Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fear of the Truth

People are absolutely AFRAID to tell the world what they REALLY think - deep down (high up), about the "essential matters of their being alive for all these many years" - but have no problem at all talking about their subjective opinions and feelings about living life through a fake, and faulty persona (accidentally acquired due to continual interactions with ambient society, and the genetic propensity to model the verbs of their actual interactions with others and things, into nouns that can serve as maps which predisposed one's future interactions - this can be called, re-mapping the brain) that covers, though only somewhat, their FEARS, and so there is almost nothing that can shut them up about all of that subjectivity. Most of what passes for "conversation" in human societies is nothing more, and often a lot less than nonsense and silliness to kill time - which is exactly what it does, especially in those that time kills, slowly in some, much more rapidly in others.

Everybody is hiding behind something, rather than expose "their Truth". Anything but THAT! So the best that most can do - ever, even when pushed from behind - is re-publish links to the hard-work of Other People who, in many cases have done the same thing, on up and down the line. Most of what can be found "out there" is plagiarized bullshit masquerading as original thinking; even though it is just aggregations and accumulations of pages and pages of previously published material.

Only a few - here and there - are not only willing to tell the world their "Truth", but have absolutely no fear about doing it, and so they do it often, if not very often, if not too often. These are the ones who, in fact, are the most verbose on the planet, having acquired and developed further their natural ability to think and speak, but have evolved it intentionally to FOCUS, like a laser beam, on as few "topics", or "ideas", or "concepts" as possible, so as to burn a hole through them so completely that others, who are, let's say, prepared, might walk through and See What's NEW for them, which has the amazing side-effect of transferring some of that "skill" or "talent" or "art" (of FOCUS)  to them so that they can proceed on their own.

Since most people become bogged down, very early in life, by "the media", and by "entertainment" - all diversions - they begin to seek it out, becoming expert "Seekers of the Silly", actually preferring it over anything that even looks or sounds like "News from Elsewhere", as all that is too scary to even consider because it may upset their apple carts full of half-baked beliefs, theories and stories that OTHER PEOPLE packaged up and pushed out into the world specifically for just such fearful people. The main reason the fearful people eat all that stuff up with RELISH, licking their chops and giggling with glee at the end, is because it is so "easy on the eyes and ears" - that is, they can "check out" while it is occurring (no thinking, no feeling, no consciousness, just automatic reactions from the nervous system - i.e. sleepytime), and still be able to offer up their (supposedly) interesting Opinions and Reviews after-the-fact, thereby holding up their imaginary "end of the conversation" (which of course they are, curiously, not even a part of, not really).

All of this would be laughable except for the effect it has on society and civilization, because since humans are just naked apes with big brains, after all, they have become EXPERTS at mimicry, and are quite content just copying other people's looks, manners, morals, preferences, beliefs, theories etc. Originality and Creativity seems to be being weeded out of the human species... well, except for the Few of the Few referred to above, who safeguard, strengthen, develop, and surpass themselves, as a Lifestyle, a Conscious Aim, quite unknown by the masses who remain totally clueless about all of this.

But, not to worry, Life is not suffering in ANY WAY by this apparent descent of Humanity into unyet charted maelstroms of doom and gloom (yeah, right, as if!) In fact, it is in this way that the "Cream of the Crop" grows, even if it seems like the "Riffs and the Raffs" devolve even more, but it's not true. Even the "Riffs and the Raffs" are evolving, only more slowly, offset by the "Cream of the Crop" who are evolving at a much faster rate, intentionally. Overall, things are getting MUCH BETTER all around the world, even as the collateral damage seems to increase daily. One can not worry about that which one has NO POWER to change or alter. One should only be focused upon that which one CAN change and alter, which is their own mechanics, stupidity, and tendency to fall dead asleep at a moment's notice.

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