Monday, July 22, 2013

When the World is enough

When the World is enough for you (not, "this planet" or "this solar system", but This Universe), you usually won't need gods or religions or even spiritual teachings for a "source of 'Inspiration'", because in fact (and this really should be axiomatic to everyone... though of course it is NOT, and never has been, likely never will be), there is more than enough "higher information" embedded within every observation one could possibly make of and about the World - which of course includes Oneself - to literally be OVERFLOWING at the edges with oodles of Inspiration. And, of course, the Inspiration of which this piece, and this blog is always about, is Inspiration to Know and Understand ALL that a human being alive today CAN understand. The More one knows, the More one wants to know. It's "Mathemusical"... maybe even "Mathemagical"... maybe even "Epiphanical Mind Music"...

It's all there, everywhere; and nothing is or can be excluded, so the question for today might be stated: Who ARE THEY, anyway, that continually refer to gods, religions, spiritual teachings, teachers and their proffered beliefs as "Self-Evident Truths", "Holy Writ", not subject to question, and then criticize others who not only don't accept that for a moment, but Push Back against it with clear, consistent, and reasoned arguments? Perhaps THEY have an unjustifiably large ego, and think more highly of themselves than in fact the circumstances deserve.

In any case, this "Pushing Back" should never go on for too long (a couple sessions, maybe three or four at most, and most definitely NOT with close friends and/or loved ones - and it doesn't in those who quickly learn the right lesson), because ordinary people, out there IN the World, OF the World, usually can't be "converted" anyway (and in this context, "converted" means to See something NEW), and so they soon change strategies preferring to converse only with those who can Contribute to a line of thought, Advancing it - ever forward, ever upward - rather than the typical, dragging it down into inanities, arguments over word choices, disagreements regarding their own considerable misunderstandings about what was initially presented. It quickly becomes tiresome as we all can easily verify.

The World IS Enough for any human of "right intention and right effort" to become all they were meant to become by Great Nature, which on this planet means reaching "Objective Reason" about life, death, existence, eternity, the alpha and omega. These six small words hold more potential energy for transformation - in those of "certain capacity" - than everything going on, or observable, IN the world, because there is absolutely NOTHING IN THE WORLD that can even touch these Big Six, because they are above and below ALL OF IT.

THAT is where "This Thing" meets the "The Roadway" - the friction point, where mind, thought, feeling, sensation intersect somewhere only YOU can locate, and profitably keep from evaporating unbeknownst to you by the "ordinary and continual" LACK of Attention and Intention.

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