Friday, August 23, 2013

Doing the Neural Dance Three-Step

This "Three-Step" is not quite the same as 
the "Two-Step", of which we are all quite aware. 
But, it is the MOST intimate relationship possible in a Man,
known by some, and quite UNKNOWN by all the rest.

People can "do" in a physical sense, quite easily. Just ask someone to fetch you a glass of water, or water plus ice, or coffee with cream AND sugar, or fill out tomorrow's grocery shopping list. "Done," they say, and in minutes, voila, it IS Done.

People can NOT "do" in a mental or emotional sense. Period. Just ask someone to Rise to my oft-given "Daily Challenge", and watch what happens. NOT A DAMN THING. NOTHING!

Evidence of consciousness is the capacity to Think Something you have NEVER thought before, and then start THERE - engage in the neural three-step, and simultaneously from ABOVE (the key idea here), watch your "path" as it is inscribed on your own neural dance-floor, creating a "map" of sorts, which you can then, voila, give to someone else (though giving is not the issue; being ABLE is the issue), so that THEY can learn - if they must, or perform if they already can - the SAME DANCE... and then - the proof of the pudding, so to speak - is to do a DANCE for you. Similar to the Bees - you know them? Not exactly, of course, because Humans have something Bees Don't!

Evidence of consciousness is not so easy to accomplish for living humans, and absolutely impossible for dead humans. Only those few humans who CAN DO - without question, and without question marks, and without interminable excuses - are those you should listen to for more of that which they (seem to be able to) produce, Daily.

One question to ask of your self, then attempt to answer, is this: "How is it that 'they' come up with new and different things on a regular basis, and I (you, apparently) CAN NOT?" Hey, if you could you absolutely would, believe it! Once you have done so, even ONCE, you will never go back to the "olden ways" of your ancestors. It's like traveling to the TOP of the "Mystical Mountain" (affectionately known by many other names, including "Ms. Tickle", just to name one), while reclining in your desk chair, while looking out the window for a couple, or maybe five or ten minutes, realizing you are suddenly capable of "bringing something BACK!"

It's the neural equivalent of an orgasm (here's another reference). Here is how/why: the TOP of the mountain is the ultimate "clean room" - there is nothing there but Sky and it extends for Eternity. Getting there is "half the fun", but getting back - now THAT is the "Challenge for the Ages" (i.e., your personal ages, grok that!) Many have arrived; Most have not come back. Well, they "came back", but they didn't bring anything new BACK with them, but simply trotted out some more of the same old thought-forms they went up there with. What that indicates, is that they never reached the "clean room", but only got to the debris matter, the detritus of previous climbers, who may have left a few of their old thought-forms near the top, but they only grabbed a few of somebody else's old thought-forms on their way back. You can spot those types in a second, once you know how to do This. They start quoting from some living or dead guru-type.

In any case, the "clean room" always remains perfectly clean, no leftovers. And you can't leave breadcrumbs for your journey back, just in case you might want to return any time soon. You WILL FORGET, and so the only help you will have to return, is the "taste", the "smell", and the "neural quiver", that you have learned is the "neural three-step".  Look up how taste and smell are "connected" to memory, and then discover how the "neural 'quiver'" (both senses of that 'term') activates yet another area of the unused landscape between your ears that is, right now, quite INACTIVE. It is like the influence a Real teacher (of something useful) has on his "followers", and the transfer of energy increases the size and scope of the Active Neural Landscape.

But, time to go now...
I could, but won't, go on.
It is up to you to Do This on your own up there.

(Final note: One is creating one's OWN opus, and it may require reusing the same "maps" many times - as is continually done herein - before others start making their OWN internal connections, such that the "ENERGY of Awakening" begins to flow in a, let's say, less impeded manner.)

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