Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thinking in terms of energies, forces, processes

People always think in terms of ideas, concepts, words, and never in terms of energy, forces, processes. Could they do this, they would not hold words, concepts, ideas in such high regard, NO MATTER where they "believe" they came from, because the "ability" - which is more like magic than craft, art than science - can only be developed in a thinking creature with an open-ended nervous system which is *capable* of that specific development, and only humans qualify, but not all humans.

This ad hoc division between humans - presented only to make this particular point, and not to be taken as fact (though it is correct) - means that, those who are engaged primarily with lower circuits in the nervous system can "think" ONLY in words, concepts and ideas, FACTS, while those who are engaged primarily with the higher circuits can also Think (without quotation marks) ONLY in processes, forces, energies. It is "above ordinary thought."

Those primarily engaged in the lower circuits - the reptilian, and mammalian brains - occupy their time with the tangible, earth-based pursuits, like sex, food, sports, jobs, homes, families.

Those primarily engaged in the higher circuits - the neocortex - occupy their time with the intangible, intellectual pursuits, like pondering, considering, consciousness, awakening, enlightenment, liberation.

Each has its place.

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