Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spiritual Skepticism

Ordinary skeptics doubt the efficacy of much, if not most of what humans believe today, and that is a very good thing because it can lead many to a state of Independent Thinking, and a new level of Spiritual Thinking, only this time with Certainty, not Theory.

Those who have become indoctrinated by their parents, teachers and peers - usually, but not always, unwillingly - to "accept" some codified line-of-thought (usually called, Bibles or Holy Writs) based upon "faith", "belief", "fairy tales", "alien visitations", unspecified though certainly altered brain states, stories of unverifiable events and undiscoverable places, and so many other factors, is the primary constraint keeping even ordinary humans from progressing intellectually. Thus, most people today are intellectual midgets on a slow growth path to becoming intellectual Giants (their birthright) if only they can live long enough to achieve it - like a few hundred more years - which is very doubtful unless: enter stage right, the future of Science and Technology and effective Life Extension  technologies.)

It is necessary to "give up" EVERYTHING before one can intentionally acquire what actually IS NECESSARY (this time around). This is almost impossible to do on one's own - though it can be done - because it is hundreds of times easier to unwillingly acquire whatever is being PUSHED into one by others (including, all that you now call "my memories and stories about myself"), than to willingly eliminate the "bad juju-juice" that infected one. But, thankfully, should one achieve this intentional elimination, the slow growth path quickly becomes the Fast-n-Fantastic-Path.

This is like - although it is really exactly like - becoming intentionally UNCIVILIZED in a particular way (no, you don't become a MADMAN or a CAVEMAN, certainly not to other people - perhaps only to yourself), in order to become consciously CIVILIZED, as necessary, in a new part of one previously untouched, untainted by all that previously acquired indoctrination. A Place which has been pointed to, hinted at, a number of times herein over the years.
First, you must "get really small", 
then you can pass through anything
even "death" and "life".

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