Friday, April 24, 2015

Open Meeting - it is "never" too late!

Well, about that, it certainly IS too late for those many "too shy and too fearful," who don't jump off the cliff, into the deep ocean below, and swimming around, catch some tasty treats. They slowly starve to death for lack of "New Newtrition**", but hey, they've got their favorite books packed into their backpack (their "fall back position"), except that, not realizing what they are doing, it WEIGHS THEM DOWN, Down, down, straight to the sea floor where the scavengers dwell - having been bitten, torn, gobbled, ripped and chewed all the way down.
NOT a very fun trip, that's for sure.

"New Newtrition:" As earlier suggested most emphatically: you MUST verify everything for yourself, in the same sense as discovering it for yourself.  And further, if the "New" does not seem to be readily available to you, DON'T settle for the old... Don't Do It!... then, if you are lucky enough, alert enough, and doggone it... ready for such a thing, you may actually learn to employ the three biggees: Invention, Discovery and Creation. Then, when you can do that at will (come and go) you'll be able to experience this thing we are doing for yourself.

It is a very fine line between 
believing in "Saturday, 4/25, at 9am eastern" or 
any such "set of spacetime coordinates,"
(like 18 hours earlier - check your watch!) and 
Going and Coming at will.
Don't call us... We'll call you.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Open Meeting

Although the many previous invitations to our unique teleconference (posted here and elsewhere, since September 4th, 2014) have fallen upon deaf ears ...or should that be, blind eyes ...we persist, because we know there are many people out there who are "of the right stuff." Of course, being of the right stuff  is no big deal, because everybody is either "Ready or Not" for what we are doing, but few are fearless enough to attempt it.

Precisely at 9am, Eastern Time, April 25th, somewhere in the good ol' U.S.A., we will open another "Room of Special Characteristics," wherein a few of you (no more than four, actually) might - if lucky enough, alert enough, and doggone it... ready for such a thing - meet a small group of similarly equipped humans (of the curious kind) with whom you can share what you may have picked up along the way... Our Way... Waking Up amidst the masses who'd rather spend their chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty in a sort of daze, when for the SAME PRICE they could be amazed.

Please, don't just take our word for this or anything... you must verify everything for yourself, in the same sense as discovering it for yourself. It's NOT that we are "so special" for inviting you into an experience of Invention, Discovery and Creation, that we have discovered. NO! It's that you may be able to experience this yourself. It is a very fine line between believing in "heaven" or any such "place," and Going and Coming as you wish.

Same Rules Apply As Always:
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Post "code" commentary (dessert course)

Judging by the large number of thoughtful, and quite interesting responses to the previous attempt at extending the circle that is our little group - meeting weekly for years - it seems appropriate to clarify a few things and then finish up with a formal invitation to those still thoughtful and interested.

Clearly, very few people actually understand the distinction being made between "searching for information" (from books, websites and elsewhere), and "searching for People who Understand something" (in person, whether in the same physical space or separated by a large distance, which is now quite easy for anyone.)

All the "wonderful" and/or "useful" information out there in the world is all but meaningless and usually even incomprehensible to those without the "preparation" to receive it. Such unprepared people find the notion almost repulsive and are even willing to say so publicly, shaming themselves without even realizing they are doing so. In relation to "information," PEOPLE are orders of magnitude more important, yet many (too many perhaps) still believe books and printed documents of one kind or another that must be READ to be received are "good enough," if not even sometimes better. NON-SENSE!

Find the Place where the meeting is occurring, obtain a personal invitation, show up on time, and be prepared, and capable, to "leave your everyday personality" (the placeholder of opinions, beliefs, and downright silliness of all kinds) outside the door, and do not let it into the room if possible (the hard part!)... and then, if you can accomplish that 1st Task, and your invitation is not summarily pulled, show up and do it again next time, and the time after that. Eventually - which may occur during that first meeting - it may dawn upon one that there are SECRETS which can be received and used profitably and beneficially by some humans who have been adequately prepared to receive them, and that a connection with the SOURCE can be opened. Do Note: the two "code words" SECRETS and SOURCE, do not have ordinarily presumed definitions, and that is a fact Jack.

Here is a question for some to consider: Which would you prefer? To spend years trying to discover/locate a secret gold mine somewhere in your home country that has not already been plundered by hoards of unknowledgeable and thus unprofessional miners who despoiled the place by their ignorance of what is necessary, and leaving NOTHING for you... OR, To discover/locate a secret gold mine which is much, much closer to home - even in your own back yard - with a vein running deep and wide covering your entire one acre lot? This is obvious. Don't overthink it. Do Note: "gold mine", and "one acre lot" is code.

The answer is similar to: Which would you prefer? To spends tens of thousands of dollars for your particular "drug of choice," the quality and safety of which is difficult to determine, and the availability of which is not up to you... OR, To  learn how to produce even better, safer, higher quality substances that were ALWAYS quite available to you, except that before learning the SECRETS of their reliable creation and proper usage, were quite unknown to you? Well... duh!!!

Oh yeah, there are other codes in here - and in all the previous posts going way, way back - but they should be damn near obvious to the "suitably prepared!" Clue: Gather them all up and they reveal a KEY, or even keys within keys.

Perhaps some can see now what this invitation is pointing to, 
and why it was suggested to...
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Food for thought

It has long been known that the "search" for knowledge, powers, skills and talents - and any other such associated-with-human-intelligence words - is really a search for those People who might possess them, for those words mentioned above are emptiness-squared except for the existence of those certain unknown People.

Of course, actually finding those People is much more difficult than presuming to find knowledge, powers, skills and talents, because the seeker generally has not the understanding (being and experience) to even recognize them when in the same room.

Consider a small group of Friends who show up one afternoon at a Denny's, for an afternoon or evening meal and some (apparently) casual conversation. All the rest of the patrons and staff in that establishment will quite naturally presume that that small group is there for food and drink, primarily (with a little talk on the side) and thus only see them as ordinary Denny's Diners, but certainly NOT as "Walking Buddhas" (which must remain in quotation marks until one who CAN see them actually DOES so.)

It has also been known for hundreds of years that there are many People in America (and elsewhere of course) who have attained that status (and who, at times, have actually Dined at Denny's); who can blend in with the masses with great ease and alacrity, and who can only be seen by those of "right perception" - having activated their higher senses to the degree necessary to even recognize them.

Such is the search today on Earth. For People, and not for empty intangibles like knowledge, powers, skills and talents, which mean nothing except for the People who possess them and are willing to teach, and/or demonstrate.

Personally, I have known at least five such "Walkers" who possessed reams more Knowledge, Powers, Talents and Skills than any book (or post, message, tweet, or whatever you want to call all that written stuff covering the planet ten times over today), that was ever written. And, what's even better than that, more Essential Information can be shared by such People in one afternoon, or evening, than could fill any book, and that's a fact Jack. Ninety-nine percent of what is written is just filler, anyway, leading up to and winding down from the supposed "good stuff" being presented, and that ninety-nine percent is NOT as necessary as it might seem to those who have never experienced such afternoons or evenings. And THAT is also a Fact Jack.

"Walking Buddhas" speak in code, and that code is often, even necessarily, unintelligible to those not in possession of the Keys - of which there may be many, which must be obtained, retrieved, discovered, even Invented or even Created - and are required in order to decipher in real time the secrets contained therein. Books, and all other written passages, fail at this most of the time - if not ALL of the time - whereas face-to-face conversations, demonstrations, instructions, etc., have much greater chance to succeed. So... you seekers out there... Seek and you shall Find**... specifically..
Walking Buddhas.
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