Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Starting Over, an update

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (well, depending upon where YOU live, for others it is/was/and always shall be just around the corner - hell, you can almost see/hear it from where you sit, but that's another vision unseen, story unheard, until you expand your higher sensory perception capabilities... oops, was that a hint?) there was a Laboratory, a kind of "research facility," where an experiment was being conducted over the course of several years, decades in fact. It was known "in the beginning," that the participants in that experiment would necessarily change - be swapped out - due to a variety of factors, but it was also known that the experiment may have to be shut down from time to time to regroup, to gather up all the information gained so far, in order to re-establish a new Lab (experiment) elsewhere... Fresh... New eyes and ears... New Energy to begin again.
This is never easy for those left behind, with mouths open, and minds, once agog, but now aghast ("Hey, what gives here? What's UP wit dat? And, by all means, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT.")
But the experiment, from the very beginning, in the planning stages and even for quite awhile after that, was NOT to explain to each of the participants every detail of what brought them there in the first place, nor what is happening to them RIGHT NOW, but for the participants to Hang Out/In There, and ask questions if confused or concerned about something, without expectation (like "prayer" perhaps?) Unfortunately for most participants at one time or another, they think they know better about everything, even how the experiment should be conducted from now on.
Have you ever been involved in a "Conscious Work Group?" And by that is meant, an Organized Experimental Group, wherein someone actually understands the plan, and can execute the plan, with suggestions to all that sometimes appear as Rules and Agendas - which they are not (although there ARE some unbreakable rules: NO NEGATIVITY, NO HOSTILITY.) The group is very small at first, then larger perhaps (though not necessarily,) whose primary Work is Understanding by Observing and Experiencing first-hand what is going on there (you know... see it and hear it for yourself at the time) NOT by reading/hearing about it either from third-hand or even second-hand Gossipers, Commentators and Criticizers. In all too many cases, some participants simply want to be the one in charge, to "School the others." This is when the experiment starts to become un-WORK-able, and unwieldy - not in physical size, but in the overabundance of Irrelevant Ideas from the participants - and decisions must be made quickly before those personalities overtake the progression.
O ne time, a participant demanded to BE HEARD, asked everyone to mute their microphones so that they could "school us" on Elon Musk, the Tesla guy, and why we simply, and most emphatically NEEDED to value him as highly as our short-term ad-hoc impromptu "teacher of the moment." We listened, but did not respond or reply to any of it, and they actually got pissed off at our unwillingness to discuss the guy and all the wonderful things he's doing.
Another time, a "teacher of that particular moment" proceeded to push their current favorite idea that the Zoroastrians were most definitely "on to something" and we were fools for not seeing that "I have studied Zoro's and they were definitely on to something thousands and thousands of years ago, and I am a modern-day Zoro, and I am on to it now." Again. Just TWO of at least a hundred times that number of fairly recent instances where Irrelevance came into the room, all dressed up as something Important.
Secrets are known by some, but never by all... obviously, for that would simply up-end the organism. And there is NOTHING very strange about that. Just consider for a moment your next door neighbor's top floor hall closet, next to the bathroom (no... not THAT one... the other one you have never even met before.) You have absolutely NO IDEA what is in there, where any of it came from, how much it cost, how long ago, its meaning and significance to the owner - NOTHING - and you never will. NOT without committing some kind of crime (and then you will only get the most superficial knowledge, at best, and a jail sentence, at worst), OR be invited to look around and be all "touchy feely" in there (but again, only superficial knowledge.) However, Secrets are always accessible to some, but only those who seek them out, make certain efforts over an extended period of time, and eventually (little by little, with occasional big leaps) activate their Higher Sensory Perception Capabilities. One of those HSP's, for example, is to now (having just finished reading this entire message) can you HEAR the one word rattling around in your little brain, perhaps around the corner somewhere, which indicates WHAT this message was actually about... top to bottom?
That is, WHAT are the participants in the experiment? 
Those who reply with that ONE WORD 
will receive the CA$H PRI$E 
recently offered 
but never distributed.

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