Monday, July 15, 2013

The E-ticket

In relation to the E-xperience of Lifetimes
...the full-on "Mind-Expander 2.0"...

Humanity in general would rather settle for the kiddies Merry-go-round
But this is only an A-ticket ride.

For the somewhat adventurous ones out there, perhaps they'd like The Scrambler 
But this is only an B-ticket ride.

For the Daredevils, perhaps they'd go for the Incredible Hulk
But this is only a C-ticket ride.

Naaah... they all (including Mr. Disney's supposedly D-, and E-tickets) suffer from the same thing. They are grounded in Earth space, Earth time, and Earth gravity. As fun and thrilling as they may be to some Earth-bound humans who ride them, they are all more like climbing inside a carbon-fiber brain-cap inside your own skull - that completely prohibits even proper blood flow, let alone the possibility of real mind-expansion... let alone Mind-Expansion 2.0...

UNLIKE... the great and glorious "Whoooosh!"
Sometimes, when all the internal and external forces and circumstances line up "juuuust riiight", a piece of "information", which may be in any form your senses can perceive, including the brain itself and it's hundred trillion or more neural connections that are always trying to "go forth and MULTIPLY" - often it is words, and/or sounds, and/or images, that are heard and/or read generally, but not always of course - that "shoots straight to the center" (like a "steel hard rod"), and all the hairs on the back of the neck suddenly stand at attention, and propagate all the way round the head, down the body, and throughout all the cells and neural pathways of your nervous system - how far and wide is anyone's guess - but your personal experience can be termed, for now, "The Whoooosh!"

Or, perhaps, "The Whiiiish!"; or, "The Whiiirrrl!", but the "up-shot" is that after the moment(s) of simple experiential realization, floods of thoughts and feelings and sensations may circulate around the updraft, confirming you have just been "Let In On [the joke, the insider's info, the secret, the bit... and you get to name it!"] In any case, it can often lead to your brain firing up into Extreme Fluency and a Vivid and Rapid Imagination with the sound a furnace makes when the gas hits the pilot light... and the "Whiiirrrling" ensues.

Strangely, perhaps - or it's actually a foretaste of greater things to come, afforded to all people... - "mini-whooooshes" do occur in ordinary life about ordinary things, including one's own daily existence, and personal historical record of memories, and just sitting around "thinking about stuff." Cleverly written books, and certain kinds of movies are also great sources of "mini-whooooshes", and they can rise to the level of "1.0", though usually it's more like .3, or .5, because a real 1.0 would be SOMETHIN'... Really SOMETHIN'.

(Anyone notice the E points horizontally, and the W points vertically? Just sayin')
The only true experience lies in a Vertical direction, 
and that is possible only when you are in focus. 

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