Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"We've only just begun..."

As everyone today knows ("for sure, no question"), people who are not in bed with eyes closed, but walking around, eyes open, able to read Internet pages, are Awake, and therefore, people who are awake are Conscious. "What could be more obvious than that?"

But, as a few of us know quite well ("Yup, QUITE!"), just walking around with eyes open, able to respond to your name, and talk about stuff, does not mean you are Awake, and certainly does not mean you are Conscious. ("I repeat, YUP!") In fact, very likely, and most of the time (nearly 99% of the time!) one is Asleep in the sense a few know quite well. ("Again, yup, INDEED!") In fact, those few also know that in relation to some kind of Permanence with regard to Awake AND Conscious, "We've only just begun" and there is still much more to learn, discover, invent, create, and many other things, just to "get in sync with" Great Life flowing through and around this planet, keeping the living alive for another second, hour, day or longer. We know we are "out of sync" because, while we know NOTHING, we believe (almost all the time) that we know a LOT, and even a LOT MORE than most everyone, so we must certainly be very nearly if not fully, Awake and Conscious most if not all the time. Right? (Ask yourself... Ooops, there it is.)

No big deal though. This is just another case of the LAW: Either you get it, or you don't. Those who don't are not reading this kinda stuff, or anything similar, and if they ever "accidentally" came across it, or overheard such a conversation at Starbucks, they would not be interested enough to eavesdrop, UNLESS they were "right on the edge" of "Getting it." (Of course, the "edge" is "miles" wide and "days" long, and one might have NO CLUE just how close they ARE, until it... "bites them on the nose", or "itches their eyeballs", or "tastes like chocolate".)

So, for the few: What NOW? You know that being Awake and Conscious is much preferred over the alternative, one's ordinary walking-around-with-eyes-open state of mind, but continually must realize you CAN'T DO IT! Here are a couple things you can do to turn ordinary "transience" into extra-ordinary "permanence"... well, given that the "GAP" between them, is also "miles" wide and "days" long, and one never has even a CLUE how close or far they ARE, until it... (well, you know.)

Consider that we all are just "one neuron" away from making the neural connection(s) necessary to start a chain-reaction that can last for minutes, hours, days, lifetimes, so one must try to be open and alert to All and Everything, without restriction, without agreement, without disagreement - with Acceptance. If Life is feeding you something - no matter "who or what" has been suited up and tasked with Successfully Delivering your "meal of the moment" (that is, whatever is being received by the senses, and stimulating your feelings and thoughts) - know in advance that it carries a GIFT that only a FEW (YOU) are capable of realizing/recognizing "in that moment", and then unwrapping it sufficiently so as to "light up" that "one neuron", until it... (well, you know.) And then, don't stop there, keep unwrapping because this GIFT keeps on GIVING the more you can UNWRAP IT.

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