Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organic L.I.E.

Organic Life In Earth - which of course is where it lives, IN Earth (from a couple miles into the crust to four miles into the atmosphere) - currently contains and connects Billions and Billions of human brains (well, a little over seven at last count), not to mention (or even try to calculate) the greater number of non-human higher mammalian brains (not to mention everything else!), and You - Yes You - have access to all of it. Directly - in fact - though only Indirectly for almost everyone. It is the "Six Degrees of Separation" thing only expanded upwards and outwards - both in space AND in time - to encircle the entire globe.

It is a Grid of Life surrounding the Globe

This is how many people exhibit a certain facility, or capacity to Know Things that other people don't know, even as they themselves don't have even a clue HOW they know them. The World (Life) Knows Everything, at least relative to any one person. The relationship is as Zero to Infinity, if you can Grok that piece of info. Furthermore, it is not that one person - me, you, the other guy - happens on to something, and now knows something, and THAT "knowledge" is "added into" the Great Living Knowledge (Life). No, it is rather that the Great Living Knowledge contains everyone, and all organic life, for all the time it has existed here, and each person is Directly Connected therein.

Now, I can hear someone out there saying to themselves, or even out LOUD! like some kind of "boob talking to the tube", "You are full of shit, praybob. Bite me." but know this, Mr. Someone... just because YOU DON'T KNOW (and clearly, you don't), doesn't mean no one else does - consider that, a Law, and Try to Grok that one as well. The presumption here, of course, is that the "brain" (if you can call it that, a head of cabbage more likely) that reacted in that way, is no more than 20 years old, probably less, considering the emotional outrage of the tone, but if not, and they are 50 or 60 years old... well, then, "God Help Them", because they have long ago stopped "helping themselves", and we all know what that means, eh?

Life IS a notorious LIAR, and everybody knows it. Just consider the wars, crimes, injustices, and countless other words of similar or even greater impact when heard, read, experienced by even ordinary humans (not to mention those scandalous plants, insects, cephalopods, chameleons and others that appear "other than they are" to fool potential predators and/or prey!) And when somebody actually "gets that", Groks that, they see that L.I.E. (Life IEarth) is responsible for all human forms of LYING, not individuals who are just trying to "get by". The Organic LIE is that we humans are separate and individual entities who may do whatever we please to "The World and its contents", because after all, it is outside of us... right? That is because our ordinary consciousness makes us think and believe that it is.

Enter "Enlightening Oneself" 

Fortunately, because humans ARE evolving year after year, more and more have "enlightened themselves" (from merely naked-apes, to clothed gentle-persons) to the fact that they personally MUST BE the most conscious, awake, alert, intelligent person "in the room" wherever they might be in a particular moment - yes, even when ALONE! - and that Active Principle controls their every thought, feeling and action.

Yes, Life IS a notorious LIAR and almost everyone believes the LIE,
but there are a few, starting with YOU, who know otherwise. 

"God Helps Them" because they have long ago started 
"helping themselves", and we all know what that means, eh?

From the Great Organic LIE, to the Great Orgasmic TRUTH.

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