Sunday, July 7, 2013

From beyond the grave...

(oops, typo, that should be "esoteric level" - this is the "instantaneous shift-point" for the few here)

This piece is about the necessity of Finding, Meeting, Knowing a LIVING person with whom to discuss certain "higher matters" - even if only "at a distance" - because books alone don't cover it, can't cover it, never will cover it! The entire human species (minus a tiny few here and there) does not comprehend this to the degree necessary to benefit by it, which is why there are many millions of books on these topics being sold and distributed throughout the world... and being BOUGHT by many more millions of people... when there really only needs to be a handful, if that, so long as they were produced by LIVING persons who could speak from "there into here."

People nowadays in certain countries are having fits of pique over the indiscriminate use of the "N-word" (and others - the "C-word", even the "B-word"), and there is more than enough "righteous indignation" surrounding all of it. But the real (beyond the) esoteric suggestion was always for the "I" word - forget all the others! Got that?!? You see (or not), the exo- and meso-teric levels can never exclude the heavy and frequent use of "I" words, because the leaders, and close followers WANT you to, and NEED you to "spread their word" far and wide (to attract new, dollar-donating followers), and that must always include telling "personal anecdotes" regarding your experiences with them. For all of them, it's "I, I, I" out the ying-yang. Only in some few esoteric groups does the elimination of "I" words gain importance, and from BEYOND them, it is almost verbotten.

If a person realized how many times per day they use the "I" word, coupled with the prior knowledge of what is about to be revealed - perhaps for the first time to some - they would literally be horrified. Every indiscriminate use is tantamount to nailing your personality to the past, which is precisely the opposite of what a Real Explorer of consciousness wants to do - get FREE of the past. Having to "go back" with a claw-hammer, and remove each and every "I" from your supposedly personal "My Story" is nearly impossible, since it grows longer and heavier every day, and by now is so beloved by you, it should have long ago become quite repulsive... like rotten meat. All of this has little to do with psychology, or morality, or sociology, but much to do with Physics, and the electro-chemical transference of energies from lower to higher levels, and conversely from higher to lower levels. This is how the "I" gets created, bolstered, maintained, only to grow bigger, heavier, and become much harder to get FREE from (remember your TarBuddy?)

If a person doesn't already get this - in a deep and abiding way - then very likely it is too late to turn that ship around (Mr. or Ms. Titanic). Because, like "gods", "angels", "space aliens", "sasquatches", "ghosts" and so many other imaginary beings, if you already BELIEVE they are real, physical things (you may or may not have met personally but could), then discovering the non-reality of your "I-being" is orders of magnitude more difficult, requiring an Effort-over-time that should have been started in your 20's at the latest.

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