Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Realms, Organs and Brains, and You

The Realms of OUR World
  • The realm of the body: is the hard and physical (material) world all around, which necessarily includes any and all bodies - big and small, massive and microscopic - all of which can be touched and usually seen, and sometimes even held in the hand.
  • The realm of the mind: is the soft and non-physical (immaterial) world nowhere to be found, and no way to be touched.
Those who want to "live, longtime, and Prosper" more than anything else (when you "get right down to it"), are generally more interested in the realm of the body, primarily of the creature "comforts" (whatever that term might mean to them personally). All their thoughts, feelings, and sensations are geared toward the "betterment and/or enjoyments" of the body - and that includes drugs, alcohols and all other "state-changers" they might pursue (even to their own detriment). They are less interested in "higher matters" than all the Earthly pursuits of bodily pleasures, family, children, riches, recognition, fame, power and knowledge.

Those who want to "think, feel, and Understand" more than anything else (when you "get right down to it"), are generally more interested in the realm of consciousness. All their thoughts, feelings, and sensations are geared (as much as they are able) towards Understanding what all this means for them personally.


The Organs of the Bodies, and Brains

Some people view humans as having a body AND a mind. They see it as two things that are separate and different - not the same. Some view humans as having JUST a body, with no difference between what are called in dictionaries, "body" and "mind". This piece going forward argues that latter position most strongly.

A human body, has many organs (including what the dictionary calls "the brain", which is of course an organ), and each organ has "a brain" - a controlling "device" which keeps it functioning well for the betterment of the entire creature. Whether or not something "emerges" from that achievement - which is completely automatic in all creatures, though humans in particular can greatly interfere with that, starting from a young age - depends upon several factors, unknowable by non-humans of course, but VERY knowable in some humans, such that they can "interfere" with the body's tendency to behave in ways that ARE NOT in the creature's best interest - either for this actual life, or any potential "higher life" - and over time, reverse that tendency so that it becomes nearly, if not actually permanent while still young enough - in thought, feeling, and sensation - to begin and continue the Process of Conscious Evolution.

There does not need to be any other "pseudo beings or entities" in one's World (of whatEVER name they are given, from God to Devil and "everythings" in between) to Begin, Continue and Succeed at this (P.C.E.)... only to "interfere" with the built-in, and mostly automatic tendency to "interfere".

Of course, THAT means to Know - in advance - what is meant by the term "to interfere". And THAT means to Understand something most people simply do NOT UNDERSTAND, primarily because they don't want to Understand, nor do they even care at all about Consciousness.

Ah, yes, and there is the "rub".

The World and You

The only question here is, have you already "done this work" (in the attempt to "get to the bottom of it"), or have you yet to do that, and this is your first foray into that potential morass for some, however enjoyable it may be for a few. Remember, millions before you have engaged in this "work" ("getting to the bottom of things"); but forget what "they" all said:
YOU need to Do It.

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