Thursday, September 3, 2015

Giving Better than you get

ALWAYS, being the rule not the exception. In life, where all the peeps live, the rule is this: "Fuggetaboutit, and if you don't like it, keep it to yourself or we'll be takin' it outside!" Such is the way Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter have "grown up" to become the primary venues for supposedly "sharing one's thoughts."

What one sees, especially on all the (supposedly) "Enlightenment-related" groups on the Internet - but most other places as well - are poorly conceived, and sometimes even poorly constructed thoughts and ideas that have been presented, primarily, merely to let others know "I am still alive... hope you haven't totally forgotten about me... HERE I AM!" That is to say, like children they crave and expect attention from as many people as possible, for that apparently adds to their "sense of self" (-importance and -esteem.)

Here's a strange thought: "ALWAYS give BETTER than you get, in all situations," because that requires presence of mind, depth and breadth of thought and feeling, and a general desire to "Be the most conscious one in the room."

Consider: is it even surprising that if you approach someone, and ask them, "Are you conscious and awake right now?" they will ALWAYS answer in the positive (if they don't try to knock you out for "getting all up in their grill," but within about five or ten seconds AT MOST they will "flub the dub," revealing to the more conscious one's in the room that they are, in fact, sound asleep like a flesh-covered robot who can just about pass a Turing Test, merely simulating a conscious and awake Human Being (by walking, talking and able to "assume the positions")? Hmmm?

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