Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Higher Perception, or Objective Reason

From one real view, the ability to understand language - the only tool the brain has to convey certain kinds of messages to other people (not all of course, but the subtlest of kinds) - requires a shift from one's ordinary "faith-based belief" in the reality of oneself as one is, and the reality of others as they are presumed to be, to the nearly permanent realization that NOTHING is personal, NOTHING can be taken personally.

The NOISE of LANGUAGE is out there and in here, all around and everywhere, but it is NOT coming from anyone in particular, and it is NOT meant for anyone personally. Not understanding this well, leads to the Masses tendency to take everything personally, and not just everything, but the wrong things, while never taking the RIGHT THINGS personally. Yes, Va., there is a difference. The "trick" is distinguishing which is which, in time!

Stand Aside - always and everywhere - and instantly you will see what is meant here. For example, firm believers in (the) GOD (of their religion) can be turned, not into simply an "atheist" or "non-believer" (as that is NO BIG DEAL at all!), but into one with Objective Reason, which is the ability to UNDERSTAND LANGUAGE. Nothing more, nothing less.

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