Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life is Great TV

People in Life, who are not at least conscious ABOVE THE LEVEL common for the masses (a fairly low level once you notice it rightly), will usually miss the juiciest parts, the tastiest parts, that offer levels and degrees of entertainment that only Life can. Humans, in fact, do not really have a clue to what is possible, UNTIL someone discovers this and tells someone about it.

Life plays ping-pong with one's thoughts and emotions with absolutely NO LET-UP. People in Life who are living at the common level do not notice this at all, as it has already become their normal/ordinary state-of-mind-and-heart to be so unrelentingly bashed and battered. People in Life are continually manipulated to think this, think that, feel this, feel that, do this, do that, and although - in general - everyone at least suspects "something is up," if not "seriously amiss", they also feel powerless in every way to do anything about that. And so the Game continues, and they are the ball-in-play.

The result of this worldwide dissatisfaction with Life in general, and one's own life in particular, has contributed greatly to the increase in thinking, talking, and writing about it. Life even had to invent/evolve some human brains to the degree necessary that electricity could be put to some use other than simply being one half of the thunder-and-lightning show it puts on daily. On Earth, the lightning frequency is approximately 40–50 times a second, every hour and every day of the year, or nearly 1.4 billion flashes per year. What a resource!!! This was always true, of course, but only in the last four hundred years or so (a mere millisecond in Earth Geologic time), did Life/Humanity have even the possibility to eventually create computers and the Internet, and not until that was accomplished - and both became available almost everywhere to almost everyone - could this thinking, talking, and writing begin the inevitable, by then, exponential increase that Life, apparently, was going for.

Why, you might ask? Because Life on Earth is at a crossroads and almost everybody knows it without actually knowing it - or, put another way - everybody is overly stressed out, and dissatisfied in the extreme with practically everything, and it is harming humanity in a general and quite noticeable way. Life has needs, and apparently they were not being met before the use of electricity and the growth of systems - including personal systems - that utilize it. Why? Again, more thinking, more talking, and much, Much, MUCH MORE writing about every damn thing and then some.

Again, what is Life going for? More thinking, talking, and writing. And what is the Internet - in all its aspects? Thinking, talking, and writing in quantities that could not even be imagined just 20 years ago, and that quantity is increasing day by day: today there are over One Trillion unique URL's, and in just a few short years from now, there will be 100 times that number.  Remember, always, what it requires to create a URL. One or more humans (with activated brain cells) thinking, talking, and writing the contents that are published for the rest of the world to find, read, think about, talk about, and write about, only to add even more content to the already bulging Internet. You might ask, "What the Hell is Life up to here?"

Honestly, this can be known to some degree, but not by the masses - NEVER by the masses. They will always only BE USED by the Internet, and thus will never rise above the game that is being played on them. Which is... moving the energy of Life Itself around the globe at the speed of light, moving thoughts from brain to brain to brain. The end result of all this movement of energy, apparently, is NECESSARY for Life to achieve its purposes.

(Post Script: which may be to provide for a solution to the massive problem even some humans have discovered and now call, "the next great extinction level event"... which some of them now realize may be the deleterious result of actions and inactions - mostly unconscious and unknowing - of the human species itself. Life knows, just as some humans know, that it needs to get off this planet BEFORE the (quite likely next) E.L.E. forces yet another multi-million or more year delay. How would YOU feel if you were "this close" to Real Success, and then lost damn near everything?!?)

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