Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mr. Giggles and his inner circle

Most of the brain (of whatever species) is used for keeping the body alive and healthy (relegated/delegated to the inner circle of organs, glands, etc.), and only a relatively small part (in humans particularly) is devoted to thinking up, composing, and telling jokes, and funny stories - and all the other kinds of thoughtful mental activities, including what's going on here on this electronic whiteboard on a regular basis. It's a pretty wide spectrum - thought - and it covers everything from "hate speech directed at everyone" to "love the world and everyone in it", as well as all the bad (and tasteless), and good (and thoughtful) jokes that go along with that.

Only the brain can be funny. That does not extend to non-humans without such a sophisticated brain, of course, that probably "think" (or their version) that our attempts at humor are, well, "silly/weird". Okay, okay, they usually exhibit NO reaction at all (tell a really good joke to your cat later on, and watch her reaction), which is probably the best reaction in any case (humans, are you listening?) But humans can be funny as hell, and some of the funniest things they say and write have to do with their opinions on what's going on in the world around them, and within themselves, and what they have done, or intend to do, about all that.
Hilarious at times
Some have made a career out of it.
It is interesting that some comedians, and funny people - male and female - draw consistently larger audiences paying larger entrance fees, than almost any other group of public speakers... well, except for certain "favorite" and generally quite serious people, like Clinton and Trump and others, who "command" multi-thousand dollar fees. (But then, consider their audience - jeez!)  

But WHY do people "make funny", even to the point of being hilarious, about almost everything? This should've been thought about and worked out by you before you got here, but if you haven't "done that work", keep reading for a slightly off-kilter, serio-comedic take on it: If you can't "make light" of every thought, idea, concept, icon, symbol that you and/or the rest of Humanity holds "dear" (so dear, sometimes, they will come to BLOWS if someone "treads on them"), then you haven't achieved the status of Mr. Giggles, a status which is revered in a few solar systems, including our own. There are simply NO thought-forms worth revering higher than the ONE who sees through them all. Thus, such a ONE would be held in the utmost highest esteem everywhere in the Universe. It is fair to consider this as "a purpose" (if not "the purpose") for living on Earth as a Human... to become a Human Being of rightful status.

Everyone has beliefs about the physical world - mathematics, physics, sciences, etc. - and the not-so-physical world - religions, philosophies, teachings, etc. - some of which even include "personal experiences about them", yet all of that "information and experience" can be seen more correctly as being still open to more thorough, even deeper investigation. All human ideas on all topics CAN BE SEEN as simply, silly on its surface, and the deeper one looks, the funnier it is. This is more true, of course, for ideas about the not-so-physical world, but there is still a lot of laughter possible about many ideas about the physical world. Humans, for the most part, are nearly clueless about almost everything, much closer to young teenagers (mentally, and emotionally speaking) than to fully matured and consciously evolved adults. (Can you smile at that one?) 

Just because 2+2 seems to equal, under all known conditions, 4, OR, just because your family's history and experience and bibles tell you there is a domineering God in Heaven watching out for you, OR... OR... doesn't mean there is not much more "WORK" to do regarding getting to the bottom of that and all questions, until the bottom is actually reached.... i.e., Mr. Giggles Awakens.

Remember, in all of this, it's not the contents of the mind - what people think, believe, talk about and write about - that needs to be questioned, per se, it's the mind that is doing all the questioning. Put in a slightly different way: investigate the box - nothing but the box, once a quick study of the objects is effected and out of the way (a process that takes longer and longer in the beginning, but is made quicker and quicker through experience) . Unless one understands the nature of the box, they understand nothing. 

And Mr. Giggles never actually awakens.

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