Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From Here To Eternity

Everything mankind might "want" to do technologically - ever since "technologically" became an active working principle in his life, just as "religion" did long before that - he can do "spiritually", once he understands the "math and physics" of it all, which necessarily means when it becomes an active working Principle in his daily life, and not just a pastime, or professional occupation, of certain types of scientists, as it still is today.

From another viewpoint, who needs "Enlightenment" when you understand the math and physics of life and death and all the rest of it? (That would mean that "Enlightenment" is just a function in one who did, so the word is then quite unnecessary - being then, an aspect of Being.)

Of course, "math" and "physics" are just words for most of the people on this planet. This has been quite true for all of his short existence here, except for the "few" (or the "few of the few", or even fewer) who bothered to make certain efforts - unknown and unknowable by most - to penetrate their vast secrets and essential meanings, particularly as they regard Being Human.

So, get to the bottom of, "math", "physics" and "spirituality", 
and you've gotten to the bottom of Everything and All the rest.

Let's say, just to play a game here (which, by the way, IS the Prime Directive of this site), that Words ARE Magic, in the sense that when used "correctly" (suggesting in a most serious way that someone Knows the Method), they connect Quantum (non-local) energies with Physical (local) spaces, such that worlds can be "shaped" by "thought". Now, of course, this does NOT suggest that someone merely chanting some "name" of "god", or any other similar "pseudo-tech", would do the job for anyone with a voice who cared to use it (they'd just be making guttural sounds and little mouth noises), but ONLY for someone who UNDERSTOOD the "math and physics" of  "spirituality" and all the rest of it.


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