Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Great Inquiry

It is literally impossible to know reality when you believe you already know it, just as it is literally impossible to awaken when you believe you are already awake.

This belief - as in all beliefs - acts as a physical barrier through which one can never peer, and even if someone catches glimpses of something, it is never the whole due to the LAW: that which is seen only partially, is seen as something else.

That is, you can't partially see REALITY; what you are seeing is imaginary due to the influence of the limitations of the five senses and the disconnection between those perceptions and the place where UNDERSTANDING occurs, forever unknown to all who keep trying to know it.

You can't know anything about HOW and WHERE and WHY until you can plug the huge leakage that is your ordinary modes of experience... like unnecessary arguing, talking, anecdotalizing, talking about yourself, telling others what kind of person you believe yourself to be, how you imagine you arrived "here" in this time and place, and thousands of other BELIEFS that are unfounded at best and LIES (told to oneself and others) at worst.

Get over your "Inquiry into Reality" - which is code for arguing over irrelevant details of misunderstood and misperceived perceptions - and move into Inquiry into ENERGY LEAKS. For those who don't understand this, that is what the Fourth Way, for one, starts with, runs with, and ends with.

Stop the leaks, and then you can channel the "best of you" into the WORK of UNDERSTANDING.

ps - The only thing that should matter to one (who once caught a glimpse of Real Experience, Real Freedom, Real Independence), is increasing originality and creativity in the only place where that CAN occur, such that "that place" expands beyond the borders of the steel-caged cell(ular structure) one was born into, and now has a hard-and-fast "Death Sentence" not only pinned to the wall in front of one - wherever one looks - but signed...  sealed... and delivered by... guess who.

Go on, GUESS!

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  1. thank you for this.

    re. huge leakage, when I BREATHE DEEPLY and simply watch all the leaks as they're happening
    it feels like a de-lamination of sorts happening. Something is going about doing all the stuff that calls to be done, but I myself
    are watching, the most serene lazyass imaginable. It feels good to do nothing.