Friday, June 5, 2015

Passions - what's your top-most?

I don't really care, only YOU can, when you CAN.
Sure, most people alive will claim to be "passionate" at something or other. One person is "passionate" about "saving the planet", or about "saving the darling homeless and abused animals", or about playing their favorite guitar, or tending their garden, or... well, you get the point. YOU probably even thought of your own, while reading this extremely short list of the possible multiple millions that could be written down if you could somehow get everyone to write theirs down.

BUT - there is one passion less than 50 or 100 or maybe 200 people would write down (unknowable number of course, but a very small number indeed), and that is because there are no clues out there in the world of "things to get all passionate about", and so nobody would ever think of it on their own. It would be like someone saying, "Oh, that's easy. I am MOST PASSIONATE about splitting into four pieces along specific lines, and reassembling into a different being of quite different shape, form, features and functions, in order to personally investigate certain caves and caverns inside the deepmost innards of Tamu Massif, an undersea mountain on the Shatsky Rise, in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, to gather specimens of a certain ambrosian delicacy, which in one form is an extraordinary meta-temporal aphrodisiac, and in another form, an astonishing hyper-spatial psychedelic, apparently known ONLY TO ME, because there is so much of it still there!"
To which, one might reply, 
"Yeah right dude... you go do that! 
Have a blast!"
SO, hopefully, a couple of you have already "jumped to something" somewhere in that tangled neural network wherein reading, thinking, writing, and speaking occur.... (giving you a bit of time here, so you can attempt to compose a reasonably recognizable sentence summarizing where YOU think this post might be going from here...  but you'll definitely need to get OUT of the tangled web you've weaved...  and actually THINK, clearly and coherently, about something you've never even thought about before... and, with that same PASSION you most likely haven't grokked as of yet... oh well, time's up!)

Actually, the only way someone starts becoming almost PASSIONATE about This Thing (until nurturing and developing and later maturing that passion for oneself) is... you guessed it, didn't you?... to first be reminded of it by someone with that particular PASSION, usually over and over and over again, and usually in several different ways and means, UNTIL the person catches a glimpse of it, around the corner of their rigid, routine, ordinary ways of thinking about everything, and even then, they only catch the tail, or wing, or hind leg of the mysterious "passion thingy" as it scampers out of sight and sense.
("Wait! Really? 
THAT's possible? 
You can DO THAT?")

For a long time it appears as just the merest wisp of something, somehow outside that 180° to 360°, and spiraling around and out to 720° arc that limits your internal peripheral vision about such unknown UNKNOWNS. (Has anybody circled in on something yet, some PASSION that almost nobody would ever think of, let alone write down when asked "What's yours?")
(I won't actually SAY, "I thought not!" 
so you didn't read that, 
I was never here!)

BUT - once noticed full-frontally, FACE to FACE, eyeball to eyeball, earhole to earhole, mouth to mouth, "so to speak", and most particularly nerve-endings to nerve-endings, "so to think in a New Way" (shape, form, feature and function) - everything becomes for you, PASSIONATE, at least in the way you experience the ordinary world of known knowns, on your way to the unknown unknowns.
Go ahead, unpack that Gift.
I dare ya.
We'll be lounging about with that wispy thingy 
on the morrow, 1pm, GMT, again.

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