Thursday, June 4, 2015

Let's Get Real, okay?

Language, and the organ that acquires, processes, stores, retrieves and ultimately uses it for fun and profit (hopefully), tends to think/speak/write in concepts that have almost NO connection to anything REAL - as in, material, that can be touched or held or felt up - and therefore, whatever is thought/spoken/written can be argued, criticized, condemned, belittled by SOMEONE... including yourself.

As usual, there is always SOMEONE (maybe you, if not now then when?) who will argue with my current, consistent, and oft-presented Theme/Thesis of the last NINE, count 'em, NINE months: which is this:

If you are not presently engaged with, involved with, a FACE-to-FACE group of some kind, as an active member and contributor whether that group is in your physical area (that you walk, bike, drive to... or, hey, they all come to your house, lucky you), OR it is on the Internet (that you simply login to with your computer or smartphone,) but in both cases, you SHOW-UP (and, that means, necessarily, not "part time", not "once in a great while", but) REGULARLY, and hopefully, a few times per week, or at least once a week - then you are not doing what we are still, and have been doing for those NINE months and even quite a bit longer for some of us (years.) Simply, if you are not speaking with Friends (not in quotes) at the highest level of intelligence and presence of which you are capable (i.e., you bring your A-GAME) often, and for quite some time at least, then you have NO CLUE at all about what is, or can be possible.

This bit is being said again, and again, NOT to pump ourselves up, nor to push yourselves down, in any way, shape or form. You must understand that to even hear what is being said here (and we know few even can, let alone will.) It is meant as an ALERT, that there is something being missed by at least 99% of people alive on the planet today, due to the very fact, which can be observed and verified for oneself, that SPEAKING is actually a function all people take for granted, without seeing/perceiving/realizing the SACRED**aspect that connects one to All and Everything, and to Higher Being on Earth and elsewhere.
("Hey, that's far out!") or... 
("Hey, that's bull shit!")  

To clarify just a bit, when you get several semi- or actually conscious brains in the room (don't argue with yourself about whether "consciousness" is "of the brain", or "not of the brain"... just try to UNDERSTAND) someTHING can happen that does not happen outside of that room. For example, seven people meet for brunch occasionally at some local Denny's restaurant, and during that 90-minute or so meeting (ostensibly to eat food, and "catch up") they discuss all manner of subjects, topics and casual chit-chat with the usual bit of gossip thrown into the mix, of course (a model/mode of human behavior that occurs, probably, hundreds of millions of times per day worldwide), but the someTHING being referred to above (i.e., in the room), does NOT occur there at Denny's or the many millions of other similar occurrences, and CAN NOT occur there, and you should be able to understand - immediately, without having to have someone explain it to you - What and Why That Is.

Take all the following on face value, not as being right or wrong. When you get a few semi- or actually AWAKENED (conscious) brains in the room (physically, and otherwise) who can leave their personality AT THE DOOR (jeez, it's not that hard, once you know what is being referred to!), they can harmonize, synchronize, connect, at a higher frequency of vibration, perhaps even at a higher level - i.e. all systems are GO! - and attract, and become aware of higher perceptions of reality that one may never have achieved while alone, or at office meetings, or lunch gatherings, or weekend blowout parties with "friends" and strangers (i.e., NOWHERE ELSE.) It is then, that some may be able to dip into the 1000 gallon drum of knowledge which is completely out of reach for almost everyone. The most "talented" in the room (experienced, trained, capable... a variable quantity/quality, of course, which CAN include all the members present, or very close to that) can wrap their brains around those higher perceptions of reality, and share them into the room for the FIRST TIME EVER... They are as GIFTS to those who can receive them, to be unwrapped and experienced with higher senses being turned on, perhaps, for the first time for everyone! When somebody can do that - the perceiving, the wrapping, the unwrapping, the newly experiencing - there are actually fewer words involved in the process, even though it seems to some (the bystanders, the eavesdroppers, the "un-talented") that there are more. One soon acquires the understanding that, at higher/faster/more expansive levels, there are actually many fewer conceptual words being expressed, or even need to be expressed. We speak in a "kind of" short-hand, or code. And, the Wrapping is "of an order of magnitude more efficient" than in ordinary conversations one has with "friends", "family", "work mates", etc.

THAT, is why we call these gatherings **SACRED, because we regard them with great respect and reverence, and we no longer see as valuable, or worth our time at all, the delayed-reaction email/message groups like Yahoo and Facebook, primarily. THEY are for the masses who are not interested in their higher possibilities, but wasting as much time as possible while believing they are benefiting themselves and others. One view: the joke is on them! In fact, the huge increase in "social media proliferation" - started a couple decades ago, and in the last five years has reached a certain extremely NOISY crescendo - now, today, drowns out in the hapless droves who've become trapped by its expanding wave-forms, even the possibility of what is being pointed to herein (Kick your social media ADDICTION, cold-turkey if necessary, and find, join, or start a very small group of "just friends" you can learn to treat as Real Essence Friends, and discover the Joys of Enhanced Neural Activity in a group setting.)

Do you see that the hundreds of millions of daily, sometimes HOURLY users no longer see any particular value in reducing their overwhelming tendency to lie, tell stories, make up silliness and nonsense about everything - even the "important, significant, extremely pertinent stuff" - with complete impunity... AND, most of them are doing this while walking down the crowded sidewalks, or driving cars on the crowded highways, on their way to who knows where, or at their workplace when they should be "working for the man", or lounging about in their underwear, or less, behind their computer screens in the bedroom. Mr. and Ms. Anonymous and Don't Give a a Shit Anymore about consciously, actively improving the quality of conversation they have with People that they DO give a shit about... i.e., Real Friends on the same path that they are. Do you, Does anyone actually SEE and KNOW how very, very rare that is on Earth anymore? Hmmmmm?

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