Monday, May 27, 2013

Life chooses your body-suit before birth

Can you handle it? Or will you be "handled by it"?
If you haven't yet learned to laugh at yourself - your antics - as you oscillate between variable-length FITS of fretting and struttingdepression and exhilarationjoy and sorrow, and the thousands of other states beFITting your particular body-suit, then always remember there is someone out there, someone you know, who never forgets to laugh at you... is laughing now.

But simultaneously remember, if you are able - and you should be once you've achieved that capability often and everywhere - this is STEP ONE to getting off the Fickle Finger of Fate wrapped around your spine and up and up, deep inside and out to the edges of your brain, feeding you a specialized cocktail of sweet/sour/salty/bitter juices throughout all your "fleshy parts" and not-so-fleshy "allotted years" - if that, and if you are lucky - until either:
  • a) you are no longer needed for the "Work of the Hand" (Life's "Hand-I-Work"), or 
  • b) you don't need IT - that is, you have achieved that level of true independence pointed to by the mystics of old, and some even today, including herein - and can STEP AHEAD (into the highest ends of the nervous system in the HEAD, into the Third Eye.)
Remember that way over nine-tenths (99.9%) of the suited-up creatures on this planet have absolutely NO confusion about their FATE, and their POSITION, in the Great Scheme of Life. It is only the .1% or so of the Life's finger-puppets who have reached that level of UTTER CONFUSION (i.e., ordinary thinking about oneself, ad infinitum) that some actually imagine:
  • a) they personally are NOT subject to the Great Scheme of Life, or 
  • b) they can STEP AHEAD any time they choose to do so (like right now, eh? how's that working for ya?) 
Realize too, that the chances of getting free from the firm grip Life has upon one - from long before one's birth - are about the same as the percentage of UTTERLY CONFUSED finger-puppets making up silly stories about themselves until everyone is blue in the face from boredom (.1%)

This is why is it called - by the mystics of old, and new - The Work
And if it wasn't Work, everybody - 100% of the .1% born in bondage - would already be free.

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