Friday, May 10, 2013

The Human Path

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"  A.C.Clark

It is said, and almost everyone today realizes (in their own limited way) that Humans are Social creatures. But "sociability" is an animal-level drive/emotion/striving. Yes, it has become quite elaborated, and sophisticated in the human species, but only because of the development and growth and expansion of language. Preening, picking fleas off pack mates - a highly useful bonding mechanism in the higher mammals, to be sure - is NOT unlike casual, even hyper, even overheated chit-chat on a large variety of quickly changing "mini-topics" like what occurs daily everywhere on this planet, from schoolyards to cocktail parties, from street-kids in-da-hood to boardrooms on a break, "up and down the human social ladder".

This common level of "human sociability" is behind group-think, political party affiliations,  religious organizations, spiritual groups, sports bars, and coffee houses - everywhere "up and down the human social ladder.  The "Prime Directive" of each group and member (though none actually Know and Realize this) is, "Fix each other by any means possible, or eject them" - that is, "Fix 'em, Kick 'em, or Kill 'em", and it is the solution to all perceived problems of real and imaginary infiltration. But such groups always desire to increase their numbers over time as much as possible (even to brag about their size and position on some List somewhere), then fix the stragglers (applying the Rule: fix, kick, or kill), in the effort to enforce loyalty in the membership. The stragglers and hangers-on can now be expected to Toe the Party Line, dutifully.

There is another level rarely seen on planet earth, also part of the "Human Path". It appears Opposite to the above common level - at least to the few here and there who ever come across it - and it could be described like this: A few "friends" gather around an IDEA, and rather than attempting to increase their numbers and fix everyone or anyone really - as that is NOT in the "game plan" - the IDEA is about providing (revealing) a technology, or methodology, to the entire membership for successfully and eventually permanently RESISTING the ingrained drive to become just another PART of a larger PART of a larger WHOLE. This is the "Game of Independence" (or, in another context - becoming a  Hermit on a Higher Level.)

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"  A.C.Clark

Of course, once you see what is being presented herein, and in ALL the previous pages in this ten-year opus, you will SEE and FEEL the MAGIC and TECHNOLOGY that is Life on Earth, in a way that can't be imagined prior to that, because it is STRANGER than one CAN imagine.

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