Wednesday, September 30, 2015

POPE leaves America, Americans thank God

Now, we can get back to the really important matters, like WHO is going to be the Republican Candidate - Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Rubio, Bush, Biden... - and the Democratic Candidate - Clinton, Sanders, Biden, O'Malley, Webb... You know, the really important stuff that draws advertisers and lots of extraneous talk by nearly nameless and mostly faceless news commentators and talking heads. You know, the really important stuff!

Oh wait, maybe nothing has changed AT ALL! The same nameless and faceless ones - in the news media, and everywhere else in Life - are still talking a blue streak about whatever has caught their fancy and captured their usually scattered attention.

It may not actually be a stretch to suggest - with a straight face - that the SUBJECTS really don't matter at all, Popes or Politicos (they only seem to, to the ones all caught up and captured,) and that what IS of much greater importance to the life of Life, is the movement of neural energy in as many human brains as possible... and you know, since the mid-to-late 20th century, and much more since the last eight years or so (the Internet and Smartphones, you know, don't you just love 'em?) IT HAS INCREASED EXPONENTIALLY. And that, friends, is a very good thing! NOT because the participants are "getting to the bottom of anything" (far, far from it) but because Life is vibrating at higher frequencies, and the music is getting louder and louder, such that even the dimmest bulbs on the planet are beginning to talk more about everything. Such is life. Such is Life on Earth. Movement of energy is life, cessation of the movement of that energy is death.
Life does isometrics.
Life pushes against itself and gets stronger thereby.
It's a beautiful thing.

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