Sunday, June 23, 2013

The glorious anomaly that is language

All higher animals, particularly mammals, could have developed a complex language similar to humans, except for the one BIG thing that didn't happen in their evolution that did happen in ours - verbal speech and writing. In that only one species developed a complex language - so far - Life is still trying to evolve at least one more, perhaps many more, and that evolutionary process is accelerating though humans don't live long enough to see it occurring, though it can be KNOWN by those who can KNOW it. Think of "them" as higher beings with more evolved language capacity and skills who are now, and will be making themselves "known" to humanity, one person at a time. Perhaps they will have invented their OWN LANGUAGE based not upon words that must be spoken or written to be communicated, but upon "sensational feelings", or "feeling sensational!" Or maybe it will just be Visual.

As such, given that there is presently only one language-using species on this planet - that everyone "knows about" - language has undergone a "short-handing" process, that enables the conversion of experience gained via the five senses to thoughts and words that can be spoken and written and now transmitted instantaneously around the world. But this "short-handing" process has unfortunately become its own opposite: a "dumbing-down" process. Just look at the teenage chat rooms and text messaging sweeping the world today and even accelerating.
(LOL, anyone?)

Grammar, syntax, spelling, and most importantly nuance and context has been all but left behind in favor of "talking more" and "saying less", such that only the Best-of-the-Best have a chance of achieving the level of consciousness that is their birthright. (The misuse of) Language is siphoning off ALL THE BEST that is being human, in this one specific sense: ENERGY, extracted from the food, air and impressions of simply living life and mechanically gathering experiences of all kinds, and then THOUGHTFULLY (which means intentionally, creatively, with as much originality as possible - today, and hopefully more so tomorrow...) wrapping that experience in the kind of "short-hand" Life wired into the brains of human species, which includes metaphor, symbolism, aphorism and other "devices" for transmitting large ideas with, sometimes, extreme brevity without losing their "essential elements."

Why? This should be OBVIOUS squared to those "B.o.t.B" who already understand where this is going, while forever remaining obscure at best in all the rest. Here is the "short-hand" reason: to activate the higher-ends of the nervous systems of more and MORE people, day by day, so as to enable them to convey more and MORE Real and Useful and Meaningful Knowledge to those of nearly - or better - fully-functioning Intelligence, to AID in the AIMS of LIFE.

Life is evolving its intelligence and consciousness through mankind, but not ALL mankind (which would be unnecessary, as all-mankind is simply a "cauldron" - petri dish - in which to "grow" cultures wherein the cream rises to the top), just the "C.o.t.C" who already understand where this is going.

ps - there is no intrinsic, "stupidity of language"; just a stupidity of language-users, and that is one's OWN FAULT, not anyone else's, and certainly not LIFE.

pps - before someone goes off half-cocked in the wrong direction, this ENTIRE BIT is not about language, per se - either its correct or incorrect usage by people - but about a "point" (a "place", "in time"), where language in one is created, stored, recalled, interconnected, refined, massaged and transmitted to others in new and different and sometimes unique "out of the box" ways, in order to convey the best you have to offer as much as you are able, hopefully improving daily! That's the only thing Life wants from you there, running for your life... and when it's done with you, "That's the end'a little girl."

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