Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Regarding "The News" and "The Yous"

If you don't think there is a direct, causal relationship between the NEWS out there that is pushed directly into the nervous systems of billions of humans every single day, without fail, and the gradual, but quite definite AWAKENING of our species over time, then you simply are NOT paying attention (which means, not availing yourself properly, correctly, of that HELP FROM ABOVE.)

Furthermore, whether these humans want the "fix" (daily, and sometimes even hourly injection) or not, they are going to be injected, because - by NOW - most of those billions actually LONG FOR their daily fix... "Hey, I can't live without it. That's why the first thing in the morning till the last thing at night, I am feverishly checking my various News Sources for IT ('Him') to speak ('His words') to me."

Now, what is still quite unclear for all those billions, is precisely HOW their daily/hourly injections HELP/AID their Awakening/Enlightenment process. In fact, on the contrary, many would incorrectly suggest that all that CRAP going on out there in the ordinary world ("The News"), and being pushed into their neural/hormonal/sensory pathways, is making people, generally CRAZIER, not SMARTER. In some ways that seems true enough. But, what is not seen is the EFFECT the injection has on their "thinking and feeling circuits" which is directly related to their possibilities of becoming, both CRAZIER and SMARTER, but they only become SMARTER when there is something (some certain "process") GOING ON IN THERE - at that very point of injection, where the "outside" is pushed INTO the "inside" - that can THINK "properly" about everything, rather than simply reacting in a knee-jerk, routine, ordinary as hell "me too" way, which is so typical of the masses (yes, the masses... who actually are becoming somewhat crazier thereby.)

Let's just say/write it right now for all to see and judge harshly: You (one of "The Yous" out there who still gets their daily/hourly injections) don't need Gurdjieff, or Buddha, or Lao, or Maharshi, or one of the Krishnamurtis (J., or U.G.), or Niz, or any of the supposedly greater, and probably much lesser dudes/dudettes preaching their own particular/peculiar/nutso brand of "Wake Up People!" But... All you need is your own nervous system (body and brains; skin, blood, bones and connective tissues... you know.... YOU, the one reading this right now) and what it can do, and does naturally - particularly, the forebrain, since the entire body is made to SERVE that special three pound lump of white and gray matter, at all costs. (You will gladly relinquish every part of your body, BUT the brain, that can Think, and be aware of its life and present existence.)

All that is "needed," from one particular viewpoint being taken today, is FIRST to become "Psychedelicized" (as soon as possible, and with or without hallucinogens, and other "mind altering drugs"), because when one IS psychedelicized, they have become aware at a genetic, chromosomal, cellular, blood and guts level, that:
  1. one is an almost infinitesimal part of the human species on a planet of 
  2. billions and billions of stars, many with planets that may have thinking creatures living there, HOWEVER, and AT THE SAME TIME...
  3. the entire universe literally MADE you and everyone else; you are "star stuff" through and through, and 
  4. you were made to arrive at THIS moment, sitting there in your chair reading THIS and THIS and THIS word.... so make best use of it, please, so it doesn't go to waste, like so much of the rest of your day, and life has gone to waste!
Now, I can "literally" hear some readers thinking something very similar to...:
But - BUT! - finding and following a WAY, an established WAY, one that has generations, if not thousands of years of history behind it, CAN (though certainly may not of course) SHORTEN the amount of time someone has to remain outside the "Awakened/Enlightened State of Being."

To that I am now saying/writing something very similar to...:
HOWEVER! Nearly every one of the so-called "teachings with a history" that you know about, or have read something about, or even studied to some degree, did NOT have access to the message I wrote here, just two short days ago, where was linked an entire page of YouTubes detailing - for a reasonably sane/insane person - just about everything they OUGHT to know by now about their entire physical organism from the skin in, and if you were to continue scanning "Crash Course" for other RELEVANT" YouTubes, you would find details regarding our entire Solar System, our Galaxy, and the Universe at large, AS WELL AS, the quantum world from the tiniest particle that can be seen under a high powered microscope all the way "down/into" the quarks and electrons and neutrons and protons and photons that "live, breathe, and have THEIR existence." We live in a RARE couple of decades, people; more advanced than any previous decade, and it is only getting better and better by the minute! If you ARE Psychedelicized - "not necessarily stoned, but Beautiful" - then you already understand all of this and can talk about it, without Shame, without Guilt, with a Straight face and a Light heart, and with Conscious Presence.
If not... shame on you!
(what are you waiting for?)
By the way, for those who have never thought about this before, "Being Psychedelicized" simply means:
1) Do you actually believe/know there are Higher Beings in this universe, galaxy, solar system, and/or planet?
2) Do you believe/know Higher Beings exist here on Earth, and though you may have never met one, nor they you, you certainly live your life AS THOUGH you are looking/seeking for them and their guidance in some form?
3) Do you believe/know that you, personally, ARE IN FACT a Higher Being, even though you may forget that most of the time, and virtually/actually nobody else in the world believes/knows that you are (they are) such a being? Not Yet Anyway! Eh?

The Answers, of course, are "YES!" and absolutely do not require someone ingesting hallucinogens of any kind (even though the term - "psychedelicized" - might suggest that to some.)

Or, to put the questions above a little more succinctly, into statements: Being psychedelicized means: Belief in the higher; Belief in higher beings; Belief that "I personally" - a mysteriously vague phrase signifying "me" or "you" or anyone, really - might BE ONE, WHO can accept the fact that "I am God (a higher being)", and understand what is meant by that rightly, including understanding that Speaking (which is the highest form of thinking at this level) is "Speaking the Word of God," understanding quite clearly that each of those three capitalized words have a Higher Than Ordinary meaning.

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