Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This way, That way, or T'other way

Some people believe certain friendly higher powers or entities are reaching down into our world of humans (and all the other beings of course, but these pieces are always about humans) and helping them, assisting them, helping them, beckoning them, and yes, helping them some more to reach their ultimate, if not inevitable status. They often say, or at least think: "Hey I am just covering my bases. This is what I WANT TO BELIEVE, and hope it is correct." "This way"

Others believe that's just some silly fairy tale story, not even ready for mass distribution - but of course it was, and still is - and that in reality, the World/Cosmos has no specific interest or even knowledge of humans on Earth or any other planet, beyond the Laws of Creation and Maintenance that preceded our arrival in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and so we are "On Our Own" every day, and in every way. They often say, or at least think: "Hey, I don't want to believe in fairy tales, and consciously choose NOT to believe in them when it comes to my own understanding of self and higher possibilities. This is what I WANT TO BELIEVE and hope it is indeed correct."  "That way"

In both cases, we have entered the inevitable territory called, "Believing in something - whatever it is - so as to 'feel good about it'." Nobody believes that which makes them feel worse (if not depressed and suicidal) except those who ought to be in some kind of medical or psychological therapy. People ALWAYS move towards that which makes them feel good, if not joy (well, if they are ABLE, that is!) Better to find out - while still alive and fully functioning - what IS true and correct, and leave the fairy tales and belief systems for the children who still love to read their picture and talking books, and later think about them, and tell them to their friends and loved ones. "T'other way"

All of This, "T'other way", is about the "Realm of the Three Ways": of the body, of the heart, of the mind, which has been and is being thoroughly discussed and amplified and expanded over the last hundred years or so by various people who either discovered it on their own through their readings - usually - or personal relationships - occasionally - but however one discovers it, the World Opens Up Exponentially!

The nervous system of all humans (which is an OPEN system, unlike animals and lower that are CLOSED systems), grows from the base of the spine to its constant, temporary arrival at the "horizontal line of ordinary consciousness" common for everyone in this time and place (beyond which few ever experience). The energy that has developed each apparent person moves upward, with every breath of the lungs, and beating of the heart, but in fact reaches no ultimate conclusion - since we are an OPEN system. It runs a certain course through the nervous system - like sap up a Tree, from the roots to the topmost branches and leaves (where it grows, reaching for the SUN) - and it stops at an invisible line that can't be "seen", only "known" (which is not unlike that between the lower atmosphere and each of the higher atmospheres: from the ground up, the 1) troposphere (which includes the planetary boundary layer or peplosphere), next: 2) stratosphere (which includes the ozone layer), then: 3) mesosphere, 4) thermosphere (which contains the ionosphere), 5) exosphere and also the 6) magnetosphere, and beyond that, 7) "deep space") and at that line the energy is diffused... into creating and maintaining "you", your "personality", your "quirks and features", "you".

Without understanding it, people derive their imagination of some superior state of consciousness, their ideas about the gods, from what's beyond this invisible line in the head brain where the energy from living life (from food, air, impressions) is spent, and thus not used for "T'other way". This area above the line fosters a need and desire for the new - new social, political, religious and other conditions, as well as what appears to be one's personal needs. He buys a new car and golf clubs; she changes her hairstyle and wardrobe; they are always buying things or adding to their always "too large" collection of the unnecessary trappings of modern life. These are not examples of people's individual problems. They are manifestations of the same urge. They are representations of the real need all of humanity has for something NEW. "T'other way".

These voices at the "Higher Ends of the Mental Pathways" (H.E.M.P.stretching for the "Sun in One", are just like the leaves of the trees growing a little bit farther up the trunk, their body. The authentic results of this urge are not usually evident in one individual's lifetime, and a person attempting to evolve beyond ordinary consciousness must find that ordinary change ("If I just got a Corvette and new clubs", or "If I became a blonde and wore Gucci") will never make his or her life any better. A new car, or a new anything, will alter nothing. Nothing is available at or below the line - that is the limit of ordinary consciousness - that can aid a person in "T'other way".

Hey, perhaps we are "On Our Own"
until we get ABOVE THE LINE,
the World of Real Help

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