Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Radar and You

Living under the radar of life

If living with the cross-hairs of Life focused upon your eyes and center of your forehead, and your ears and the top of your head, was working out so well, there would be no need for higher information - about evolution, about enlightenment, about liberation, about anything.
  • Animals are points, lines and planes; three dimensions of organic tissue, directly wired into the nervous system of Life itself, all possible organic relationships and connections in manifestation.
  • Humans are solids and hypersolids of many dimensions of neural connections.
  • Animals are real, humans are imaginary - in potential.
New information requires New Intelligence to make use of it. There is no possible value to you, in knowing how to live off the land on Mars. The information is certainly knowable - in time, from our view - but even if you knew it, you could not make use of it.

Same with all ideas about evolution, enlightenment and liberation. These ideas do not exist in life, but in their necessarily stepped-down in vibration, potency, forms.

Hermits, are such examples of New Information vibrating at a lower rate of frequency, of which ordinary intelligence can apparently make use. That is, any human can attempt and to some degree succeed at becoming a hermit, or a hobo, or a mystic in the desert, or a zen monk in a mountain cave. The idea is one of living outside the Radar of Life itself, becoming physically disconnected from it as much as possible while (in some cases, just barely) sustaining life.

The New Information - the source of the "Hermit" concept - is beyond the ability of ordinary humans to incorporate and make use of. If you want to see if your nervous system is capable of hearing, making use of, and incorporating New Information, describe the manifestation of "Hermit on a higher level"... (how are you doing...?) That is, knowing in advance that EVERYTHING you already know about "hermits" (the hows, whys, wherefores) are NOT IT, but only a miserably out-of-focus representation in three dimensional matter and two dimensional thought, about the one dimensional concept, the point: "Hermit".

To any animal, sans the capacity for thinking, a "hermit" is absolutely no different than a tree or a boulder - a neutral thing. To a human, a "hermit" is a world of possible physical and non-physical relationships and connections impossible to distinguish except by the one engaged in that process.

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