Monday, August 19, 2013

Travel to faraway places - daily!

 Why is it so hard to travel to faraway places, even if you sincerely wish to? 

Everyone has in their genes, the wish, the desire, if not the need, to travel away from home, to explore, to take in the New and (presumably) Wonderful, YET, for almost everybody this is SO difficult they have never done it - not even once!

Now, if all this is simply about traveling to Portland when you live in Seattle, the solution is easy enough. If it's about traveling to Palm Beach, there is a solution but it's much more difficult, and costly, and time-consuming, particularly since we're talking about DAILY! If it's about traveling to the "City in the Sky" - that you've never even seen or heard about - well, that borders on Impossible, doesn't it?

But, as in all things "Gloriously Anomalistic", 
there may be more to all this, 
than simply moving your body great distances, 
AND, on a daily basis no less!

Those who "know me" already know what to do, and perhaps even how to do it - though the proof of THAT tasty pudding is, like they say in the U.F.O. verification and validation game, "Show us the evidence!

First, you have to want to travel, 
Then you have to have the means, 
Then you have to make the journey and get "somewhere", 
Then you have to "bring something BACK", and... 
Then What?

Is this merely a "Thought Experiment", or 
Is this really a "Travel Experiment", or
Is this actually, actualizing a "Conscious Experience"?

Or, mysteriously perhaps, if it is actually the first, it IS the second
And, if it is both at once, it IS the third.
Unravel that, and Bring Something Back!

Almost final note: since you've never been there before, you will have no in-tact, pre-made, easily-accessible memories, because in such New Places, there are none. The ACT OF bringing something BACK creates new memories, but they are not stored up there, only down here, At Home. So, obviously, the dead-giveaway, the big-reveal that you've gone nowhere, is when it sounds like an... ANECDOTE!

Actual final note: in order to even cast off from the past - where all your memories dwell, and weigh you down, like so much excess baggage - you must Lighten Up Bigtime, bringing nothing with you, i.e., "Being Conscious", in order to escape your own Gravitational Seriousness.

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