Friday, August 16, 2013

"That guy is so full o'shit it's comin' out his ears!"

When was the last time you heard yourself think/say/write (something similar to) that little tidbit? Hmmmm? I'll bet money it was very recently if not within the last few minutes, while watching CNN or FOXnews, or listening to some radio personality, or, or... whatever.

Those of whom such is repeated against them are (or should be) having a Big Ol' Laugh, an almost continual - if only internal - laugh-fest, since they presume (or should be, by now) it's happening in any case, whether heard or read by them, since almost every time they say or write (or - in those of more "advanced" observation and experience - thinkANYTHING of a slightly "controversial" nature, whole legions of "i's" rise up in someone out there (... or "someone in here?")  to counter all claims, and so the Laughter continues.

Who knows, maybe they (who Laugh) do it on purpose? Maybe they even KNOW SOMETHING, or at least are beginning to suspect it. Maybe, even, there is a "Secret Sauce" in laughter, about thinking, and talking, and writing, that necessarily must be discovered before one can ever break free from the chains of ordinary thought that strives (due to all forms of "external training" - i.e., parental, educational, and peer-group "brain-washing" for over a decade or more!) to be completely and unabashedly SERIOUS at all times.

Now, the Sauce is real, and quite "Secret", but the outward expression of the Secret (laughter) must always be held at bay, so to say, lest the joke be entirely missed by the legions of "i's" at the ready to cut even that down, instantly! This particular sauce is sweet, bitter, sour, salty AND umami (WTF! Ooooh, Mommy?) so is it really any wonder people are absolutely and totally CONFUSED by everyone?!?

"That guy is so full o'flavor it's comin' out his eyes!"

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