Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Desperately Bored Housewives"

There is this street around here, called "Misterious Lane", where several or more "mysteriously" bored housewives live. This is so obvious to all, by simply listening to the noises coming out of their always opened windows, around 11am or so, for several hours, every single day without fail, while their favorite Soap Operas are heard blaring throughout the entire neighborhood, such that everyone else must shut all the doors, windows and mail-slots to keep the racket out!

Occasionally, though not very often, one or another of them will emerge from their tomb, or womb, or whatever their TV room is called, and start talking to the walkers passing by. Sure, it's a neighborly thing to do, perhaps, but the conversations they invariably engage in, consist 100% of stories from their Soap Operas! And they've got hundreds, nay, thousands of them, ready to drop on any unsuspecting passerby.

Obviously, they've been doing this for a long time - years and years - and they never realized for themselves the effect such a) casual viewing, b) automatic remembering at the time, c) mechanical recalling later, d) and repeatedly "reliving" them, again and again and again, has on the flow of energy circulating within them, i.e., their, "higher potential intelligence" (though DON'T TELL THEM that!) If they HAD realized it, they'd stop watching those Soaps, and start creating their Own. Not necessarily for public consumption, but for themselves alone.

Now, this bit above is not about ordinary neighborhood housewives and their bored lives, needing to fill their inner intellectual and emotional void with TV SOAPS, which are designed to cause almost instantaneous addiction in those who can not see what's happening. For them, it's like Crack Cocaine, and all it takes is a couple/three hits off the crack pipe, and they are hooked. Trying to talk them off their Crack is like trying to Teach people how to grow wings, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Oh, it CAN be done, but even SurferGuy can't Teach anyone HOW, or WHY.)

No, what this bit below is about is the overlay, some here probably see already; comparing, bored-with-their-physical-lives housewives, who spend most of the day glued to the couch eating bonbons and drinking in their favorite Soapy Character's activities, to, bored-with-their-intellectual-lives bon vivants, who spend most of the day in random, associative thinking about what everybody else in the world is thinking about, that is piped into their heads from TV, radio, Internet sources, other people they know, books, magazines, billboards, etc.

Such intellectual housewives are searching, scanning, scrolling, trolling for Information of a Higher Order, but are willing to settle for Infotainment of the Ordinary order, not so much because they want to settle, but because they can't "scale the heights"... they can't "leap tall buildings"... they can't "sprout their own wings."

The ONLY "tragedy" here, is that every human alive from birth is capable of grabbing the Cosmic Microphone, and never letting go. That is, Chanting The World with each and every breath. BUT, not having matured to that degree (understanding neither HOW, nor WHY), they SETTLE for the world-at-large that was already here before they arrived. 

Don't ruffle any feathers, human. 
Keep the Status Quo at all costs, human! 
"YAWN!" (said this human)


Side note: A question for all the intellectual housewives out there, who lay in wait on their couches watching and criticizing the efforts of others ("too fast, too slow, too long, too short!"), "When and where are we going to see some of YOUR higher order outputs, eh?"

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