Friday, August 9, 2013

Quest for "Enlightenment"

What the Quest for "Enlightenment" does, is this: it starts the focusing process in a human to what is the most important aspect of all his "thinking about it" - and "thinking about it" he must - to ever begin and stay on course. The modern study of neuroscience (which, as an investigation into the workings of the brain, has been slowly proceeding for 6000 years or so), has increased exponentially since about 1950, due to the invention and rapid advance of computers, networking, software, the Internet, and the overwhelmingly wide-spread interest in religious and spiritual studies leading to "Enlightenment".

A revision to the hundredth monkey theory (whether or not you already accept it as a possibility) might be that as humanity evolves century after century, decade after decade, year after year, small or large groups of individuals - perhaps in different countries all over the planet, arising in different times and circumstances - have developed their neural processes to the degree necessary that a sudden intelligent leap can occur. One well-known example of this would be when multiple people (in this case two: Leibniz and Newton) who did not know each other (while doing it) "invent" Calculus at similar times in human history. This is, with some improvements here and there, the SAME Calculus used by mathematicians and scientists today.

If there was something to this idea then one might rephrase it (re-think it) as the hundred (probably thousand or million) neuron theory. As a person evolves year after year, various groups of neurons - perhaps in different lobes all over his "brain-net", arising in different times and circumstances - "get together" and start thinking about "something", from Enlightenment to Calculus and everything before and after - and "they" come up with an illuminating, if not even actually "enlightening" notion regarding whatever the topic seemed to be, which usually is not even named as such, until much later, if ever! But it can be spoken about, and often will be.

You could call these neural "Events of considerable Magnitude", sparks of originality and creativity, which are, more likely, Manageable electrical perturbations in the higher ends of the nervous system, where such "storms" can be Managed... or else, "all hell breaks loose", which in this context simply means the thoughts lose coherence, fall away as debris on the vast desert plain, sometimes never to be reassembled again. But when Management Matures, and the HENS start producing like they are supposed to (damn it!), Magic, Miracles, Mysteries, Mythologies and lots of other "M" words are created, and revealed, and expanded, and concealed... One of the latest to emerge in Earth Time is called... (do you know?)

Now, not to put too fine an edge on this cosmic blade, THE Quest for "Enlightenment" is where the rubber meets the road, and is precisely where most people fail in this endeavor. Just because a person says they are "connected" to some "higher Aim", or even "know of one", that does not mean they are, whether they are inside or outside a living group. Only that person can determine this Truth, and as soon as he mentions it - i.e., tries to prove his connection to himself or others - he's

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