Monday, June 22, 2015

Puppets play, as feathers flit

Another day, another gift left at your door.

Let me now tell you what is about to happen, as you have picked up that gift and are now beginning to unwrap it - within eyeshot of your seeing, and earshot of your hearing - and now are just beginning to experience that gift as you see, hear, touch and taste it, perhaps even with a smidgen of smelling. Energies from the external physical world - mere waves of unseen particles dancing before you - have already entered the front of your frontal lobes and kicked up a certain amount of "dirt" (that is, "you") and that "dirt" is beginning to cloud your perceptions of all the rest of the potential pleasures of that gift you just now found.

Most people, of course, can not observe any of this - not even as they are reading it now - because the "dirt" was kicked up long before even opening the door, and reaching down to the object at their feet. That is, they turned off - or more precisely, their higher circuits turned themselves off, i.e., went just a little bit, or a lot o'bits, dimmer - and now they are experiencing things as they always do.
"Gift!?! WTF you say?"

Then, it is just more of "YOU" being sensed by "you", and none of the Gift that you very likely have never even experienced before. Without the ability to observe inner functioning dispassionately, objectively, one is like puppets on strings, or feathers in the wind, being jostled and tumbled uncontrollably, from this emotion, to that thought, to that sensation, and after hundreds of thousands of such inner movements - that only take a few short instants - one imagines that their Reactions/Responses are Themselves (i.e., "Hey, that's ME!")

That is, just like the reader of this written page out there - nameless, faceless, cartoon characters in an unknown, unwritten play - the bit player "steps up" and voices his/her thoughts about the gift at the door. That voice takes many forms, of course. That voice, right now, is the Puppet, "thinking and believing" (a very, very complex set of conditions arising from the "dirt" being kicked up by incoming impressions) that what it Thinks/Feels and Says/Writes is its own work. What that voice does NOT ever realize, is that it is just a miniscule part of the human race as a WHOLE, consisting of a myriad of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and particularly of the online human membership of this place where the gift was found, and that ALL brains are connected - in a way and manner that really can not be proved, only KNOWN - and ones thoughts, feelings, and sensations are really not ones own Work, but the "results of the collective, being collected and distributed, in real time."

And, as has been said here a hundred times in recent months - and ten times that in recent years - if you can't yet (after all these years and perhaps decades) realize and perceive and observe for yourself, dispassionately, objectively, what is going on in your own nervous system, just engage - on a regular basis - with several other people you do know, personally, as you discuss subjects and topics and ideas that are "meaningful" to you, and them, and notice how their "dirt" dusts up the place, and turns them into Puppets playing at being human, and/or Feathers just flittin' in the wind.

Some would do well to RE-READ (dispassionately, or even quite passionately - if you are, as you really should be, "into all of that") "the Letter to my friends," wherein was referenced the study of the science of the body and the brain (soles of the feet to crown of the skull and everything in between and at the edges, AND from the top of the spinal cord to the frontal lobes and everything in between and at the edges - especially #8, #9, #10.) It is well-known that 99% of those who actually could have read this little ditty, will NOT bother to even OPEN IT, let alone, 1) arrive at this last paragraph... let alone 2) avail themselves of the absolute abundance of worthwhile, useful, and quite entertaining material found at the two links above... because (though certainly NOT limited to that) 3) they are NOT serious about The Work - however they define it... if they even do, or try to. Such is life on Planet Earth - the Puppet Planet, as it is called by a few... (and we won't even indicate some of the other - perhaps a bit more caustic, biting and direct - names overheard here and there recently.)

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