Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A short clarification before moving on...

The following was sent here for unknown reasons:
"But also  I disagree with you on many of your ideas, and how you use language.  I spent a couple hours reading Praybob and was unable to find anything I'd not read somewhere in some book, or thought myself. Sorry if you believe otherwise."

Since I never do this here, as it is a waste of time to reply to such impertinent comments, I think it would be useful to clarify my Own thoughts on this general matter, because I know for certain there are other people reading this now, or once did and quit for the same reason as suggested above, but at least they weren't so gauche as to make it public. They just LEFT, and we're glad they did.

Everything you read here is new to you, whether or not you buy that, or believe that. If YOU (or someone else) supposedly produced something, fully encapsulating what was presented here, but fail to produce the evidence of that, then be assured, you never heard or read these ideas before. They all came from one place, and one source, the author of each and every page - not copied from elsewhere, not read/heard from someone else - but manufactured on-the-spot for this blog.
Thus, from a particular viewpoint, they are 
Original and Creative outputs 
© "Praybob in Nirvana"

Sure, it is possible you THINK you understand everything presented here, on each and every page, going back to 2003 (or even earlier, if you knew "Praybob" before that), and BELIEVE you've fully grokked the main, and sub-points being presented here, but if you can't produce the evidence of that, then you are committing two "offences:" 1) you think something that is not true, and 2) you believe what you think.

Consider, the better response to ALL that is written here, is NONE AT ALL - none internally; none externally - and if you can't do that reliably, without having to be told to do that (here - probably for the first time, eh?) then you've missed the point by a mile.

No one understands fully what another person says or writes, and the sooner one discovers the WHYs and WHEREFORE's of that statement, the better. NOT because you read it here, but because NOT until this is fully understood can one even BEGIN to produce on their own, on a regular basis, as is done here... 
Original and Creative outputs for the 
two-fold benefit of oneself and perhaps even others.

Finally, just because some word, or phrase, or fragment reminds you of something you read or thought elsewhere - starting a whole chain of associations that typically flow mechanically through you - that does NOT mean it is not NEW to you. Either: produce your own "reply" in your OWN WORDS, that fully expresses the SAME CONCEPTS you're replying to, and then that may (though probably not) suffice as Evidence. OR, if it's not really NEW to you, then you can demonstrate that, here, by commenting upon some piece, indicating exactly how that is - include details! 
Hey, go for it. 

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