Thursday, June 18, 2015

"I see Dead People!"

It is interesting what gets certain people's brains to activate the arms, hands, fingers and attention span just long enough to construct a few short sentences that seem to be "on point" (according to them), while completely missing the Actual Point that is behind their own eyes and between their own ears (that they still haven't located because it seems to always be "on the move") where the WORK is now and always shall and must be, even in all those so-called by some "dead people walking around" out there.

Focus on the real point of This ("being alive in a Human body on Earth") Thing and turn away from the simple-minded chit chat, and ongoing running commentary between people (and more importantly, between you and your internal sounding-board) and you won't need to be continually reminded by external world examples that, "I see Dead People!"  You will Realize your ordinary, every hour, every day, state of Walking Sleep (i.e., one might as well be dead!)

One IS that image in the reflection in that mirrorred-sphere-of-spacetime surrounding your head, and wherever one looks - here, there, and everywhere - it is all YOU perceiving YOU perceiving YOU talking about YOU talking about YOU. One IS asleep and does not realize it until after-the-fact and then, just as suddenly goes right back to sleep. Even as they are feverishly checking and rechecking their Yahoo, Facebook, Google and other social chit-chat groups to see what's "new" (but of course, NOTHING is ever New, but the old rehashed) that they can (awaken just a tiny bit and) reply to, they miss this glaring example of being asleep. 
As many others have said,
- even before you were born -
and many others will say again,
- even after you are dead -
First... WAKE UP!
Suggestion for those who keep missing it (including here, for months and months and years)... stop chattering to anyone who seems to appear in that short-duration time-bubble around your head at all times, especially when it DOESN'T matter to them, OR to you (and learn to see that, realize that, sooner than, as usual, NEVER), and Start Speaking in real time with those few on Earth who DO matter to you, and you to them. Get over your inborn, innate fear of the unknown, and jump in with both feet, and Experience - in a higher sensory way - the Real Feeling of Falling - it is Freeing!

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