Friday, August 30, 2013

Pay Attention!

The simple viewpoint: Be there, ALL there, and well, Pay Attention.

The complex viewpoint: Payment is a principle
and one must know HOW to pay,
and one must know WHAT is paid
and one must know what is expected FROM that payment.

(The basics are these: nobody can get anything that he does not pay for; things cannot be given, they can only be bought, and this includes knowledge; it is magical, not simple; it is a cosmic law.***)

What is going on here, for several years now, is not something that anyone needs, but simply a long unbroken discussion about that which everyone believes they already possess, and therefore should not have to PAY for it. That is, even when some potentially "New Information" is shared, people who believe they already fully understand all that and MORE, are not inclined to Pay Attention very long, and will in fact, check out very soon. If there WAS something "New" there, they will never receive it - again, because they did not, or could not, Pay Attention.

Often, the "New Information" is intertwined with apparently old, ordinary information, so as to be received "along with", and then, if the receiver WAS actually Paying Attention - i.e., knew How to pay, What to pay, and what was expected From that payment - they will be able to extract the New from the old (or, as other's have said: the Wheat from the Chaff.)

Old information - wherever it is to be found, on whatever mundane, worldly topic - is the chaff: possibly useful for the physical purpose it is intended, like fixing toasters, or building chairs; but regarding the Aims and Intentions of what is being presented here, almost daily, it is useless at best. 

New Information is always about one thing only: reaching Higher Levels of consciousness, "enlightenment" if you will, while still alive and able to appreciate it fully. Just because a person is walking around, talking to themselves and others, making todo lists, paying monthly bills, driving cars, and countless other physically useful activities, does NOT mean they are fully AWAKE, and Conscious. 

There is nothing more obvious in the world than this, but only to the ONE who understands it correctly, and for that understanding, there was an almost continual Payment being made, over and over and over, but with greater "payback" than could even be imagined when they began so long ago.

Only then, can such a person answer the questions: 
HOW to pay? WHAT is paid? and what is expected FROM that payment?

Strangely, the simple already know:
Be there, ALL there, and well, Pay Attention.

Class Dismissed, 'till next time.
***from "The Fourth Way" P.D.O.

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