Friday, September 18, 2015

Truth... from the GURUS?

(known and unknown)
Do you think THAT is a good question, or a sarcastic indictment, or something else entirely? How about, a Cat or Dog suddenly realizes there is something waving erratically behind him - just over this shoulder, and then over that shoulder - and starts a chasing fit, that goes on far too long?

How can this be related to the human brain - that somewhat complex web of neural fibers and connective tissues that consumes most of the energy generated by the body, outputting copious amounts of electrical activity, almost enough to light a small light bulb (between 10-23 watts) - and its activity on Internet Webpages where countless other Cats and Dogs are still actively engaged in their own, mostly unsatisfying (to say the least) chasing fits that most definitely have gone on far too long?

And then, someone suggests there is TRUTH that they might be able to perceive from the books and writings and mouth-noises of other... Cats and Dogs? If that was actually true, don't you think someone would have been the first to realize the question is ALL WRONG, and told his nearest and dearest about that, and that would have started a ground swell in humanity, not unlike the "hundredth monkey phenomenon" where one monkey FINALLY realizes something about the brain/mind/heart (or whatever Mr. Monkey "calls" it) and the Human Kingdom, in this case, rises above that level of chaos, confusion, and erratic chasing-of-tales into a "higher" level of new and interesting and fantastic stuff to discover and find out.

But is that new level evidence of higher consciousness? Perhaps it is just evidence of more connections in the neural fabric responsible for "higher thought." But, hey, "Who ya gonna call?" G. is dead. K. is dead, J. is dead, B. is dead, as are most, if not all of the other guys you know about (usually) who you could call - if only you knew their number... (right, as IF!) - so... maybe it is time to STOP CHASING TALES, kitties and puppies, and start to actually/actively sneak up on the mystery that is all around and inside your own skull.

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