually discovers how to do it, it is like floodgates opening up and revealing sources of New Information containing higher frequency fuel than they may have EVER previously experienced.

By the way, the source of ALL HUMAN PROBLEMS in their dealing with other humans, comes from their INABILITY to trace the source of their thoughts, to get to the bottom of their thinking and feeling. That's why people hate other people: they don't UNDERSTAND how it is that their thoughts spin out in that particular way (into that like or dislike, that belief or disbelief, etc.), though it is generally through bad programming and bad education, for if they did, UNDERSTAND - instantly - they could never hate other people.

"After all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say?" so sayeth, Kitt the Kool Kar, who doesn't do much chit-chat anymore.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Change of Being"

But what do those words even mean?!?

What they don't mean is a personal, mostly anecdotal "report" (often called, "My Story", or "About Me", etc.) from someone that usually states outright: "Yes indeedy, after that strange and wonderful (or awesome to the point of horrible, or magical possibly even mystical, etc.) event, I literally became a "changed person".

Well, their personality may have seemed to change, certainly (though probably not if you actually knew them when), and perhaps some likes and/or dislikes, and/or interests and/or disinterests, may have actually altered to some degree... but their Being has not changed.

Change of Being is not about personality, likes and dislikes etc., but about what one IS NOW compared to what one WAS THEN. It would be more like a Beaver suddenly standing up on two legs and announcing to his brethren that HE ("The Beave", being the current "Headguy") was hereby passing the Torch (his own Flaming Head) to the next - evolutionarily speaking - example of People on Earth, ME (the "New Adam", who heretofore had only an invisible body).

It was not about the Beaver suddenly becoming Human Beaver or anything like that, but more the acquisition of something, and the losing of something that in combination - taken altogether - was the "Bridge to Someone", though no one before that knew whom.

It was then ONLY UP TO THE NEW PEOPLE to self-define and self-describe and self-awaken (to actually BECOME what they now are) in order to reach the next Great Event - being called herein, The Passing of the Torch.

One thing always becomes perfectly PERFECTLY clear in these Great Events: the way the People (of that time) talk about themselves, and think about themselves, dramatically Changes and for that the Being must Change. One could say, People become fully conscious when they know BETTER than to hold onto personal stories of any and all kinds, NOT because there was ever anything wrong, bad, faulty, but because they were in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE and thus, quite inefficient in their presumed intent. That is, "my personal story" (as I would ever tell it you - back in the "good old daze") can NOT BE transferred into your Mind and Being to any extent whatsoever.

This "problem" of translating ("transmitting") ME - via talk - to YOU or ANYONE, is now and always will be the primary stumbling block(s) of which the "Bridge to Someone" is made. The actual CROSSING - not unlike EVOLVING in one lifetime - is the overhaul of one's prior language into a new, heretofore Language of Higher Order of Being.

This "problem" of translating ("transmitting") ME - via talk - to YOU or ANYONE, is now and always will be the primary stumbling block(s) of which the "Bridge to Someone" is made. The actual CROSSING - not unlike EVOLVING in one lifetime - is the overhaul of one's prior language into a new, hereafter Language of Higher Order of Being.

Hint for the aware among you: those who "tell stories" about themselves, talk about themselves for ANY AND ALL reasons, are speaking in a god damned (yes, He Did!) foreign tongue, so no wonder people don't believe them, don't understand them. This is why one must REINVENT the way they talk about their "higher self" (which is EXACTLY what everyone is attempting, of course, but very few Succeed at all!), as that conscious effort CROSSES the Bridge to Someone... (who you were to Who You Are).

(By the way, this entire bit was a Personal Story, and almost all the elements were there, but it is highly unlikely that ANYONE could figure out what happened... and that was the primary intent... to create an imaginary (concealed) "Bridge to Someone", and the Who must always remain quite unknown, until Known.)