Thursday, June 13, 2013

The sketch artist

All these written messages people upload to the Interwebs these days, are sketches - usually impromptu, ad hoc, "sharpened charcoal", "pen and ink", or even "brush and color", but renderings of things SEEN. Not portraits of people's faces, or landscapes or seascapes in Nature, but mind's-eye points-of-view of something seen in their own neural landscape; often, for just a moment, if that.

Sometimes, all that was seen, in that moment, was a flickering of light - as it were - in the corner of the minds-eye, that was so interesting, so intriguing, that the effort to bring it into greater focus becomes an all-consuming force that drives the mind, at least until the thing is fleshed out, and it may not even start immediately, but the sensation, the taste of its occurrence will last quite a long time.

Some are completed successfully even at the time, or nearly enough, to put on a "hard comma", if not a final period (the wrap-up), and pin it up on the wall. Some are impossible to complete at that time - for various reasons - but they are never lost, the neural connections that once flickered, will flicker again, sometimes as part of another, larger, sketch that does reach completion. But in any case, once the neural connections are made, they are never lost, and can be accessed instantly - even wordlessly - and they accumulate. "Ahhhh, the accumulation!"

This, is just a sketch, of what Originality and Creativity in Thought is all about.
It is not right, it is not wrong, and there is no debate. It is what it is, and I wrote it.

Many times - actually too many times - such a completed sketch, is grabbed by someone, some really sleepy someone, torn down off the wall, and scribbled upon, here and there, using different styles, different colors, and changing it to suit themselves - "the rip-off". Even worse, sometimes someone will have the nerve to tear off pieces, small pieces, jagged pieces and then rearrange them to make some new sketch, that they, somehow in their confusion, believe is now their own... then they sign their name to it! "The signed rip-off."

Sometimes, worse yet, someone will grab another's sketch, tear it down off the wall, sign their name to it, put it up on their own wall, stand back and admire it, and feel, somehow, "fulfilled", but it's just another rip-off, and they don't even realize it.

If you didn't Originate or Create what you are now pinning up on your wall (like yet-another youtube link, wiki-page, googled-page, blog-page, etc., i.e., a work of SOMEONE ELSE), then you are, in a real sense, stealing from yourself, and it's a double, in that you still don't realize what's happening. You give yourself a pass. This should cause a really Baaad TASTE in your mouth, and the sooner the better. It was an opportunity to BE original and creative in that "special place/time" behind your eyes, and you Blew It!

Believe this or not: once someone finds out how to "get started with This Thing", there is no turning back - sometimes called "back-sliding" in some circles, sometimes referred to as "falling off the wagon" in other circles, sometimes labeled "losing their work" in still other circles. But, it is an acquired Taste with a capital "T", that is more pleasing to all the senses than nearly EVERYTHING available "out there" in the world (except that which comes from others who've not turned back either.)

But again, this sketch is for me - to SEE, to flesh out by wrapping in thought, to add to the Infinite Comment of Life Itself - and any others who know who they are. But, it is not for the rest - not that they can't view it, they certainly can - because like ALL CRITICS who can only (just barely) talk the talk, but not (at all!) WALK the WALK, the best they can do is rip-off, steal, plagiarize bits and pieces from others' work, rearrange those pieces, scribble upon those rearranged pieces and then pin the monstrosity upon their OWN WALL - claiming no one "owns their work" or something like that -  then stand back and admire it, and feel, somehow, "fulfilled" by their own utter Lack, but it's just the double rip-off again.

Of course, this is for the 1%'ers who can already do this, and do it regularly, and not for the 99%'ers who not only CAN'T do it, do not WANT to do it, and even (amazingly!) find reasons NOT to try. (Excuses, one and all.) Such people can be challenged to do what I am doing here - for years and years, like so many others I know who do it better still - and (amazingly!) give themselves a Huge Pass for not even trying, which is the same as FAILING... though they don't realize it for themselves. Haha!

There is a NEED in the evolving human being for more originality and more creativity between the ears, behind the eyes, to extend and expand the neural pathways necessary to give some kind of "meaningful form" to it - in this case of course, using Language, thought-forms, though there are many other ways as well - that can be "willingly shared" with others who CAN use it, even if not immediately but when they are ready.

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