Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's up doc?

Lest there be anyone passing through, who doesn't know what's going on here - and you wouldn't be the only one, okay - well, it's a directed (purposeful) investigation and exploration into the workings of that three-pound organ everybody has, but nobody knows. You've got it, but don't know it, so you have forgotten it. It is a case of, "Out of sight... SO... out of mind."

That is the problem. It is called, "Taking everything for granted." If there were not people like me and others, contributing to places like this and others, nobody would EVER find out anything about the contents of that GIFT between the ears (which it most certainly IS), let alone the FUN and EXCITEMENT that can be experienced by those who discover it on their own... one morning... and curl up on the floor in front of the fire, with a cuppa hot cocoa, and slowly, carefully, unwrap it, knowing full well they are NOT going to be disappointed. And they're right. Righter than they can imagine! It's the Gift that keeps on Giving, the more it is unwrapped.

Once a person begins unwrapping that mystery between the ears they are immediately alerted to the fact that, as energy flows through the organ - like blood through the veins - thoughts are apparently created; that seems to the only REAL function of the higher ends of the nervous system - Create Thoughts. What kind of thoughts created are less important in the grand scheme of things, than that they ARE created, and this Creation (inside an always-willing servant) is good for Life, though it only may be good for you.

Life is Alive and Growing & Expanding, and Mankind is at the leading edge of that expansion primarily and specifically in the higher neural areas of the brain, the "highest" ends of the nervous system. (The Young - say, 7-35 or so - are at the leading edge of that leading edge, having the most active sex drives and neural activity - the Young are usually the most creative; while at the same time, the OLD - say, 35-80 or so - are the waning and fast-receding edge, due primarily to the running down of their hormones, their sex drive, and neural activity).

You see, from Life's point of view it doesn't matter WHAT people are yammering on about, it only matters that people ARE YAMMERING, CONTINUALLY, because that is the way finer energies are moved throughout the Living Being that is Life. It is simply healthy circulation throughout the entire organism, for the Benefit of Itself first and foremost. Humanity is the embodiment of Life's "thinking about itself", and that's a good thing... for LIFE, though it only may be good for you.

Of course, it's NOT such a good thing for humanity in general - all this mostly mindless yammering on and on about virtually nothing of importance - because it is tantamount to burning out the circuit LONG before it might otherwise have become so burnt to a crisp. The secret here, of course, is NOT to learn how to "stop thought", how to "meditate", how to "anything in particular", but this: Change your inner INTENTION with regard to what you think, say and do, and think, say and do it with as much Originality and Creativity as you can bring to every situation.

INTENTION is everything. The INTENTION in everything written here, is first to discover a "Pearl", and then to cast it before the "Swine" around me, hoping beyond HOPE there may be another "Pearl-caster" out there, looking to Stand Up and be counted.  (I am not calling others "Swine", they reveal themselves by their reactions to what is cast. Remember, it is just an expression, from Matthew 7:6: "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.")

"Swine" (they are born and thus) stay "Swine" until they die, or until one or another discovers on their own, the Secret of moving neurally, from the Dead column to the Living column. Then the Fun Begins!

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