Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Noises coming from the cold room

There are several AM radios in the cold room, all tuned to different frequencies, but they all sound alike from a distance. Each radio merely modulates the whole set of frequencies, so it's impossible to be certain what is actually coming from any one of them. They have all merged together and sound like Noise.

A hundred or a thousand or a million radios each broadcasting its own "style of noise", does not a Human Conversation make, and any one who would suggest otherwise must have already "passed over" to the Zombie realm, and now dwells in the cold room, or be very near to it.

The best conversations consist of the fewest voices, and even better than that, the fewest ideas. It can even be stated with some degree of certainty - coming from one's own experience - that One Idea, developed and contributed to by a small number of voices, each of whom "are on the same page", is the most potent use of the human intellect, and in fact, this is the case even in the external world of invention and creation of products, although this piece is about the intangible world of thought and ideas.

Once the "central notion", or "central thread" has been determined, and all participants agree to honor and support the Effort to diligently maintain it, it can and usually will proceed well, so long as one or another person doesn't start tossing out irrelevancies (usually for the sake of gaining attention and nothing more, full of "I, Me, My" and a lot more "I's"), forcing the "core group" to either ignore them, or coax them back, or teach them out right. Generally, as is usually the case, the "central thread" goes nowhere, gets changed or modified within a very short time, and then the "experiment" in developing a "Long Thought" is over, and the "core group" must find a new venue.

This is the "death of the previous incarnation" which must 
lead to the "birth of the next incarnation". 
The Birth of the New starts right Now with You.

Final Hint: the "one idea", or "central thread", always being developed here - the "Long Thought" - is that man is asleep but can know it, by First: Discovering why (how it is that) he keeps falling asleep unknowingly, while simultaneously arguing over the notion that he IS, virtually always, quite asleep; and Then: Discovering how "neural energy" clings to - gives mass, power and force to - "ideas", "notions", "theories" making them "APPEAR" to be yours... which they are not... coming as they do from a larger "thought sphere" surrounding all humans.

 Zombies can't awaken, because they don't know they are asleep, 
and don't WANT to know it... do you? 

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