Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Me and "Mr. Wonderful"

There is absolutely no possible way to discover WHO and WHAT and WHY you are, by thinking about it, even if you think/talk/think/talk until you bored even yourself to tears, not to mention everyone else, including your friends who unfortunately won't tell you (so thank god for strangers, who WILL, OFTEN!)

There is only one possible way, and the ancients, the mystics, the holy men, and others have known about it for millennia! They even invented a word for it in their own native tongue. "Waking Up", which became "Enlightenment", "Nirvana", "Cosmic Consciousness" and many other fun words to say in mixed company to impress others.

Yes, there IS an "essence need" to Know these things, but it is absolutely not the job of the brain to accomplish it. It's job, of course (once you Grok It, Crockett) is to interfere. There is a "something" outside the brain - though "connected to it" in an inconceivable way - that is surrounding the entire organism, that is MUCH larger in size/space, and MUCH longer in life/time, than the minuscule "mind of mere minutes" we have access to. Some call it, Consciousness, The Mind, or Life, or Nature, or God, but it doesn't matter what the brain calls ANYTHING. Only that it calls it something, so as to be thoroughly dazed and confused thereby. For the mystics, however, they all knew they must "get out of the way", so as to allow Real Awakening to come upon one - which it will when this is fully achieved - and they were able to achieve it. The "merely mind" can't KNOW SELF, only the Awakened Mind.

Talking about yourself - endlessly telling stories about your "life in my body", your "life in this world", and telling everyone what kind of guy or gal or trans you are, health-wise, wealth-wise, social-wise, religious-wise, political-wise, and otherwise - is the most time-consuming activity of the ordinary sleeping mind, and if you don't KNOW THIS WELL, then you are still doing it daily, hell, hourly! 

Get Over Your Self, and Wake Up! (It's easy!)

Here's how: (well, today's rendition, tomorrow there will be another): Realize there are two "parts" or "functional aspects" of the minuscule "mind of mere minutes" you think you know, but don't, not even a little bit. Two Parts, almost like Two People, almost like a Partnership that is ever-engaged in working out the "details" of "being alive today" (and one of them is a tyrant - guess which one). What to do, where to go, who to see, when to leave, when to arrive, how to do this, why should I do that, and the thousands of other "ME" questions (which, taken all together, are known as "talking about oneself" to "the partner.") This is a TRAP. It is a TAR BABY and you are embedded in it from the time you can compose reasonably coherent sentences your parents can understand, until you actually WAKE UP (known as "escaping the trap", or "killing the partner" once and for all...phew!!!) Till then, and for all your mortal life here on Earth, from the outside, "YOU" can't even be perceived, you might as well be a ghost. This follows in right-order the unknown and unrealized LAW - which can  also be stated as, the lower can't SEE itself, only the higher can. So...
Get Outside Your Tarbaby, and Awaken! (It's easy!)
Here's how: (you didn't think I was really going to go into this today, did you?)

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