Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Flow of Energy

Energy flows through living systems in the form of oxygenated blood. 
Any mammalian living system works this way.

That takes care of the needs of the human body, including the brain, and all the functions of the brain. However, although this same energy from the sun is necessary to keep the brain functioning, it does nothing to activate the Higher Ends of the Mental Pathways (H.E.M.P.) in the brain that, for almost everyone on the planet, are quite dormant. These potentially active neural pathways are like places you have never been, but could visit so long as you "do the work". In this rather mundane case, that "work" is, travel to that location, set up a temporary "camp site", and "visit" - take in the sights, sounds and surroundings, and stay awhile. Once the "work" has been done creating that new set of pathways, you can visit many other places, because now you have "acquired a taste".

"Acquiring a taste" to travel to "exotic and foreign" places - which is what all the potentially active neural pathways are, in most people: Exotic, Foreign - is NOT a pleasant thing. Just like jumping off the 10 meter board for the first time, especially when you can't swim (hey, if that was pleasant, how about the 30 meter, or the 90 meter?) But, it is thrilling. There is absolutely no doubt about that! Gallons of new energy are pumped into places that have been undernourished for years, and merely fed a trickle - just enough to not dry up completely. But, now one begins to "recognize" as Exotic, and Foreign, that which heretofore seemed quite normal and ordinary. That part is the surprising part. When the ordinary is now seen, felt, sensed as Extra-, or Non-, or simply Outathe- Ordinary, "new worlds" are now in one's reach.

Unfortunately, we can see many people around us whose H.E.M.P. has dried up (and some here could take a double meaning here), and there is ample evidence of that. One big piece of evidence from others as well as yourself (hey, especially yourself), is the desire, willingness, and activity of telling everyone around you, at every opportunity, "what kind of person you believe yourself to be (right now) and how you got that way...", and then smile sheepishly so as to appear, not vain about that report, but Humble. (You may have to look hard for that last bit, because people today don't even bother trying to appear humble anymore. "Hey, why should I? No one else does!")

But, don't misunderstand: activating one's own H.E.M.P. - which one can call Enlightening Oneself - does not appear to others as simple humility - bowed head, hunched shoulders, soft voice, hands folded at the chest, and a never down-turned smiley-face - but in fact, can and often does appear to them as an expression of greater ego. ("Egads!" you say?) 

Here's a "bottom line" for those who abhor them: regarding your normal-ordinary, day-to-day self, don't talk about ANY OF IT, EVER, unless you must. Regarding your Extra-Ordinary, Exotic, Foreign Self, don't talk about ANY OF IT, EVER, unless you must. Then - once that is mastered - "acquire a taste" for "TRAVEL", be it to "exotic and foreign" places and/or times, or just "normal and ordinary" places and/or times. (Words are put into quotation marks for a reason!")

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