Monday, September 23, 2013

Deepdish Chopsuey

What has become of this planet, anyway?

The wisdom of the east, and the energy of the west, has become all mashed together like an Insane Clown Twitter feed, consisting of one- and two-line quips of presumed pith, presumed to be useful "instructions" for living a "better life", when, in fact, the wisdom of the east and the west (when it can actually be located), has little to with a "better life", but about a
Perfect Death.

Ordinary death for everyone still alive is, too soon, and too difficult for most people to bear, and most know this at an early age, so they quite naturally begin the mechanical "shutting down process" (rather than, the more conscious, "speeding up process" they don't even know about) that begins by their late teens or early twenties, and accelerates the older they become. Many people nowadays are actually marking time, or slipping backwards (forsaking the Red Queen's advice), while waiting for their ultimate and expected D-Day - "Death Date" - feeling, "And, the sooner the better, god damn it!"

To achieve a "Perfect Death" one must Understand their birth - how they arrived here after 3.5billion years of planetary organic evolution leading up to their B-Day - "Birth Date" - when mommy and daddy offered up their Essence to the All and Everything, and nine months later little Fred or Mary (or, nowadays, Fmraerdy) showed up on the scene. Who-Ray! Then, O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Mother Dear (of the "Milky Way School") spoke the Light of Truth into baby's ear - which most quickly forgot, unfortunately.
A few short decades later, 
and here you are, right NOW
reading this reminder... 

Weekend, or less frequent, "spiritual seekers" - which is exactly what most people are who claim ANY interest at all in "spiritual matters" - are not only something else entirely (conforming to the "Cosmic Law of Reality"), but nearly its opposite, and those who casually believe they can drop in, check-out, drop-in, check-out (back-and-forth, on-and-off, like a light-switch with a serious short-circuit somewhere), without ever going ALL IN, and Then Some... including the postage... are living in dreamland; not even Dreamland, which is "the much, MUCH better version!"

Earth IS the plain vanilla, deepdish chopsuey variety dreamland, and there are over seven billion and counting stories, each with names, addresses and sub-titles - like so many pages ripped from the Glorious one-hundred billion strong "Book of Life" that somehow also got shredded and tossed into the cosmic wind. And now, "All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put Lumpy Dumpster back together again!"
(You DO know WHO They Are, yes?)

For one huge thing, one must BE TOGETHER to Die Well, Perfectly. Whereas, fragmented, and still confused and sleepy after all these many decades of roaming around this planet aimlessly, only leads to a tragically shortened life and a cold, damp dirt-bed, sleeping with bugs and insects that are glad you finally made it!

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